Just so you guys know, I wrote this because someone asked me to write a sue without killing them. It about killed me in the process, but I finally finished. All-Knowing Alien, I hope you're happy with your specially made Figwit Sue.

Figwit's Sue

Violetta Jaime Desidra Rose gazed out of a window at Elrond's house and sighed longingly. Every year for the past five hundred years, everything in her world revolved around this day, the day when the Greenleaf family arrived in Rivendale for a two week long visit. She was supposed to be helping the other servants with the preparations, but had shirked her duties to watch for the family. Although she was very excited to see King Thranduil and Prince Legolas again, there was one person she was longing to see more than anyone else... Legolas's younger brother, Figwit.

After many long hours of waiting, Violetta finally spotted horses riding onto the house's grounds. First came the royal guard, followed by King Thranduil and his oldest son, Legolas. Then she spotted him-Figwit was riding in the back, away from his father and brother, with a regal air about him. Violetta grinned excitedly and rushed out to meet him.

When she stepped outside, the other servants were already tending to the family, and several elleths were gathered around Legolas's horse. Silly girls, thought Violetta, their eyes are set on the wrong prize. She walked up to Figwit, who was the only one who had not received any assistance. He glanced at her and cracked a smile.

"Would... would you like for me to take your horse?" she asked.

"Yes, thank you Violetta," replied Figwit.

"You know my name?"

"You're the only servant who tends to me every year, and not my brother and father. Of course I know your name."

Violetta's heart began to speed up. He knew her name! And no other elleth was going to get between them. She stood grinning for about a minute, until Figwit cleared his throat.

"Are you going to take my horse?"

"Oh yes, sorry," she replied, blushing. She quickly grabbed the horse's reins and led it to the stable.


"What were you doing out there?"

Violetta looked up to see her mother standing in front of the entrance to the kitchens. She stood with her arms crossed and her foot tapping.

"Elrond sent me... to, uh..."

"Elrond said nothing to you! You were out there flirting with the prince again, when you were supposed to be helping with the cleaning. You disgrace me with your disobedience!"

"But mother..."

"What makes you think you would have a chance with him anyway? He his royalty, and you are nothing but a scullery maid. Look at you! You're hair is the color of mud, and your eyes the color of mold. Not to mention that you're always filthy."

Violetta lowered her head. Everything her mother said was true, and she knew it. Every time she looked in the mirror she was ashamed of her homeliness. Figwit would never love her, not in a million years. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she looked back up.

"I won't shame you any longer, mother."

"Good. Now back to work, we still have a lot to do."

As Violetta departed, her mother sighed. She knew her daughter wasn't ugly, in fact, she was probably the most beautiful elleth in Rivendale. But her beauty reminded her too much of her human father, who had died not long after her birth. So as an attempt to erase this memory and to make her feel better about her homeliness, she belittled her daughter.

Maybe she wouldn't experience the same hurts she went through as a girl.


"Oy, Violetta! Come here!"

Violetta, who was currently scrubbing dishes, dried her hands and ran over to the head cook. "You called?"

"Yes. I need you to help serve our guests. Grab a platter and start serving the wine."

"Yes sir," she replied. Violetta picked up a silver platter with glasses and a bottle of wine and walked into the dining hall. Many elves were seated, including Mirkwood's royal family. She looked towards Figwit, who was seated next to his brother Legolas. He didn't look like he was having much fun, until he saw Violetta heading towards the table. Figwit gave her a small wink. With a gasp, she smiled back.

"Watch out!"

While watching Figwit, Violetta forgot to watch where she was going. With a crash, she and the glasses went tumbling into the floor. The entire hall laughed when the wine poured all over her head. Her mother heard the crash and came running in to investigate. But when she saw who caused the crash, her attitude changed completely.

"You clumsy girl! Get out before you do anything else to embarrass me! Out! Out!"

With tears in her eyes, Violetta ran out of the room and into the gardens. To her relief, no one was out there. So she chose a bench underneath an oak tree, and laid down to cry.

"Are you alright?"

Violetta looked up for a moment to see Figwit standing nervously in front of the bench. She shook her head no.

"You... you really should go back inside. I'm fine, really..."

"No you're not. Tell me what's wrong."

Violetta sat up, allowing Figwit to sit beside her. "Well... everything. I'm clumsy, hideous, half human, and my mother hates me. She was right. No man would ever want me."

"I think you're mother's wrong," said Figwit.


"You're mother is wrong. You are the most beautiful elleth I've ever seen, and I would love to get to know you."

"Really?" sniffed Violetta.


Their lips locked, and they both knew instantly that they were meant for each other. Because, after all, a kiss does tell everything about a person.

It just about killed me to write that, you know.