Hello one and all, I am Tangerine mew the weirdest of them all anywho, this is my mew bashing-ish, fanfic, I hope you like it, it will get better in he chapters yet to come, I hope you like it.

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Damned to the Pastries

"Hello world!" I screamed as I walked in the front door of cafe mew mew.

"Oh gawd no, she's here" Mint whisperred under her breath

"I heard that Breath-freshener," I said threateningly shooting her a glare. "Anyway!" I said perking up again, "I need, a dozen cookies to go, on the double cabbage-roll," I said to Lettuce, slamming my hand on the counter.

"Y-yes," she said hurrying to get my order. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" she repeated.

As I was about to leave, with my cookie's, I saw Ryou come up the stairs from the basement, he was about to speak when he saw me, and a look of fear scrawled on his face. He turned around to run down the stairs, but before he could take one step I tackled him to the ground. "Target Practice!" I screamed happily strangling him with a hug around the neck, "Now you were saying?" I asked getting up and shoving a cookie in his mouth.

Struggling with the cookie he finally got it down and said angrily, "Yes, but it's not for your ears, Kasa."

"A few things Target Practice," I scolded, "One: the names Tangerine, get it right and you won't suffer death by cookie," I threatened holding up a rainbow cookie dangerously, looking at the fear on his face, "Two: I already know about the Tokyo Men Men project thingy," I said as though everyone else in the world knew about it.

"Fine you can come," he replied trying to keep his cool, "just leave the cookies with Keiichiro, and please call the project by it's proper name" Ryou sighed

"Okie-dokie" I said saluting him. "Pudding could you please take these to Mr. Nice-guy?" I requested giving her the package, and actually calling her by her proper name, because she was my friend. Then I skipped down the stairs to the basement after Target Practice.

"Okay girls...and Tangerine," he said in a monotone, looking at me when he said my name not considering me normal enough to be a girl, "the aliens have released a large amount of chimera anima in the park again, and guess what?" he asked retorically.

"Ooh me! pick me!" I jumped up and down enthusiastically with my hand in the air.

"Ka-Tangerine," he said letting me answer so that I wouldn't pout, or cry, or shove something down his throat.

"We get to fight them!" I replied in my usual hyper way except now I had a tiger-band on my head.

"No the girls do, you go home, and leave us in peace," he answered angrily but I threatened him when fake tears started to leak out of my eyes. "Fine, you can go, just don't cause trouble," he rolled his eyes.

"Yay!" I overjoyed then ran to the park leaving a trail of dust behind me.


"Heh, heh, down with the humans!" Tart mocked as he comanded one of the chimera anima to attack a human.

"The mews will be here soon we need to think up a plan," Pai said coldly to the idiots he was forced to work with.

"Why don't we take one captive?" Kish suggested thinking of getting Ichigo

"Good idea, but we're not taking Ichigo," he continued to say coldly, "we'll pick up the weakest link halfway through battle," he said knowing this would be best and just and Tart was about to say something Pai interrupted and replied "We're not getting pudding either." Then her turned and saw not five but six mews coming, the bright orange one obviously a fake, "that one will do," he said getting the chimera anima's to attack the mews.

Back to Me:

The mews fought and when we finally got there I realized I had no weapon so I just sat on a stump, holding my breath angrily. I looked like a mew with my cat band, black tanktop, bright orange plated skirt, and orange knee-high boots with black laces, but I wasn't. The anima's were almost gone. As I stood up to leave someone grabbed me from behind, covered my mouth, and teleported, so I figured it was an alien, but what would they want with me. I'm not a mew I thought closin my eyes, when I opened them I saw I was above the park with all the mews looking up at me and then I was gone again, my head felt like it was going to explode, then I fainted.


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