Katy had finally fallen asleep in the arms of Abby and she laid her down, back on the bed and pulled the white covers over her. She backed off and stood in the doorway. She turned her head slightly to see King coming up behind her.

"How is she?" He asked, his eyes leading to the small girl curled up on the bed in front of them both.

"Blade scared the hell out of her. She said things that even I don't understand." She looked away from her and back to King. "Do you think Blade is right?"

King shrugged and crossed his arms over his chest. "I don't know. I am sure we can find out, though." He walked towards the trash can quietly, knowing there were still blood-soaked bandages in them. He picked one up carefully and headed back towards Abby. "Let's go find out."

Abby followed King; he had gotten pretty smart in this business. Since everyone but Zoe was killed by that bastard, they had to learn to adjust and King, well, since he was at the base most of the time, he was given the burden of research since they didn't have any time to get anyone else involved, nor did they want to.

He walked towards the lab and grabbed a tube, pulling a piece of clothe from the bandage, putting some chemicals in it, and sealed the tube. Only a few minutes later they were looking at the blood through a microscope.

"Okay," King said. "We only have a little bit of Vlad's blood left, but its enough to tell. I guess." He turned and placed a slide of Vlad's blood next to hers. "Holy shit."

"What?" Abby said, stepping behind him.

"…Blade was right."

"I always am." The voice slipped from behind the lab area as he stepped forward, his sword in hand.

Abby looked into his eyes. "What are you going to do with her? What are we going to do?"

"You're gonna stay here, I'm gonna go… talk to her again." An almost wicked smile traced up Blade's face as he turned and headed back towards her room. He stepped into the doorway and looked to her as she laid on the bed. She looked like a normal girl when she was sleeping, a normal human being. He stepped closer, his footstep sounded like thunder in her ears.

Her eyes shot open and she threw herself to the corner of the room, seeing Blade in there already. "What do you want!" She screamed. Her eyes flashed a warning she wouldn't give again. There was a strength that was making its way through her veins that she didn't understand, what the hell was happening to her? "WHAT DO YOU WANT!" She yelled again, closing her eyes.

Blade froze for a moment, his dark eyes behind the sunglasses narrowing almost piercing her soul -- if she even had one. He took one step closer to her and she inched back towards the wall. "I know who you are and I know what you are. You're not human…"

She opened her eyes slowly, her body still curled into a ball. "Leave me alone!" She said though her voice was now nothing but a whisper. Tears made their way down her cheeks. "I CAN'T PICK WHO I AM!" Her voice went in and out of a deeper tone, a more threatening tone as well. "I can't pick.. Who I am… or even what I am. KILL ME IF YOU WANT TO! I don't give a shit anymore!" Blade was surprised at her sudden burst. She stood, her body still clinging to the wall behind her. "You killed my father, and now just because I am of his kin, you want to kill me too. I'm not like him. I'm not human, but I am not a vampire. I am nothing, just a shell. Leave me alone! KILL ME IF YOU WANT TO!" She sunk back to the floor. "You should have let them kill me. It would have been better. So when I did turn," she looked up. "You would have had any mercy… You would think I was just another one of them. Of those scum that runs through the night like rats." There was a long pause. "I hate you… God, I hate you."

Blade had unsheathed a part of his blade and he stepped closer. "I get that a lot." He reached down and pulled her up by her wrist. "I will kill you, if I have to. Don't give me a reason, because I will not hesitate. Understand?"

Her eyes flashed and she swung at his face with a roar, causing him to drop her. "Get the fuck off me."

He stepped back and watched her for a moment. "Just remember that." He turned to walk out of the room when he heard a window break. He snapped himself around to watch her land on the outside of the building and run in the night. He growled and rushed to the window. Blood was dripping from the shattered glass and he watched her limping off.. She wouldn't get far and with a wound, the vampires would soon find her.

He turned to see Abby with a hateful look in her eyes. "Good job, Blade. Good job."