Indis was exhausted. It had taken many hours to reach this moment, and she could barely keep her eyes open. If it were not for the tiny wail of her newborn son, she would have forsaken all else and slipped away into the sweet oblivion of sleep. The midwife placed the cleaned and crying child in her arms, and Indis did as all new mothers have done before her. She counted ten perfect tiny fingers and ten perfect tiny toes. The babe's voice was in perfect working order, as evidenced by his lusty screaming.

"Hush, little one," she crooned, rocking her son in an attempt to quiet him. Her mother's lullaby echoed in her head, and so she shared it with her newborn baby. Soon, he was finally quiet and sleeping. Which is what she longed to do as well. But she would have to wait for a while yet, as the midwife and her assistants cleaned her and the bed.

When all was said and done, she slid deeper into her blankets, cuddled close to her son, and closed her eyes. Sleep was waiting; it was just within reach. Indis reached for it with her mind.

Then, the door of her room opened loudly.

Indis refrained from groaning, and sat up with her squalling son. But of course, she couldn't be angry with the intruder, for in strode Finwe, and he was smiling grandly. He came over to her bedside and looked in wonder at her and his son. And though he looked incredibly happy, she noticed the touch of worry in his eyes. Indis was not ignorant in knowing that Finwe had lost his first wife Miriel, soon after giving birth to his son Feanor. Carefully, she presented their son to him, holding the babe out for him to take.

"Why does he cry?" Finwe asked. He was hesitant in taking the child, even though his hands were held out to receive him.

"You woke both of us up, dear," she replied with only the slightest hint of sarcasm. Finwe looked as if he would leave immediately, so she put the crying baby in his hands, making him hold their son. "But I will not deny you your first meeting with our firstborn." She reached out and caressed his face and ran her fingers lightly through his dark hair.

Finwe smiled and then looked down at the baby. He unwrapped the blanket, and proceeded to check fingers and toes, just as she had done not an hour before. Finwe's smile widened each passing moment, and it warmed Indis' heart. Wrapping the baby back up, Finwe retrieved a chair and sat down, holding his son close to him. It was the perfect picture of father and son that Indis was sure she would see nothing else in her dreams.

That is, once she had the opportunity to sleep.

Smiling at her husband and son, she relaxed into her blankets. She watched the two as they bonded: the baby cooing instead of crying, and Finwe making little baby noises and making faces. A tiny hand reached up for Finwe's face and patted it as only babies could. Laughing tiredly, she kept her eyes on the pair. Her eyes kept trying to close, even as she fought to keep them open. Only one thing kept her awake now, and it needed done before she could sleep. Rousing herself one last time, she caught her husband's attention.

"What shall we name him, beloved?"

Finwe lifted the baby in front of him, pretending to scrutinize the child and gain further insight for a name. But he turned smiling eyes to her and winked. "I shall name him Nolofinwe."

"Then blessed be our son Nolofinwe from this hour henceforth. May he be blessed by the One and by the Valar." Indis intoned, as Finwe gave her back their son.

Once again, she settled down within the blankets, holding Fingolfin close to her. The last thing she saw before sleep finally claimed her was Finwe making himself comfortable in the chair and gazing upon them with such love that warmed her soul.

Finally, Indis was able to sleep, and no one dared to interrupt her.

Nolofinwe is the name Finwe gave to his son Fingolfin.

dedicated to Rhapsody