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Sailor Moon and the Philosopher's Stone

Chapter 1: A Compass

"Winry!" Edward, the height-deprived Fullmetal Alchemist, exclaimed, as he looked to his armor shell of a brother, Alphonse, for an explanation.

"I don't know Brother," Alphonse replied. "She must have followed us!"

"Ed, I don't know what you're up to but I know you're going to need repairs for your arm mail! You always break it!" Winry, their childhood friend, exclaimed. "Besides, it was Colonel Mustang who told me to come!"

"What does He have to do with this?" Edward demanded, clenching his fists as he looked at Alphonse's circle. It was perfect, like it should have been.

"Yes Fullmetal. I asked her to come," Colonel Roy Mustang, their chauvinistic superior, said to them.

"What for Colonel?" Alphonse asked.

"Fullmetal sent me a message to," Roy, the Flame Alchemist, said simply.

"I never sent you a message!" Edward shouted now.

"Well, it appears you were ready to perform a transmutation, right?" Roy pointed out.

"We were," Alphonse replied simply, pulling Edward's attention away from Mustang and back to the transmutation. He and Alphonse placed their hands down at the same time, starting the light show of a transmutation. Below them a hole began to form, and the two wanted to lift their hands, yet something heavy was holding them down.

"What's happening?" Winry shouted. Roy showed a face of terror as the group all suddenly fell into the hole, shouting and screaming the whole way…

"Trista?" Michelle asked.

"Someone's broken a barrier in time and space," she replied.

"Then let's get over there!" Amara exclaimed, as the trio jumped from their seats and followed Trista to the Cherry Hill Temple…

Serena and the girls were enjoying some much needed relaxation, when suddenly the fires of the temple died out, and the sky grew dark.

"What's going on?" Mina demanded, as suddenly, a gust of circular wind blew through, as the girls shielded their faces with their arms as they looked up to the sounds of screams. On the stairwell, Trista, Michelle, and Amara were arriving, but had to hold their ground for fear of being blowing away.

The screams continued as four figures fell at high speeds towards them. As the figures were only a few feet from the ground, the winds grew so strong, that everyone blew over, and the figures all came to a near stop. The winds swiftly died, and the figures, who were three people and a piece of armor, fell to the ground with another shout and a thud.

"Ouch, that hurt!" Serena muttered, as she rose. Being the first, she looked to the people and armor, who weren't moving. Rushing to their sides, she shook the short one in red awake. "Hey, are you all right little boy?"

"LITTLE BOY!" he squeaked, jumping to his feet. "How dare you—you meatball head!"

"Hey!" Lita shouted, now awake and moving. The others started stirring around her. "You have no right to talk to Serena like that! She was only trying to see if you were all right!"

"We're alive?" the blond girl asked, looking around.


"Yup, we're alive," she sighed.

"Fullmetal, you could stop complaining and tell me what exactly was that transmutation supposed to do?" a man in blue demanded.

"It was only supposed to make a compass," the armor replied, as Serena screamed.

"IT'S TALKING!" she screamed.

"You act like you've never seen talking armor before," the boy in red replied.

"Well, that was some compass," the man in blue stated.

"Serena, it's only a boy in a suit of armor," Lita moaned.

Mina and Michelle had both snuck up on the armor, and pulled the helmet off.

"See?" they said, as Serena screamed. There was no head!

"It's a demon!" Serena shouted.

"Demon?" the armor replied. "I'm not a demon!"

Michelle and Mina looked into the armor, saw it was empty, and screamed, running back. The helmet flew into the air, as Michelle ran to Amara, and Mina to the other girls.

"It is a demon!" Mina cried.

"I'm not a demon!" the armor shouted, pointing at the boy in red. "I'm his little brother!"

There was a shocking moment of silence, as the group of Sailor Scouts, minus Trista and Amy, gave them a good, hard look. The armor reached for the helmet and put it back on. Then, out of the blue, they burst into laughter.

"Aren't you a bit big to be his little brother?" Lita laughed.

"He might just be a midget and they are half-brothers," Amara pointed out harshly, as the group stopped laughing and looked at her. "What? It's an idea, isn't it?"

"MIDGET?" the boy in red shouted, as the armor grabbed him, holding him back from Amara. "Let me at him, Al! I'll give him midget!"

"Ed!" the girl exclaimed. "Calm down."

"Would you wonderful ladies please pardon his rude behavior?" the man in blue said, bowing to Trista. "And could you kindly tell us where we are?"

"You're in Tokyo, and have violated the grand laws of this universe by trespassing my barrier of time and space," Trista replied matter-of-factly.

"You can't be serious," the boy in red said, calm once more.

"Is that true?" Serena asked, Trista, who nodded gravely.

"However," Trista said, smiling now. "It seems that you were somehow moronically able to open a barrier between your world and ours. I guess the Scout of Time will have to send you back and close it."

"Whoa, they can do that?" the girl asked.

"You two are in big trouble when we get back to Central," the man in blue said to the boy and the armor. "That was a major mistake with such a simple transmutation."

"What's a transmutation?" Amy asked. The group of four stared at her.

"You can't be serious," the girl whispered. "You don't know about alchemy?"

They were welcomed with confused stares, minus Trista, who appeared thoroughly amused.

"Do you know Trista?" Serena asked. Trista's smile faded.

"They are from a land known as FMA."

"FMA? No we're not!" the boy replied.

"It's an acronym," Trista replied. "The lands of this universe are separated by acronyms that stand for their name. However, we just call them dimensions. Theirs is also known by Dimension Alchemist to those who would rather refer to them in another fashion."

"They're from a different dimension?" Lita asked.

"We're in a different dimension?" the boy in red exclaimed.

"Oh Ed! I'm scared!" the armor replied quickly. Meanwhile, Serena had crept over to the girl, and whispered something in her ear, as she nodded, giggling.

"Sure, no problem. That's Ed the Fullmetal Alchemist, the armor IS his younger brother Al, I'm their friend Winry, and that's Colonel Roy Mustang the Flame Alchemist, Ed's boss," the girl, Winry, replied.

"Serena?" Amara asked.

"They aren't bad Trista," Serena replied.

"I know they're not. It's who has come with them that's bad," Trista replied.

"So you're name is Serena? It's nice to meet you," Winry replied, as the two shook hands. The entire group was in shock…