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Meyrin lay comfortably on her side, watching the figure next to her sleep. His usually well-kept hair was in complete disarey across the pillow and his face relaxed. This was the time she most loved looking at him. It made him look younger. Less concerned. As she had found out ages ago, Athrun Zala worried to much, taking every burden onto his own shoulders and then blaming himself if something went wrong. So kind and caring, and so very fragile.

During the war, he'd seemed constantly under pressure. The Archangel were telling him he was wrong, the chairman was telling him he was right and Shinn was yelling at him every day, he'd been confused and ready to shatter. But not now. Though still healing, he'd found out who he was and where he belonged...she hoped. But even if he hadn't, she'd be here to point him in the right direction.

Smiling slightly, she shifted closer to the sleeping boy, and rested her head against his chest. Relaxing even more, she listened to the steady rythem of his heart and the soft sound of his breathing. He twitched slightly as she coiled her hands into the soft blue material of his tee-shirt, one that matched her's.

Lieing here, comfortable in his arms, her thoughts wandered to the blonde princess of Orb. The girl had undoubtable been in love with Athrun as well. The closeness they'd had, the pain they'd been through together in the first war, that ring. But the girl had let the boy go that night. That night...when Athrun had made his choice, and when she'd made her promise to Cagalli. A promise she still held, even one year after the incident.

Athrun moaned softly in his sleep and moved slightly, his arm falling over her. She'd used to start if that happened, but it was his way to avoid nightmares. And she loved having his arms around her. She just hoped that Cagalli had found someone else, someone she could be safe and happy with. Someone who'd help her protect the land she held so dearly.

And she hoped she and Athrun would never have to attack the country. Watching Athrun shatter and hearing Cagalli scream was not something she ever wanted to have to do again. But for now, sleep awaited. She sighed.

'Goodnight, Athrun.'

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