Title: Chinese For Two
Pairing/Characters: Kai/Hilary
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Beyblade © Aoki Takao-sama

Chinese For Two

Part: I

"Yes, Mr. Chang, an order of egg rolls and rice for one, please. No…only one, thank you." I gently place the phone back on its cradle. The apartment radiates no sound as I look around at the quant little home I had created since the G Revolutions separated.

It had been after the fourth World Championships when everyone had left to go back to their old team, deciding they each didn't want any strings to hold them back from their own shot at winning the title of Champion.

Max went back home to America to work with his mom, Judy, and the rest of the All Starz. Out of all the members of the team, Max had always been the optimistic one. Always had a smile on his face, and would always seem cheerful. I thought he would have stayed with us, but I guess even Max wanted his chance at the title. He sends me letters asking how Tyson and everyone else are doing. He might know if he had stayed…that's a little selfish to think that way, but at this point in time, I don't think I care. We were a family and then it just fell apart.

Rei went home to his village in China to train and to teach kids how to blade with the rest of the White Tiger X. I think that a certain pink-haired neko-jin might also be another reason why he went back. Mariah and I had become good friends over the tournaments and would sometime write to me about how they're doing and everything. Sometimes I wish Mariah was here so I could talk to her, face to face.

Daichi went back home to train. Before he left, he said that when he came back, he would beat Tyson without a doubt. After he left, Tyson didn't have anyone to pester him for a Beybattle anymore, and I guess he kind of deflated after that. Daichi was usually the one who kept Tyson on his toes, and when he left I guess it was back to just me and the Chief.

Kai is a tough one to call. He usually just ups and leaves to who knows where, and then usually pops back in whenever he feels good and ready to show himself. If you wanted me to guess then I would probably say somewhere to train where nobody is there to bother him. He's the only one out of us all that never bothers to contact us.

Tyson, I'm sure you might already know, was devastated. I hated watching him go on acting so bitter. I think Kai was the spark that kind of held him together, his rival. When he left, that spark just seemed to fade. There would be times where he would snap at us for nothing, at least by what I could see, and then there were those times where he would barely talk to us at all. I couldn't really blame him, he was angry and so was I. Our friends had left. And for what? A title.

The more I think about it the more I want to break something. All of my school life I was known as The Wicked Witch of the Eighth Grade. When I had first met Tyson and was introduced to the world of Beyblading, I thought it was the stupidest thing in the world. But the more time I spent with the boys and the more I watched them blade, I guess you could say I took on a certain love for the sport.

After a few months, Tyson's anger decreased until he was finally able to accept it. That doesn't stop him from being bitter. He still is, you can tell when you see him talk about old times which he seems to be doing a lot. He gets a sort of sad, choked up tone and his eyes seem to harden in pain. For the first time I think Kenny was left without any ideas with what to do. We could only watch as Tyson let his anger and frustration out until there was nothing left except a certain bitterness that came after it.

With a small sigh, I fall back onto the couch that sits in the middle of the tiny living room. The plain white walls are bare, except for the few pictures that were hung here and there. Christmas would be here soon, and now our break is finally here. I wanted to be a little closer to campus and this seemed like a pretty good place to be. Tyson and Kenny are there too.

Kenny majors in Engineering. That's not a surprise. We always knew he was going to be some type of scientist one day, since he was always was the technical one who came up with new strategies for the team.

Tyson majors in Phys Ed. He seems pretty happy with it, seeing as it has to do more with sports than anything else, not to mention he doesn't have to do as much math as in high-school.

I major in Political Science. Everyone tells me I love to argue, so what's better than to study to become a lawyer? The hours are kinda crazy though…sometimes I get home in the middle of the night from working on assignments my professors give.

When's that food going to get here? It's becoming a habit to just order Chinese from Chang's Restaurant instead of cooking something big like pasta or chicken. It's fast delivery, it's quick to eat and it tastes good.

I turn my head over to my desk in the corner of the room, and feel like I could just cry! Books pile the desk; some stacks are as tall as I am! Unfinished assignments are spread across the floor, along with my laptop which is just kind of sitting with the mess.

I sigh. I forgot about those; I gotta get this stuff finished before the break ends and my professor nails me with a failing grade. I get up from my lying position on the couch and pick up my mess from off the floor. Can't really do too much about the books; guess I'll work that out later. I pick up my closed laptop that Kenny had gotten me as a present for school, and place it down on my bed. I look at one of the papers and I cringe.

Review of International Laws Relating to World Trade

Oh. This was going to take longer than I thought. Maybe I should have thought twice before I took on this major?

I throw the papers to the ground when I heard a knock at my door. I'll worry about the assignments after I get some food. I fly to the door and could have probably broken it off the hinges if it weren't for that stupid pillow I stumbled over. I open the door and smile broadly at the boy; he carried the food in his arms until he handed them to me, which I took happily.

"Enjoy the food and order again," he said after I had paid him. Oh, don't worry, I will. I shut the door and go back to sit on my bed with my dinner. I open the carton and am met with the heavenly fragrance of rice and meat as it reaches my nostrils. Chinese has become a sort of life line since I've went to college. I eat it every time I have a big assignment when I can't be bothered to cook. Oh wait, I always have some sort of assignment…so, then basically I eat it every night.

I take the chopsticks into my hands and practically jump into the carton. Hey, I didn't eat anything today and I just got back from class. I can't help but be hungry at twelve o'clock in the morning.

After I finished, I threw my trash into the waste basket and lay back on the bed, the papers rustling loudly from under me. No way am I going to even look at those papers tonight after I just ate.

I can work on these tomorrow; school has gotten out for break so I should be able to get them done. Soon. Quickly. Eventually.

I set my alarm for 8:00 AM. I'm going over to Tyson's tomorrow, we're planning on a little Christmas party, and we're supposed to be working on it tomorrow. I wish everyone else could be there.

I lie back down on my bed and look up at the ceiling. It's nice to have a place for myself, but it's lonely. I, Tatibana Hilary, am lonely. I know - sounds really childish. But I still have Tyson and Chief, and I have Mariah. Okay - so maybe I don't see them as much as I used to. I only see Tyson and Kenny when we pass each other in the halls while going to class, and the only thing we can really do is pass each other our quick hello and wave before we scurry away to class. And I don't see Mariah except for when we're at tournaments and other things that make our paths cross. But, how can that be now when there won't be another tournament? No more G Revolutions, no more team, no more tournaments, no more old times.

I can feel my eyes burning, and quickly wipe at my face with my sleeve.

Maybe I should tell one of the guys? No, they would just think I'm being ridiculous. I mean, c'mon, an eighteen year old girl in college, lonely? They would probably just wave it off as me being afraid to live on my own, while giving me a pat on the back as if it would solve all problems. Maybe I am a little afraid to be off on my own…but then again, who wouldn't? Tyson and Kenny are close enough to the school to live in their old houses, so they really don't have to worry about finding a place quite yet.

Well, at least I finally get a chance to talk and hang out with them for more than just five seconds.

Light snow begins to fall from outside my window. I was hoping for snow; this should be a nice Christmas. Maybe we can make snow men and have some hot cocoa.

Man, I think the day is catching up with me. I yawn while getting under my covers, not even bothering to move the papers. I watch the snow fall outside for awhile, before night slips by without my knowledge.