Katy sighed heavily, pulling her book bag farther up her shoulder. It was a cold night; one that would freeze anyone and anything if they stood still for just a second. It had to be passed midnight. 'God,' she thought. It was the only thing she really hated about college. So much goddamn homework and class work. She knew it was bad when the janitor in the library already knew her by name.

She sighed heavily; it was hard learning to become a C.N.A. Very hard. She bit her lip, walking to the bus station. She hoped the bus would come by soon, usually she walked home but.. Tonight there was something in the air that felt different to her. Something she couldn't quite place, but it was there.

She let out a small breath, which could be seen in the frigid cold. She shivered, rubbing her hands together trying to keep warm somewhat. She looked to her watch as it blinked '12:37.'

"Great.." She said. "Not a lot of sleep, tonight." She complained quietly.

She sat on the bench and closed her eyes just for a moment, yawning. She opened her eyes slowly and jumped. She swore she saw someone running passed her. She blinked her eyes and figured it was just her mind playing tricks on her again. That happened a lot.

She pulled her arms around herself, laying her head on her shoulder. She was so tired. She yawned again. She shot her eyes open, hearing a voice that seemed to echo in her head.

"Hello?" Her eyes scanned over the seemingly empty darkness. Her heart started to race. Who was out there? Was anyone out there? She bit her lip and kept close to the light, hoping that the bus would get there soon. "Come on, hurry up.." She said through her shivering lips.

Her eyes scanned over everything, looking for some motion. She nibbled on her lip, hoping it was nothing. There had been a lot of things happening around here, some things she really didn't understand. A few students have been going missing in the passed year, and she hoped that she wouldn't become one of them.

She snapped her head behind her. "Whose there?" She yelled, taking a few deep breaths. Her heart was pounding against the inside of her chest. Laughter echoed through her ears. "Oh My God," she said, dropping her stuff. "Whose there? Leave me alone!" She screamed.

The lights flickered on and off, scaring her even more. She turned and started to run, never looking back. She could hear the footsteps behind her. No! She wasn't going to kidnapped! No way.. She ran faster and faster, but the laughter in her head just seemed to grow louder. The feelings running through her body seemed to intensify, no matter what she did.

She ran to one of the buildings and knocked on the door. "Please, help me!" She yelled, banging on the hard wood. "Someone, help me! Let me in!" She screamed--still no answer. Nothing.. They weren't going to let her in! They thought she was crazy.

She started to run again, giving up on the buildings. They would never let her in. Tears were rushing down her cheeks, her heart beating so fast it was like a hummingbirds song. "Help me!" She screamed.

She turned her head for just a moment and bumped into someone in front of her. She dropped to the ground with a thump. Without even looking up, she said, "Please, help me! Someone's chasing me!" She then looked up into the man's eyes.

"Oh, I know.." A maniacal grin raced across his cheeks--a smile that could only be given by the Devil himself. Right then, she knew what he was.. He was a vampire. She backed away. "No! Leave me alone!" She screamed as he pulled her up from the ground and threw her into one of the walls of an alleyway.

She hit the wall with a crack and fell to the ground, her mind disoriented.. Barely able to move.

The vampire grinned widely and bent down over her, sliding his hands up and down her slim figure. Other vampires surrounded her, she could feel them touching her. Their cold skin, their touch.. It was horrifying.

The first vampire ripped her shirt, exposing the petite breasts being held by the white bra. She tried to scream, but nothing came out.. She couldn't breath. The vampires roared as they picked up her wrists and bit into her for their midnight meal. The others bit into her breast and her neck.. What a lovely feast.

Blood was dripping down their throats, making them want more.. More.. And More. It was so much better than the other humans, she was different. She was.. Delicious. They were captivated in her blood, drawn into her crimson liquid.