Hajimari wa Koko Kara
By: Garnet
Fandom: Shaman King
Pairings: HaoYoh. HoroRen. LysJeanne. OCxOC.
Summary: Since This is Only the Beginning. Sequel to Omae wa ore no Hikari. The four have sworn not to fight again, but things may change with the summoning of the Great Spirits.

Chapter 01

It was raining.

Hao hated the rain.

On gloomy days like this--on days where it rained, and the sky looked as if it were crying--it would bring nothing but memories of the past. His parents; Yoh; the X-Laws. Things he wanted drained from his memory.

He wondered, though--how long could he live like this? Without anyone to go too? There was Yoh, and they were safe, no; however...

...That didn't mean he was happy.

He was 20--a supposed adult. However--he didn't work, he didn't go out like the others. He was... different.

He sighed--his gaze was directed towards the window, but he wasn't really staring at anything in particular. Nothing had really... changed during that time, had it? They were still as strong as they were years ago--what reason would they have to become stronger? There weren't any dangers, were there? The X-Laws were dead, and there weren't any other shaman that they had known of.


Hao blinked when dark eyes--familiar to his own--met his.

"Yoh?" He paused, making a face. Water was dripping everywhere! The living room was getting dirty! "Why are you wet?" He said this in distaste.

Yoh smiled innocently. "... I was playing."

He sent Yoh a dry look. "... In the rain, huh?"

His little brother nodded eagerly, grinning. "Uh-huh! It's fun! You should try it sometime, Hao!"

Hao stood, pushing his brother gently towards one of the bathrooms. "Unlike you, I'm not a child, Otouto." He sent his brother a stern look. "Come on. Go change your clothes."

Yoh sighed. "You never wanna do anything fun anymore..."

Hao shook his head. Yoh was 15! When was he going to grow up...? It was like Yoh was still seven-years-old. "You grow out of those kind of things."

Yoh smiled. "I guess..."

Hao began to prepare his bath. "Take a bath. You'll get sick if you stay like that."

His younger brother frowned slightly. He should be used to this right now, right? Not doing anything with Hao anymore... Sure, he could do things with himself, or someone else. He wasn't five anymore. He didn't need to depend on his brother for everything. He could hang out with HoroHoro and Ren--or even Amidamaru.

But... he missed Hao, too. Sure, they lived together. But at the same time...

...He felt very alone.

They had never been this distant before...

He watched Hao leave the bathroom, beginning to undress.

How could he? How could he feel so distant from someone he loved...?

... Eh... He'd think of something. For now, he wouldn't worry about it. What would worrying do?

"Everything will work itself out!" He declared to himself, chuckling softly.



Ren cursed out loud; gathering his fallen milk bottles. Damn HoroHoro... this was all his fault! 'No. It won't rain!' He had told Ren. 'It'll be fine! We won't be there for that long!' He had said.

Why did he listen to HoroHoro in the first place! He had never done it before, why should we start now!

"You okay...?"

Ren glared at his boyfriend. "Do I look okay! I'm getting wet! This is your fault! Stupid, idiot, Ainu..."

HoroHoro winced at that. "E-Ehehe..." He laughed nervously. "Let me help you!"

Ten years of living together. Ten! You'd think HoroHoro would have changed by now! You'd think he'd know how to pay attention! But; no! He was still the same, idiotic self he was ten years ago! He was still as stupid as when Ren had found him!

He got on his fours to help Ren. Silence surrounding the two--nothing was heard except for the falling rain, and the chatter of the people walking past them.

Finally, HoroHoro spoke up. "... S-Sorry... I didn't think it wou--"

"That's your problem." Ren sighed. "You don't think."

A twitch. "What's that supposed to mean!"

"You're stupid."

"Why you...!"


"Get that stick out of your ass!"

"Kisama...! Are you trying to fight!"


They glared at each other, crossing their arms and turning away

"... It really is you..."

They blinked upon hearing a soft tone--one that didn't belong to either of them.

Ren's gaze hardened. Wha... She wasn't dead!

But no; there she was. She had matured a bit--her red eyes shining with beauty and a sense of authority, and yet, at the same time, they showed confusion and fear; her silver locks dripping with the water the umbrella couldn't protect her from.

"Iron Maiden Jeanne!"


"I don't understand...!" Fists slammed on the small table they were eating at. "How could you still be alive!"

Jeanne bit her lower lip, looking away. Of course--she wasn't expecting a friendly 'hello' from the two of them; but she didn't expect to be treated so harshly. She was used to kindness from the people she was staying with.

She forced a small smile. "... I was saved..."

HoroHoro and Ren exchanged glances. By who...? She had died on that day, hadn't she? Why hadn't she shown up until now...? Why hadn't she tried to kill them again?

... This was way too weird.

She looked down--sipping her tea before placing it down again. She had invited to buy lunch for them--of course, they had been hesitant to do so. But... How could she cause any harm to them without a spirit, or her fellow comrades there to help her do so?

"Lyserg-kun pulled me out of the fire that day." Her smile widened slightly at that--gazing at nothing in particular. "I would be dead if it wasn't for him--"

"Why are you here!" Ren growled, cutting her off. He crossed his arms. "We would have seen you sooner, wouldn't we...? One of use would have sensed you!" That was true. It the past couple years--they hadn't sensed any other shaman.

She closed her eyes; biting her lower lip in uncertainty. It was a few seconds before she spoke up again. "... You four are in danger."

Ren and HoroHoro glanced at each other for a fleeting moment.

She looked down. "I have no time to explain. We must prepare for the summoning of the Great Spirits."


Hao frowned, looking to the direction of the bathroom--he was in the bedroom--Yoh had been in there for a long time, hadn't he?

"Yoh." He called out for his brother--he hadn't gotten any reply when he had knocked.

He frowned when the only sound he heard was silence.

"Yoh...?" He called for him in a bit of a louder tone this time.

He waited.

He sighed, tapping his foot and rolling his eyes after receiving no response. Yoh probably fell asleep in the bathtub again... This happened on more than one occasion, really. It was the reason why Hao was checking up on him.

He opened the door, peeking in, only to be...


Hao twitched at that, glaring at his little brother.

Yoh grinned widely; throwing more water Hao's way.

... Another twitch.

Oh, so Yoh wanted to play like that, did he?

Hao let his hair down--unbuttoning his shirt. He was going to get into that tub, and, well...

This meant war.


"They're gathering."

The boy brushed his dark-colored bangs behind his eyes, glancing up at the tree branch and sending the other boy an odd look. "... What are you talking about?"

"The Shaman."

He looked to the sky again. "... Ah..."

"There are strong shamans in the area, you know."


"Perhaps we should... investigate?"

"Why would we want to do a thing like that?"

"For the Shaman Fight, of course."

He made a face. "I have no interest in fighting, or competing. It's stupid."

He waved dismissively, jumping done from the tree branch he was sitting on. He wasn't worried about it. He'd get Daisuke to help him--he always did. "Fine. Stay here, then."

Daisuke watched his friend leave, shaking his head. He had no idea where Maro was going, nor did he really care. It'd just give him more time to be alone.

The only thing he had heard him talk about lately was the 'Asakuras'... Whoever they were.

For now, he'd just go to sleep for a while

The Shaman Fight could wait.

To be continued.