Title: Harry Potter and the Great Adventure

Author: Magiquill9

Chapter 21: A Love-based Spell

Ships: Harry and Ginny, Hermione and Ron, Bill and Fleur, and Lupin and Tonks.

Chapter Synopsis: Harry and gang leave the Isle of Drear with the Hogwarts dagger horcrux in hand. Harry then receives a vision and heads back after Voldemort. Harry casts eo obex, the battle spell. They fight to the end, apparating through wards, crushing defenses. The battle ranges from Azkaban to Avalon, from Hogwarts to the Ministry. And just when all is lost, one man tries to save the day, and one last chance is taken.

Story Summary: HBP raised as many questions as it answered. How can Harry find a horcrux? How can he destroy the horcruxes? Everything was laid out, and we were about to jump off the cliff. Here's where the cliffhanger ends and the adventure begins. Join Harry and friends as they struggle to lead the wizarding world out of despair, fight the good fight, and put an end to the evil that is Tom Riddle.

Disclaimer: Ok, so super sorry again for taking so long to come back to you all. Hope this update will help you all to forgive me. Sorry again on the cliff. We're approaching the climax rapidly. I'm down to the final battle. I've decided, after long deliberating, that I will be ending the story after this chapter. I'm going to wrap it up here. The ending I had planned out, I will reuse next story. I am very fond of the next ending, and I have decided to save it for when the story leading up to it is better. So I will use the alternate ending next story, and the regular ending I had planned next story. I've read stories now, they have handled relationships way better than I have, and I've learned a lot. I'm anxious to try one more time. So I think I will do that, then maybe head after the sequel. I've decided not to do a sequel of my first story. We'll see what happens with this one though. I'm finished now. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for staying with me. Here's Chapter 21: A Love-based Spell.

"Come one come all, the battle of the half-bloods, Tom Marvolo Riddle vs. Harry James Potter in our new celebrity death match of the century!"

Harry fell gracefully, and time seemed to freeze. He stared at the hilt of the dagger in wonder. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. He was supposed to win. He watched as the ground sped up to meet him. He vaguely heard Tonks cast the spell Dumbledore had used on him at the quidditch match and felt his body slow dramatically. He seemed to almost float the last couple feet to the ground.

Hermione flew down to meet him. He saw Ginny and Ron getting up and rubbing their heads gingerly, as did Gray. Tonks rushed over to him and made to grip the dagger. Harry shook his head. He gripped it and slowly pulled it out. His body let out a gasp and the dagger clattered on the ground next to him. Tonks waved her wand over his abdomen to heal him, but there was no injury. It had healed itself. Harry looked in wonder at his arm and saw the dark mark disappearing.

"Heal a wounded soul," whispered Hermione in awe. Harry felt the darkness within him slowly disappear. He felt a great weight off his shoulders, and Voldemort's presence lessened greatly.

"Let's get out of here." The six of them headed back the way they came, avoiding the pit and slowly but surely working their way back. They flew back down the cliff with the brooms and flew across the flaming bridge as well. Once they made it to the barrier, they were able to make it through even though no one had a dark mark. It was only barricaded from the outside. Once they made it out of the cave though, they were met with a sight they didn't wish to see.

"Quintapeds…" said Ron. And he was right; there were Quintapeds: hundreds of them. It didn't look good. Especially since they were hungry. Fortunately, they had the brooms. They flew into the air, away from the Quintapeds. They had to avoid the trees as well though, but once they cleared the tree, they ran into a spell barrier. Gray bounced off first and fell back down towards the hungry Quintapeds. Ginny bounced off as well, but between Ron and Hermione, they were able to catch her. Tonks and Harry rushed after Gray, but his broom was broken. He began firing spells at the Quintapeds and retreating towards the boats. They all helped to fire at the animals but it was no use. There was just too many of them. They were soon overwhelmed.

"Just go without me. Get out of here," yelled Gray.

"We won't leave without you," returned Tonks.

"You're gonna have to. Avada Kedavra." Gray yelled. Harry looked for the rush of green light, but saw it striker Gray. He killed himself so he wouldn't be eaten alive. The Quintapeds rushed at his body. Harry and Tonks flew away dejectedly with Ron, Hermione, and Ginny following. Through the commotion of the new food for the Quintapeds, they were able to escape. They made it to the boats and they all jumped in. They rowed like crazy because the Quintapeds dove in after them. But they didn't last long in water; they started to drown. They were free from the Isle of Drear. But only half of them made it out alive. They rowed quietly, lost in their thoughts. Tonks took them back to Avalon while Harry sat staring into open space. Ginny knew he was starting on his guilt trip and sat in his lap, bringing him back to the present.

"Harry! Snap out of it. It wasn't your fault that they died ok? It was Voldemort's. Get that through your thick head Potter!" Harry, brought out of his reverie, stared at Ginny. He had been blaming himself for their deaths.

"But I-"

"No. No buts. It wasn't your fault. It isn't your fault. It never will be your fault. We have the last horcrux. We can beat him now. And then you and I can live. Actually live. You can have that family you've always wanted, eventually. So no guilt trips. We have to get through this. Together. Ok?"

Not trusting his voice, Harry merely nodded. But it was enough. Ginny began to sob into his shoulder. Harry didn't know why she was crying, but he had finally learned how to comfort crying girls. He rubbed circles on her back and whispered soothing words into her ear.

"You better be there after Potter. I can't live without you. So don't let me down."

"Take care of yourself Gin. If I beat Voldemort but you aren't there, it's worse than losing." That started her tears anew. But Tonks announced they had arrived, and everyone got out. Avalon welcomed Harry; it enveloped him, especially since it couldn't sense his dark mark anymore.

Harry immediately looked for privacy and settled on sitting underneath the shade of a tree, the same tree, consequently, from where Merlin's book had emerged. Soon, it would be time to face Voldemort. Harry knew that, and yet- he had no idea if he was ready. He still had no idea how to defeat him. He would have to destroy the horcrux that much was for sure. Maybe, he could stab Voldemort with the dagger…

Harry's thoughts were interrupted by a scream. He was drawn into his own mind, and was forced to watch Voldemort.

"Ah… Harry Potter, just the man I was looking for. I was wondering if you would care to help me with something, you see, I have someone here I am just dying to kill, and yet, I can't decide how." Molly Weasley's face suddenly appeared from the shadows behind Voldemort, and he laughed, his laughter ringing coldly from where he was.

"I am in Azkaban if you would like to help me Harry. I'm thinking slow and steady does the trick no? Crucio!" And the screams of his surrogate mother filled Harry's mind. He forced himself to close off the link and was able to after a lot of effort, but was left gasping for breath. When he returned to the safety of his own mind, he noticed that his friends had surrounded him.

"He has your mum," Harry said quietly, his voice hardly above a whisper. Ron suddenly turned white, and Ginny pale. Hermione gave a small whimper as well. "She's in Azkaban. Alert the order. This is it. I'm going after him. I'll meet you all there."

Harry moved to apparate, but Hermione grabbed his hand.

"We have to get there by boat, remember?"

Harry studied her expression, it had changed dramatically from the past couple years. When normally, she would be reprimanding Harry for his "saving-people thing" or else repeating adamantly that he was wrong, she had instead chosen to follow him unquestioningly. Her loyalty shone brightly. Her confidence helped Harry's to grow. Ron had run off to get the order involved, and they headed towards the boats, to move out towards Azkaban.

Harry held Ginny in his arms on the way there. There was no need for words; they both knew this could be the last time they were together. Ron and Hermione were acting much the same way. The trip was completed in silence. When they reached Azkaban, Harry's scar began to throb painfully. Harry ignored it and walked bravely into the prison. He took one last look at his best friends, and the love of his life.

"No matter what happens, it ends tonight." And on that note, Harry spun on his heel and entered the fight he had been born for. His robe billowed behind him, so magnificently in fact; it would have made Snape proud. Harry pulled his wand out and trudged up the path. Remus and Tonks came behind him. Hermione and Ron right after, with Ginny between them. Moody limped along in the rear. Other order members and aurors spread out to attack and infiltrate the Isle of Darkness. Harry walked ahead and Voldemort pulled him into another vision.

"It's just you and me Potter. I've instructed my death eaters to leave you alone. Come, and meet your destiny."

"Come one come all, the battle of the half-bloods, Tom Marvolo Riddle vs. Harry James Potter in our new celebrity death match of the century!" Harry thought bitterly.

Harry snapped out of it and obliged happily. He wanted this over. He needed to save Mrs. Weasley, and that was that. He entered the cell where she was, and the gate locked behind him. Mrs. Weasley was nowhere to be seen. It was another trick. He heard the beginnings of a fight outside and saw his friends and allies battling the death eaters.

"Ahh, Harry, come, let us step out of this cell and begin this fight in earnest."

"Tom," Harry nodded curtly. He watched as Voldemort's face reddened in fury.

"It seems I will need to teach you a lesson in manners my servant."

"I'm not your servant, nor was I ever."

"What do you call that mark on your arm then?" Voldemort asked, and freed his arm where the mark had resided. Voldemort was startled to see it bare.

"How did you do that?"

Smirking, Harry responded cheekily: "Magic."

"Crucio!" And the battle began. Harry dodged and cast the battle spell. "Eo Obex" he chanted, while moving his wand in a circle and pointing it at Voldemort. He took the cutting curse in the side to make sure the spell was up. And retaliated.

"Aguamenti!" Voldemort laughed at Harry's water spell, and allowed it to hit him. However, Harry shot a powerful non-verbal transfiguration spell. It transformed Voldemort's wand into a piece of wood. Voldemort didn't notice.

"The spells you use are laughable boy. Avada-" But Voldemort didn't finish- a Crucio impacted the side of their shield and they disappeared from Azkaban forever.

"Kedavra!" He yelled. Harry hit the floor and rolled, landing on the hard ground that was the final resting place of Aragog, outside Hagrid's cabin. The Forbidden forest was ablaze with arrows and shrieks, as the centaurs rebelled valiantly against the death eaters who had taken over the school. The animals of the forest had united against a common foe. Even Grawp seemed to fight. The death eaters holding the castle were heavily outnumbered. Voldemort screamed in rage as Harry took it in. He dropped his wand and pulled a spare out.

"So you made my wand useless did you Potter? You'll pay for that. Crucio!"

Too busy paying attention to the fight, Harry took the hit and dropped to the ground, moving sporadically from the pain of the spell. He soon began to stare at a light that was rapidly approaching him. Harry welcomed it, the pain was enormous. His throat was raw and scratchy and he tried to move towards the light. But the light went at Voldemort and hit him. A honk pierced the air. It was the beat up Ford Anglia, run wild from the forest. It slammed Voldemort, breaking the barrier and the curse. They disappeared as soon as it hit, only to reappear again at Avalon.

Harry stood up shakily and cast a stunning spell, which was easily deflected. Harry cast a full body bind, which Voldemort blocked with a shield, forcing it to ricochet at Harry. It bounced off the battle spell and hit Voldemort. He quickly cast the counter curse and Harry dove behind a tree to avoid the killing curse cast his way. The bark of the tree splintered under the attack and Harry sat panting, trying to get an advantage. The dagger brushed his side. Harry knew what he had to do.

"Come out come out Potter. I haven't got all day. Aren't you supposed to be a Gryffindor? The recklessly brave? The ones who don't hide in fear? Then again, you truly are your parents' child. They were weak and foolish. They crossed my path, and their death was bought at their own stupidity. As was yours." Harry determinedly rose from behind the tree and spun around. His face, full of fury, stared hard into Voldemort's red eyes.

"Crucio!" Voldemort blinked stupidly and fell under the onslaught of Harry's curse. He writhed on the ground for a moment, but the spell wavered and collapsed. Furious, Voldemort returned the favor. Harry fell to the ground shaking, but fought against the pain. He forced himself to stand, while under the effects of the curse. Voldemort let his mouth fall open in shock. Harry steadied himself and prepared to lunge at Voldemort with the dagger at his side. But Avalon decided it did not want them there anymore. They disappeared in a flash of gray light, and reappeared in the Death room, ironically enough, where Sirius had fallen. There were death eaters too here, fighting to take control of the ministry. Harry noticed his friends here as well. Neville was fighting Bellatrix, and surprisingly held the upper hand. Ron was against Pettigrew, and Hermione had her hands full with Rookwood. Luna helped Neville and was also fighting Nott. Ginny was taking on Snape and Remus was locked in a muggle duel with Fenrir Greybeck. Other order members were spread out fighting as well, but those were who caught Harry's attention.

Voldemort looked at Harry and smirked evilly.

"The battle curse Potter? I should have known. Finite Incantatum!" Harry's shield spell collapsed. Harry thought levicorpus and fired it at Voldemort. Caught off guard, Voldemort was hit. The spell hoisted him in the air by his ankles, and the effect was comical. Voldemort fired an Avada Kedavra at Harry, but he was too wrapped up in the spell to notice. As it was about to hit, he felt someone push him out of the way, thereby ending the spell and dropping Voldemort unceremoniously onto the ground. Pettigrew lay on the floor, dead. Harry watched as Nott fell and saw Hermione get hit with a strange curse. She collapsed onto the floor. Ron and Luna continued the fight against Rookwood and quickly overpowered him. Ginny was stunned and bound, and out of the fight. Remus had been the first to draw blood and Greybeck snarled viciously. But Remus had him pinned, and Harry watched in morbid fascination as the werewolf's neck was snapped. He dropped limply onto the ground and Remus rushed to Hermione's side. Voldemort had approached Wormtail's body and kicked it.

"Filthy traitor. Once a traitor always a traitor. Eh Potter? Wormtail on my side, Severus on yours. How interesting. Come, we have a duel to finish." Harry maneuvered around to the side and had his back to Snape, but neither noticed. Harry cast a levitation charm on the dagger and hurled it at Voldemort. The dagger connected.

"Urgh!" Voldemort screamed. Harry watched as the tip of the dagger evaluated his soul, deciding if it was wounded or corrupted. Suddenly, the dagger's hilt just fell off completely. The piece of Voldemort's soul inside it re-entered Voldemort's body and reunited with the soul fragment inside. Voldemort gave an inhuman scream. Harry heard a whispering in his ear.

"A love-based spell Potter. Now!" Harry turned to face his hated ex-professor.

"What is a love-based spell?" The question had been tormenting Harry. Snape sneered at him. Harry lifted his arm back, preparing to punch Snape right in the nose.

"A Patronus Charm you worthless Gryffindor, now! Think of love as your memory."

Harry called into mind his thoughts of Ginny, the time they had dated, the times they had kissed. Her beautiful smiling face appeared in his mind. He looked Voldemort in the eyes and fired.

"Expecto Patronum!" A beautiful golden stag erupted from his wand and plowed straight into Voldemort. A door inside the Department of Mysteries, always locked, burst open. The room filled with a bright white light, and Harry's stag was strengthened, as it slammed the-Dark-Lord-who-seriously-got-owned-by-a-17-year-old. He flew into the air as he was impaled upon the horns of the stag and landed at the base of the dais. With one final thought of Ginny, their ever after, Harry took one last look at his archrival and fired a banishing spell at him. The patronus Charm glowed stronger and plowed through Voldemort. He was dead before he entered the veil. But Harry was pulled towards the veil as well. He felt Voldemort fighting possession of his body. Part of his soul was stuck in Harry.

"Your scar," Harry heard Snape yell as he revived Ginny. To Harry, it all seemed distant. Only pain was present. He knew he was dead. He threw himself at the veil, seeking peace. His head was the first thing to enter. But he tripped on the way and felt someone grab his leg. But he was too far away. He was here. In the veil. So close. He could see him.


"Harry, why are you coming in after me? That's something Remus would do I'd imagine. Or else Alina. She had threatened that if I died she would shoot herself and come after me. Of course, before she thought I was a traitor anyway. But that's neither here nor there. Harry, why did you come in the veil?"

Harry watched the image of his godfather begin to flicker in front of him.

"He's dead now you know. Officially anyway. Your scar was his last link, but by entering the veil, you destroyed it. You should be surprised when you go back across. Ginny's still got a hold of you. You aren't all the way in yet. Goodbye Harry. Lily and James send their love. And I do too. Get some kids. Keep the marauder line going all right kiddo? Love ya."

Harry suddenly fell flat on his face. He fell through the other side of the veil. He looked in surprise at Ginny.

But then Harry collapsed. The battle around him continued going on, but Snape stood right next to him. Ginny ran over to Ron, satisfied Harry was safe for the time being.

"You did it Potter. I'm impressed." Harry resisted the urge to hex the man.

"Tell me, why did Dumbledore trust you?"

Snape looked Harry in the eye. "But he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives... The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies..."

"You know the whole prophecy then?" Harry asked incredulously.

"But I only told the Dark Lord the first half. That is also, consequently, why I hated you. It had initially been my job to kill the Dark Lord, my way of repenting myself when I first volunteered to serve as a spy. I would have all the glory. I would be the savior of the Wizarding World. Then that stupid prophecy comes from the bumbling idiot of a seer. I am thrown into the backseat, and instead am forced to manipulate a prophecy to our advantage to prove my loyalty. I sent your parents to their deaths by using half a prophecy to make the Dark Lord mark you that night. A mistake I have regretted, for I wished neither of your parents to be dead. I was friends with Lily, and while I loathed James, there was a mutual… respect. That was why he trusted me. Incidentally, I killed him on his own orders." Dumbledore's murder was still hard to discuss.

Harry studied his professor for a long moment. Then he stuck out his hand. Snape shook it. They turned to survey the rest of the battle. Neville had killed Bellatrix. Apparently, his disarming charm had thrown her skull into the side of the veil, crushing it.

Ginny was fine, Snape had not caused her much harm. Hermione had been apparated out with Remus. The ministry wards were long gone and they had both left. Ron was missing part of his arm, and Luna had a chunk of her side gone. They were both being worked on by a couple aurors. The battle was over. They had won.

Harry stepped over a body and turned it over out of curiosity. He suddenly wished he hadn't. Snape side-apparated him to St. Mungo's to be looked over. But that image would never leave his eyes. He had stared into the empty eyes of Charlie Weasley.

They reappeared at the emergency room and were met with total chaos. Dementors were sweeping into the room. It was as cold as ice. Harry began to summon his patronus, but instead heard only a mocking laugh in his head. When Voldemort had branded him. Attacking from the grave, Voldemort hurt Harry worse than he could have thought possible. The dementor gripped Harry's shoulders, but was fought off by a fox patronus. Harry looked around. Snape nodded curtly. The dementors regrouped, but suddenly a white light entered the room. The dementors cowered in fear and let loose an unearthly scream. The white light from the DoM enveloped them and they- for lack of a better word- died. Their capes hit the ground.

"Never doubt the power of love," Snape said. It was such an un-Snape thing to say that Harry snorted.

"Time to rebuild the world."

Harry of course, ended up marrying Ginny, and they had seven kids, 6 girls and a boy at the end, their own Quidditch team as they fondly called them. Ron and Hermione married as well, and had twin girls, followed by a boy. Neville became the Herbology teacher at Hogwarts. Luna took over the Quibbler, while Snape redeemed himself in the eyes of everyone by helping Harry in the battle. Remus and Tonks also married, and the dawn of a new age of Marauders swept the country. With dementors gone, the Wizarding World was left to rebuild itself. This time, the world that had been created out of fear, and kept in check by fear, would have a fresh start, hopefully one that would not produce another Dark Lord.

Thanks for everything you all. You were great. The epilogue, I admit, wasn't awesome, but… I'm workin on it. In the summer I'm going to give one more shot at book seven and see how that turns out. Then, we'll see what happens. Thanks for hanging in there with me through it all. Hope you enjoyed it. Please review.