Totally random here people, and I hope the story actually reaches you, here's a weird epilogue I thought up in 20 seconds which is about the amount of time it should take you to read this if it does work.

Right as I left the café to go 'home' something black started falling from the sky towards me, or at least I think it did considering it hit me in the head out of the blue. It was a video casette labelled 'To The Mew Mews and that damn Annoyance!' and then in a red crayon was written 'love the pastries'. I have to admit that it made me laugh and since I was right outside the café (one step) I decided I might as well see what they'd put togethers for my return home gift.

"Oh, Tangerine…I thought you had left…did you forget something?..." Cabbage Roll asked timidly as always. My only reply was to stare at her blankly until she broke down and started repeatedly saying "I'm sorry!" It was a fun game, even if it was too easy. Victim number 2: Breath-freshener.

She was sitting at her table on the other side of the room oblivious to my return sipping tea like a stuck up snob. "For ignoring my glorious return," I whispered to myself, "your punishment will involve a chair and my lacking baseball skills." The grin on my face would've made small children tremble, as it did to Pudding…or maybe it was just that I'd given her a sack of pure sugar and the effects were just starting to wear off. Getting into a racing position I took aim at a perfectly centered chair and ran at it landing on the chair right across from Breath-freshener's and it crashed right on time as I yelled at the top of my lungs "1000000000 bonus points if she's still holding the tea cup!!!!" My chair slid right into her causing both of us and the chairs to tumble with me on top of the chaotic pile, a shocked Breathy on the bottom holding a shattered tea cup, but holding it all the same. "SWEET!!! I WON I WON I WON!!!"

I screamed this jumping up when Target practice came out about to yell at the Mews wondering what all the noise was. The answer came before the question as a somehow still intact video hit him square in the head. "Hi Tackle bag!! Present from the aliens, how's about we watch it on your big TV down stairs?" I asked letting go of the chandelier I'd been hanging from and landed right on him standing upright, him pinned down. I think he replied, I couldn't really tell, it was kind of an unghenck sound, but it worked. I walked across him picked up the video and shouted role call into the basement. "Pinky! Breath freshener! Cabbage roll! Monkey girl! Celebrity who's name I can never remember! Fridge boy!!!! Basement! NOW!!!!!"

I happily marched down the stairs not even sure if the others were following, and when I reached the landing I found a filthy dust covered object that looked like it was once used for playing movies. Shrugging I blew off the dust in the general direction of the others who had just gotten down to the basement with me. Who wouldda thought that 3-5 years of dust on one object could cover an entire lab? With that all said and done, and the others complaining behind me I plugged in the vid and they all shut up when the classic 4-3-2-1 wheel rolled.

The next thing we saw was Fruit cake's face, and his HUGE pimple, maybe he's allergic to makeup?...Ahph! who cares?! NEXT!! When he was sure the camera was on and that Tarutaru wasn't eating the camera he began to talk to us. "Mew Mews! As you may have noticed I have returned the one you call Tangerine back to you."

Behind me Breath freshener coughed "Unfortunatly" needless to say she was back on the floor quickly while we watched the rest of the movie in silence.

"As a group we decided that our advantage over you was so great, that we would take pity and return this person that you hold closely, though this does not mean that we have any intentions of going easy on you! In fact quite the oppisate-blahblahblah take over the world with and iron fist and a trench coat…I was about to invade the kitchen for all the cookies when something interesting on screen happened. I assume the camera was knocked over because the aliens were shown on their side Fruit cake arguing with a bouncing baby face Taru-bozu.

"That's not true Fruit cake! You kicked her out because she put your hair up and made you wear makeup!!" he said hyperly. "Oh look pretty red light on the machine!" he continued pointing at the camera.

"WHAT?! IT'S RECORDING?! TART STOP IT!! KISSHU! THE BUG INVASION IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!! DAMN IT ALL!!!! WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO MEEEEEE?!?!?!?" Tutti-frutti scremed and then the video went blank, and the whole room roared with laughter.

On the Alien ship:

The laughter could be heard all the way in space it was so loud and yet it didn't affect anyone on Earth and Pie thought to himself gloomily, 'maybe I should have edited the video first…..'

So there you go! The epilogue of my amazing story…it is epilogue right?...I'M SO CONFUSED!!! WHY IVAN?! WHY?!?!