Chapter 2

Since the Special Victims Unit were in Philly for a special assignment that Cragen gave them, they were in charge of Lu's case. There car pulled up to the hospital. Olivia and Elliot ran to the front door and knocked

Lu heard knocking on the door, she tried to get up but it was too hard. Trying to say "Please help me" they opened the door.

"Police"…she heard voices yell while they opened the door.

"He's gone", he ran out about 30 minutes ago", Lu cried

"Special Victims, clear the way" Olivia said as Elliot followed her.

Olivia kneeled down by Lu

"Hi I'm Olivia, you must be Luisa" Olivia explained sympathetically

"Yeah, but call me Lu, this guy he raped me" Lu started to say but Olivia interrupted

"You can explain it to me all at the hospital" Olivia said

Lu nodded her head and Olivia helped to her get up Lu escorted Olivia to the Emergency Room. When they arrived they preformed a rape kit on Lu.

"Lu….." Olivia started to say but Lu interrupted her

"Why did this happen to me, it's all my fault" Lu screamed

"What, you can't help these things and this is NOT your fault" Olivia explained

"Maybe if I went home and didn't worry about this one patient this wouldn't have happened to me" Lu cried as she told Olivia

"You worry about your patient because you care" Olivia cried

"Yeahh but…" Lu started to say

"What is it?" Olivia said

"This wasn't the first time I was raped" Lu choked with tears dripping down her eyes

"WHAT" Olivia Explained?

"Can we talk about this tomorrow please?" Lu asked


Olivia gave Lu her card and told her where she was going to be. Since the squad room was in New York

"Thank you" Lu told Olivia

And Olivia smiled and said "Please call anytime tonight if you need help"

"Yeah, Sure, Okay" Lu told her

Olivia smiled and walked out of the Emergency Room doors….