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Summary: AU GoF. It is said that with great powers come greater responsibilities. At the dawning of dark times, Harry Potter is revealed to be the first Male Veela in a millennia. Is he up to the challenge of being the 'one'? NONSLASH, DARK themes, POLITICAL, independent Harry and 'WAR' harem featuring Fleur, Hogwarts girls and OFC

Romance Warning: This story will include lemon/smut, femme slash, kinkiness, some BDSM later on, but no slash. If these things are repulsive to you, please read no further. Actual smutty parts will only be posted on NC-17 allowing sites: Aff, FicWad, Yahoo! Group. Consult my author profile for more information.

Credit: Too many to list. The idea probably came from various challenges and plot bunnies. Off the top of my head, I can think of "Eugenics" by Mehetabelo, "Harry Potter and the News" by Big D (his story has a much, much, MUCH better smut), and "Dakaath: Prince of Darkness" by LT2000.

Posted: 12/28/2005

Beta: Yogert


Secret of the Male Veela

By: Mrriddler

Chapter 1: Metamorphosis

Harry felt a pricking sensation around the wound where his blood was forcibly extracted. He forced himself to focus on the battle even as the sensation suddenly made him dizzy.


"Avada Kedavra!"

The two beams of light met and a continuous stream of white light formed between the two hostile brother wands.

White ethereal shadows popped out. They told him to do something, Harry did …

The shadows attacked Voldemort while the Dark Lord himself ran like a bat out of hell…

Too bad he tripped over a broken piece of tombstone. Crying out in surprise and horror, Harry tumbled across the ground, groaning as acrid pain shot up his leg.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Reacting with instinct homed through years of Quidditch practice, the young 4th year flattened himself against the ground, watching with a sort of sordid fascination as the killing curse struck a Death Eater closing from the other side. The masked being of terror crumpled, never to rise again.

In the back of his mind, Harry almost snorted. Just like that. Seemed almost too easy. Luckily for Harry, the Death Eaters seemed shocked into inaction by the fall of one of their own until their half-breed lord urged them on.


Harry moved before the curses even left the tip of the Death Eaters' wands.

"Pyro Destructum!" The throng of Death Eaters charged right into the flaming fireball Harry unleashed. Several, caught in the blazing flame began dancing like chickens with their heads cut off, spreading fire onto their fellow Death Eaters. To Harry at a distance, it seemed as if the entire rank and file was soon consumed with trying to contain the raging flames. Several Death Eaters tried casting liquid showers to put out the fire, only to watch in amazement as the water seemed to enrage the towering flames.

The young boy thanked his lucky stars for having checked out that Most Potent of Magical Arts book earlier this year and couldn't suppress the vicious smirk that graced his face. Good luck on trying to put out Sorcerer's fire with water.

'Burn all you bastards!' For his parents; for Cedric; and for all the others that they have harmed, maimed, and killed. He hoped that bastard traitor Wormtail was one of those being burned to death, but knew he would never be that lucky. Still, he was pleasantly comforted by the cry of anguish and rage from Voldemort.

Calmly, Harry pulled Cedric's body close to the Triwizard Cup. Taking one last hated glance at the chaotic crowd, he decided a parting gift was appropriate. From the back of his mind, a curse popped up. Raising his wand to the heavens, he shouted:

"Tempestas Dei!"

As the sky darkened ominously, Harry took it as his cue to leave. He only needed to imagine the horror on those inbred bastards' faces as the sudden rain gave the flames renewed strength.


'Damn Crouch! Damn Voldemort! Damn Fudge! Damn Snape! And bloody BUGGER Dumbledore!' Harry thought viciously as he wiped copious amounts of sweat off of his face. Via the blood he 'donated' to Voldemort, Harry somehow was getting hot flashes (literally) of Voldemort's memories: All his knowledge about the darkest of curses and rituals; his deepest, blackest secrets and desires… Everything that Voldemort knew, he now knew. And it was making his magic so chaotic that it felt as if he was being ripped apart.

With a stab of righteous anger, Harry wondered if Voldemort had even an inkling as to what his action had done to his nemesis. Most likely not, considering if he survived this, which he believed he would, Voldemort and all those who wronged him were going to be in a world of hurt. Yes, his newfound knowledge certainly put a lot of things in perspective.

After enduring what seemed like hours in a cooking oven, Harry felt himself cool down. It seemed as if the day's adventure was over…

The infirmary's door slammed open as a hooded figure glided into the room.

"What in the world?" Poor Madam Pomfrey had moved towards the door to find out what who or what was up at this ungodly hour only to be stricken down with a swift blow to the solar plexus. It knocked the good school nurse out for the count. Harry's eyes shot open in the next instant; he had gracefully flipped himself over the far side of the bed. Dropping into a defensive stance that he didn't even know he knew, he demanded in a cold voice.

"Who are you?"

The hood dropped to reveal the familiar exotic foreign beauty.

"Fleur?" Harry foolishly dropped his combat stance in shock as the girl's cute cupid bow lips curled into a smile.

"Well, what do you want?" Asked Harry anxiously, not quite understanding what was happening, even though he grew considerably more uncomfortable, and yet excited at the same time as the lithe female stalked towards him.

"You, 'arry." Before Harry could react, Fleur tossed some kind of powder at him that completely enthralled him. Harry collapsed onto the ground, dead unconscious.

"Ugh…" Harry mentally kicked himself for falling for that. He whirled around as he took in the expansive blackness before him. 'Great, must be trapped in some astral-plane of sorts.' Thanks to Voldemort's mind, he was fairly sure that the thing he was sprinkled with was some variant of the Powder of Ever Essence, the premier form of sleep inducing hypnosis agent. Bah, what did all this knowledge mean if he couldn't use it to defend himself? One thing was for sure, if he got out of this one, he was going to do all he could to get his hands on some protection amulets. That and possibly do some non-soul sacrificing enhancement rituals.

Before Harry's thoughts could run further, however, Fleur appeared before him, in all her semi-naked glory, clad in what appeared to be a skimpy parody of the female equivalent of the combat robes. Despite all of his remonstrates, Harry would have been content to ogle had the insane Veela not decide to suddenly pin him to the ground with her long sharp, claws.

'Wait…claws!' Harry watched in horror as a frighteningly predatory glean graced the normally innocent if, albeit, rather snobbish young woman's face. Unfortunately, it wasn't just the 'come hither' look girls were known to give to lucky blokes; rather it was the 'I'm going to have fun with you, pet, and there's nothing you can do about it' kind of look. For a second, Harry was suddenly very afraid, which Fleur apparently sensed as well.

Harry groaned in agony as the older girl skillfully, and passionately, kissed him on the lips. His struggles weakened and then stopped as the gorgeous blonde continued to fawn all over him, tracing fluffy kisses here and there. Expertly, she sliced open the clothes around his crotch. At that point, Harry's mind cleared up somewhat. Somehow he knew he couldn't allow himself be dominated like this, to be raped. He pushed the girl straddling him… hard. Caught off guard, the girl tumbled across the stone floor but quickly picked herself back up.

"Playing fiezty eh, 'arry?" Cooed Fleur with a light laugh. Harry growled as he covered himself as much as possible, while lifting his wand in front of him.

"Ah, vraiment. Don't you 'ant petite moi? Don't you 'ant to be my mate? I could make it very good for you." A wave of nostalgia, a desperate desire to let go, swept over him, but Harry held on. In fact, he tightened his shields against the Veela's charm until he felt himself becoming impervious to it.

"Not like this!" He hissed. The young wizard smiled as for once it was the girl who was surprised. But Harry became moderately concerned when surprise gave way to awe and then to hunger. He guessed trying to convince the older girl to back off was now out of the question.

"I knew there waz somezing special about you, 'arry, but I did not know just how special you were until now."

Harry rolled to the side, barely dodging the giant fireball that was fired his way. 'But she didn't even transform…' But Harry caught on quick. Clearly, this wasn't the real world…

Pulling himself upright, he willed his clothes to transform into an approximate imitation of the standard Auror battle robes he occasionally saw. Fleur looked impressed, but not impressed enough to stop as she unleashed twin bolts of fire, while Harry slid to the side firing off a stunning curse of his own. Veela in their natural bird forms, like all demons and demonic based creatures, are very resistant to magic, but Harry had put enough power into his curse to knock Fleur back. Once again, she was surprised, but to Harry's amazement it once again only served to fuel the animalistic hunger that seemed to be driving the girl onwards. The Hogwarts hero realized it was going to be a long fight.

Hours later, with dozens of wounds registered on both combatants, the fight still raged back and forth. Harry was getting more and more frustrated, angry, and tired. Even if she was magic resistant, the numerous physical attacks he inflicted on the Veela should have wore her down, but outside of the superficial wounds, she looked as fresh now as she had at the beginning of the duel.

Groaning, Harry cursed, or rather whined, about having the worst luck. Why are the bad guys always after him? Why does the one hot chick, who wants to bed him also wants to fuck him over and turn him into some sort of sexual love slave? He was sick and tired of it.

He wanted to take out his frustrations on something, or rather someone, specifically the crazy Veela dueling him. He wanted to just let go. And before he realized it, he did as the deadly curse flew forth from his wand.

"Crucio!" Though shocked, the nimble girl nevertheless successfully evaded the unforgivable. Taking advantage of Harry's momentary lapse of concentration, Fleur tackled the exhausted male to the ground once more, this time pinning him down with all of her weight as his wand rolled out of reach. Though she wasn't heavy by any stretch of the word, Harry wasn't exactly the pinnacle of male fitness at this point either. Tired and weary from the hours of combat, Harry could only growl and glare at the smiling female on top of him. Part of him was horny as hell. Another part was frightened at the loss of his mind and individuality; and for good reason but yet another teenage male part was undoubtedly appalled at having lost to a girl. How the hell was he ever going to kill Voldemort?

"Don't be sad, 'arry. I'm really imprezed you rezisted me as much as you did. Thiz astral plane iz the dezigned for the Veela. The very air and magic 'ere makes us almost invincible."

'So that's how Fleur suddenly got so good at combat and without a wand too.' Harry couldn't help but be relaxed under the soothing touch administered by the beauty above him. Her silvery-blonde hair fanning out to her shoulders, framing a heart-wrenchingly beautiful porcelain face with all the right delicate elven features, but without the haughty aristocratic edge. He sympathized for once with how Ron could be rendered so speechless every time this angel was near. Briefly, Harry acknowledged that it might not be so bad. It was a thought that Fleur must have picked up on, because she gave a dazzling smile, flashing her row of perfectly straight white teeth.

"All ze Veelaz in ze world 'ould be jealouz of me for catching such a virile male. A girl lovez a guy with stamina after all." Without further ado the sexy Veela began shredding his clothing once again, until he was naked as the day he arrived in this world.

"Oh la la." Fleur purred in affection as she caressed him lovingly. Interestingly, her claws had vanished, replaced by delicate and slender digits, which were doing a marvelous job of teasing and stimulating his vital parts. Harry flushed in embarrassment at the intimate contact.

"What shyness! We'll 'av to fix zat once I take you 'ome."


"Of course, you don't zink I would leave my pet here in this forzaking country do you?" The older girl tried to nuzzle him, but Harry suddenly felt cold.

"What… what about Voldemort?" He managed to croak out even as his ah… equipment was being expertly massaged.

"Hmm…oh don't worry about him. You'll be safe in France." Caught up in her own games, Fleur missed the rapidly darkening shadow casting over Harry. "Hey, if you are good, maybe I'll let Gabrielle try you once she growz up. She 'as an adorable crush on you."

Harry's blood boiled with rage. After witnessing his parents' death countless times in many nights of restless sleep, after seeing the death of his classmate at the hands of that traitor, and realizing the devastation wrought by Death Eaters like Crouch, he was suppose to just lie down and ignore all this?

'Hell no…'

To the Veela's consternation, Harry let out a mighty roar as he was enveloped in a blinding flash of white light.

Now, the astral plane Veela used to trap their would-be prey, such as powerful human males, was rather singularly unique. It was essentially flooded with a form of Veela hormone supplement that could be directly absorbed by these sexual creatures and then internalized as either raw magic power or as life force energy. This meant that Veela, were as Fleur claimed, 'invincible' here and could wear down their target in combat until he or she could be more easily dominated. Naturally, the Veela astral-plane was ineffective (if not counter productive and dangerous for the Veela's own safety and freedom) against sexually charged creatures such as vampires, for instance, because that was how one would presumably defeat a Veela here. By being more powerful, more adept at absorbing and utilizing the plane's natural sexual energies and by showing more sexual prowess, the prey could turn the natural advantages of the Veela instigator against her.

Fleur realized that was exactly what Harry was doing, though she wasn't sure how. The Veela only felt a flash of movement as she was toppled before something hard and heavy pressed her front side into the ground.

"If and when I do your sister, it will be on my terms, bitch." Fleur shivered as she felt the sneer of derision in the cold deep voice. For the first time, the Veela realized what she had gotten herself into. A bit of fear, but also a lot of anticipation coursed through her.

One of Harry's hands dipped south.

"You are wet." He growled out, half in humor and half in something that sent goosebumps racing across her back.

The girl tried half heartedly to try to shake the younger boy off, but spread apart on her stomach, she wasn't able to get much leverage. But then, she wasn't in much of a position to resist given how she was reduced to a quivering mess within seconds. Sweat poured off of her causing her cool hair to stick against her back even as she dripped nonstop.

Fleur groaned and shivered, but could do little else. It was as if an overwhelming force was keeping her there, face down on the ground, compelling her to remain lying wide open and vulnerable.

"'arry…" She called out.

"Would you have forced yourself on me?"


Fleur didn't dare herself to talk, but the powerful being before her just looked coldly at her and waited. She almost hoped that he would move, to take her, rather than looking at her with those… green eyes, but he didn't. He just waited.

"Oui." The veela stated fearfully, preparing herself for the worst.

Harry sighed in response and, to the surprise of the blonde, pulled away.

"Let me out."


"LET. ME. OUT. OF. HERE. FLEUR!" The older girl yelped at both the magical force put behind the male's yell. He sounded… desperate.

"Just let me go, Fleur." Fleur felt vicious heart wrenching pain lace through her, seeing this young man, her rightful master, pleading to her.

"But don't you want ….me, 'arry?"

"I want to be as far away from you as possible!" The voice was cold and hard as steel, even as Fleur sensed a storm of unimaginable rage, righteous anger and titanic lust crashing beneath Harry's harsh exterior. What unbelievable control, what persevering determination…

Instinctively, Fleur reached for him, but Harry wearied moved away, eyeing the beautiful blonde with profound suspicion. Fleur felt her chest aching with pain and sorry.

"Stay away from me!"

"Pleaze, 'arry, do not leave! Stay with me…" Harry looked at the older girl as if she was insane.

"But, I'm going to…" The veela saw the young male, almost sagging under the load of unbridled passion and desire.

"Yez, it'z alright, 'arry. Pleaze, I want you. I need you!" Fleur cried, crawling towards the stunned boy.


Text Cut

-----END LEMON-----

Back in the Hogwarts Infirmary…

"'arry." Harry blinked owlishly at the angelic face gazing adoringly up at him.

"Hm, Fleur?" The young boy asked dizzily, only noticing that he was lying on the ground in a semi-naked state with a Veela pressed on top of him. Any previous time, he would have been blushing furiously from feeling a girl's cleavage being pressed against him, much less one from such a beautiful girl. But for some reason, here and now, it felt so natural to him that he could only smile while pulling her just a tad closer.

"What...?" That's when memories of what happened hit him full force. Harry's shoulders sank in grief and horror, what had they done, what had he done… he didn't know what came over him to make him react like that.

Before he ended up being a complete basket case, Fleur pulled the distraught boy up and installed him back in his bed.

"Fleur, I'm sorry… back there, I don't know what came over me."

Much to his amazement, the older girl shushed all the while smiling broadly.

"Don't be silly, 'arry. You did nothinz wrong…in fact quite the oppozite. You did everyzing correctly." The suggestive arched eyebrow look the Veela gave him confused him to no end.

Harry frowned as peels of laughter erupted from the French girl. He fought down the urge to lay her over him and…

Whoa…Harry shook himself from that line of thought. 'Where the bloody hell did THAT come from…'

"Oh, 'arry. I never took you for being such an effective dominator."

"But that wasn't me, was it?"

"I'm not entirely sure what 'appened, but trust me, I wanted it as much as you." The reassurances, gentle smiles and soothing caresses went a long way towards alleviating Harry's nerves.

"Why didn't you just come to me rather than do this? I mean it's not like I would have resisted." Disappointment was clear in his voice.

"I'm sorry, 'arry. The best I can offer iz zat I'm not fully human. Az a veela, it waz like I waz compelled to do zis." Harry wasn't pleased, but seemed satisfied enough with the answer.

"So what now?"

"Well… since it'z still dark out…I waz 'oping zat we could consummate our relationship in ze real world."

Harry eyes bugged out once more even as the bodacious beauty nuzzled her cheeks against his chest like a big cat.


"I'm your enthralled now, master." Fleur was unable to stifle her giggles as her master inadvertently produced an accurate imitation of a gold fish.

"I thought that was a one time fantasy kind of thing. I mean the astral-plane place wasn't real right. We aren't covered in our juices and less than an hour has passed."

For some reason, his brash statement caused the girl to adopt a very hurt look, which put Harry in a very nasty bind now. He opened and closed his mouth ineffectually until Fleur spoke again in a much smaller voice.

"It waz very much real, 'arry. Please, I never knew 'ow badly ah…Vous Savez Qui hurt you. I'm sorry I waz so insensitive. But I can still make it very good for you, except you'll be in control. Just…just let me be wiz you."

Harry was not foolish enough to reject such an offer, not that he could given how those big tear stained, adoring and pleading eyes gazed at him as if begging him to accept.

"Of course I do, Fleur. But you are going back to France soon and besides, I just assumed that you would want to be with someone 'better,' right?" As if to prove his point, Harry lifted one of his rather screwy frail arms. Of all things, the sexy girl laughed merrily as if happy that it wasn't anything she did that made her master hesitate.

"Oh, 'arry, did you think ve, Veela, got to here by being so shallow?" Her eyes dancing with hidden mirth.

"But let me show you what I really want and what I really think of you." Harry swore he went cross-eyed as the older girl engulfed him, caressing, licking and loving him.

Briefly the girl seemed to gag as she tried to take in more than she could handle. Funny how she had no problem earlier. At the back of his mind, Harry probably was wondering when he grew so many inches, but at this time, though, his brain was completely depleted of any blood and therefore incapable of rationalizing any subsequent thought.

Gently, he pushed back a bit so that his lover could be more comfortable and better apply suction. Looking down and seeing the love and affection radiating from two blue eyes, he reached out and caressed his lover's soft blonde mane. He groaned as the shudder of pleasure reverberated from Fleur to him via their contact point.

Harry felt a familiar animalistic sensation; the need for complementation.

"Take me again, pleaze Master." The soft calculating smile on her master's face once again sent tingling goosebumps across Fleur's skin like droplets of cold water.

"As you wish, slave." Without further ado, Harry, using strength that neither knew he had, lifted his female lover onto his bed and began swiftly divesting both of their remaining clothing.


Harry sighed deeply once more, chuckling slightly as the female on top of him purred; her long blonde hair spread out across his chest, tickling him every time either of them made the slightest movement. He was still confused at what has happened in the last 24 hours and he couldn't say he was entirely 100 percent comfortable with them, but he was getting used to it. But then being bonded to or as it was, having an angelic beauty bonded to him, would do that.

"Fleur…" No response… He called out again.

"Oui?" A lazy lethargic voice greeted him.

"Ahm… as comfortable this is, you should probably go before anyone finds us like this, or before Madam Pomfrey wakes up."

Harry couldn't keep the smile off of his face as his lover gave a cute feline like growl of annoyance. The Veela turned to him with an irresistible pout.

Harry willed himself to resist.

"I mean it."

Fleur scowled but nevertheless acquiesced. Picking herself off of the small single person hospitable bed she shared with Harry, the Veela cast several cleaning charms to clear up the mess and then began dressing, but, albeit, very, very slowly. She dragged out each moment until Harry finally groaned in frustration.

"I'm going to have to punish you for that next time, wench." The domineering tone of voice caused an instant flush on Fleur's cheeks.

"Yes, master," The girl murmured demurely as she continued dressing.

As the older girl finally donned on her cloak minus the hood, she turned to Harry with a gentle, loving smile.

"Can I see you soon, master?"

"Of course, Fleur. Just please make sure you call me Harry in public." Harry shuddered at what would happen if the press ever got a hang of this. He could just see the headlines: Boy Who Lived Turns Veela into Personal Love Slave.

The young woman laughed, possibly thinking the same thing, but agreed.

"I'm really going to miss you over the summer, Fleur." Harry admitted. In truth, after all the fun was over, he still wondered if it would all seem like a dream to him later. It already seemed too good to be true and he had just experienced it. As if sensing his anxiety, Fleur crossed the room and leaned over the side of Harry's bed.

"Oh 'arry, we still 'av time. I know you are confused now. Moi aussi. Mais… ahm, well I'll try to explain everyzing once I find out more: About what I did or tried to do, about why you are acting like the way you are, and about our ahm…future. D'accord?"

Harry nodded.

"Sleep well, my loving master." Fleur gave her young lover one last passionate kiss before leaving. As she left, Harry swore he saw her gliding or skipping, rather than walk.

So despite all the tragedies of that day: Cedric's death, Wormtail and Crouch's actions, Voldemort's revival and his subsequent acquisition of the dark lord's memories, Harry probably slept better than he ever did before, as he dreamed of chasing heavenly angels.



Moi aussi – Me too

Mais – But