Shoe – Okay everyone, this is a story about us. Carol and Michi thought it was time to...

Gum – Huh? Ummm, Shoe? I'm sorry, but this is NOT a story about us. What the heck are you telling the readers?

Shoe – What? It's called 'The Perfect Fit'. If THAT'S not THE title for our story...

Gum – Tsk, you really think Carol and Michi would bother to write a story about us, just to harass the readers with such a boring story? Grow up, girl. They write about Harm and Mac, their favorite couple... thankfully.

Shoe – Thankfully? What's so wrong about a Shoe & Gum story?

Gum – It sounds kind of sticky to me.

Shoe – Oh, that was a bad pun… But I do think a story about the two of us would be great.

Gum – (exhales heavily) Lord, help me.

Carol & Michi – And us!

Title: The Perfect Fit

Authors' Names: Carol and Michaela aka Michi

Classification: Harm & Mac / Romance

Spoilers: None that would really matter… AJ and Meredith are still an item in this story. Same goes for Sturgis and Bobbie….oh and Singer is still alive. (How did they forget about her? – Shoe. Freudian Slip? – Gum. Oh yeah, that would make sense. – Shoe.)

Disclaimer: JAG and its character are the property of Bellisario Productions, CBS, and Paramount.

Summary: Little AJ and the search for the perfect fit

A big thanks and an even bigger hug to our beta-god Witchy V. We love you, girl!

Feedback: Always welcome and very encouraging…


June 5, 1973

In a Park in Nevada

"Uncle Matt, will you marry me?" The five-year-old Sarah asked as they walked through the park, enjoying the midday sun and its warmth as much as they enjoyed the singing birds around them.

"What?" Matt asked, surprised about her question and slightly confused on how to answer it.

"Will you marry me?" Sarah repeated her question.

"I can't, honey," Matt said as they stopped and sat down on a bench.

"Why not?" Sarah asked disappointed, looking up at him with her sad eyes. "Don't you love me?"

Matt smiled. "I love you more than you know. But my job is being your uncle, I can't marry you."

Sarah looked at her hands. "Do you like your job?"

"I love my job. It's the best one in the world, next to being a marine." Matt smiled, which in turn brought a smile to Sarah's little face.

"How will I know who to marry?"

Matt took Sarah's little hand into his much larger one and looked at it. "Well Sarah. When God made us, he made one person for us to spend our lives with. You'll know this person when you meet him. His hand will fit into yours like this," Matt said as he closed his hand around hers. "Your hand will fit perfectly into anyone's hand who loves you."

"Like yours fits?" Sarah looked at their joined hands and then up into his eyes.

"Like mine, but when he holds your hand, you'll feel something right here." Matt touched her chest right above her heart. "And you'll know it's right and that he's the one."

"Will he feel it too?"

Matt gave her a stern look. "He better, because if he doesn't he's going to have to answer me."

Sarah wrapped her arms around her uncle. "I love you, Uncle Matt."

"And I love you, Sarah," Matt said as he held her.



August 5, 2003

JAG Headquarters

Falls Church, VA

11:34 AM

"Hey Mac, you got a minute?" Harm asked as he walked into Mac's office.

Mac raised her head and took her eyes from the file she was reviewing. "Don't you knock?"

"No," Harm bluntly answered and sat down on the chair right in front of her desk.

Mac sighed and placed her pen onto the desk before intertwining her fingers in front of her. "What can I help you with?"

"Singer's on the warpath again. Can you calm her down?"

"Sure. Got a 2 by 4?" She asked him with a deadpan expression.

Harm smiled at her comment and flicked his fingers. "I knew I forgot something at home this morning," he retorted with a chuckle. "But seriously, I think she's lost it this time. She thinks she can get her client off scoot-free."

"Is this the domestic violence one? The one where the husband was video tapping the kids' party and left the camera on?"

Harm nodded his head. "Yup, that's the one. He ended up recording himself trying to attack the kids and his wife while she defended the children and herself," Harm finished.

"Is Singer trying to get the tape out of evidence?" Mac asked curiously, wondering what the lieutenant was trying to do this time to get a client of hers out of the noose, which was hovering around his neck.

"Sebring already ruled that the tape is staying in evidence. Can you just tell her to calm down and to accept my offer?"

"You want me to talk with her?" Mac asked with a raised eyebrow and got a nod from Harm as an answer. She sighed and gave him a little smile. "Okay, I'll do it. But I'm not promising you anything."

"Thank you, Mac. You're the best." Harm stood up and grinned happily. "I'll cook dinner for us tonight."

"And it better be something good. After all, I'm entering the lion's den."

"It's the least I can do for you. Thanks again, Mac," Harm said in gratitude before leaving her office.


1:55 PM

Mac walked out of Singer's office, rubbing her forehead while thinking of ways to make Harm's life hell, when suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by something grabbing a hold of her leg. Mac looked down and smiled at the loving face of AJ Roberts, who smiled brightly up at her. "Hey you, what are you doing here?"

"Daddy had to talk to Uncle Harm and I saw you," Little AJ explained and took hold of Mac's outstretched hand before they made their way to Harm's office.

"Lt. Roberts, did you lose something?" Mac asked, standing in the doorway of Harm's office with Little AJ right next to her.

Bud looked up from the chair in front of Harm's desk, saw his son and took a deep breath. "AJ Roberts."

"I'm sorry, Daddy," AJ quickly said, hiding part of his body behind Mac's legs.

Bud looked with an apologizing glance at Mac. "I'm so sorry Ma'am, but Commander Rabb and I got caught up reviewing this case."

Mac gave Bud a half smile as she and AJ walked towards Harm's desk. "It's all right, Bud," Mac let him know and then looked at Harm. "Singer wants the deal."

Harm sighed in relief. "Thank you, Mac. I owe you."

"Oh, you better believe that. And I'm starting to collect now. Give me two dollars," Mac ordered with her hand's palm up extended to him.

Harm looked puzzled at her, reached into his pocket and pulled out two dollars before handing them over to her. "Why am I giving you two dollars?" He wanted to know with a frown.

"AJ and I are going to attack the first floor vending machine," Mac explained and Harm just rolled his eyes while Mac glanced at Bud. "Bud, do you want anything since Harm's buying?"

"No. Thank you, Ma'am." Bud chuckled softly.

"Okay." Mac gently tugged on AJ's hand, which was still in hers. "Come on AJ, let's go get something sweet."

"Okay, Auntie Sarah." AJ smiled as he and Mac walked out of Harm's office, giving his dad and uncle a last wave.

Bud and Harm watched the four year old and the marine walking through the bullpen, only attracting minor attention from the others in the office. Bud turned around and looked at Harm, who was having a somehow dreamy look on his face. "She's great with him."

"Yeah, she is, Bud," Harm softly agreed and thought about Mac raising their children one day before his mind returned to reality. "Now back to this case."


2:06 PM

Mac and AJ sat outside and shared a bottle of water, while eating their Rice Krispies Treats. "Auntie Sarah, will you marry me?" Little AJ suddenly asked her out of the blue.

Mac smiled and looked at the little boy. "That's the best offer I've had in a long time, AJ."

"Will you? I love you."

"I can't, honey," Mac gently told him.

"Why not?" AJ pleadingly asked. "Don't you love me?" He wanted to know, the sad tone in his voice clearly hearable.

Mac smiled sweetly. "I love you more than you'll ever know. But my job is being your aunt, I can't marry you."

AJ looked at the bottle of water on the table. "Do you like your job?"

Mac softly ruffled his blonde hair. "I love my job. It's the best one in the world, next to being a marine," she told him, hoping what she said would make AJ feel better.

"Are you sure?"

"Absolutely." Mac took AJ's small, chubby hand into hers and looked at it. "You see, AJ. One day when you're much older you'll meet a girl. You'll take her hand into yours like this," Mac explained and closed her hand around his. "And your hand will fit perfectly around it."

"Like yours fits?"

"Like mine, but when she holds your hand you'll feel something right here in your heart," Mac tenderly concluded and touched his chest right above his heart. "And you'll know it's right and that she's the one."

"Will she feel it?"

"She'd be crazy not to."

"Have you felt it?"

Mac looked at AJ while Bud and Harm approached the table. "No, not yet, AJ. But I know he's out there."

Before Little AJ could respond, his dad interrupted their conversation by joining them at the table. "Well AJ, we've got to get home and start dinner for Mommy," Bud said and ruffled his son's blonde hair.

AJ leaned over to give Mac a kiss on the cheek and a hug, "Love you, Auntie Sarah."

"Love you, AJ," Mac responded before releasing the boy so that he could say goodbye to his uncle.

"Bye, Uncle Harm."

"Bye, AJ," Harm replied with a smile and patted AJ on the head.

Bud took AJ's hand into his and then looked at Harm. "Commander, I'll be in all day tomorrow to work on those files. Have a good day, Ma'am, Sir."

"You too, Bud," Harm and Mac responded in unison as they watched Bud and AJ walk away.

Mac slowly stood up, starting to clean up the table before she threw away the trash. As soon as she was done, Mac handed Harm a granola bar off of the table. "I picked you up a granola bar when AJ and I were at the machine."

"Thanks, that's so sweet of you." Harm accepted the granola bar before continuing with a smirk on his face. "Since I bought the snack."

"I got Singer to deal with you. You should be nice to me," Mac let him know as they started walking back into the building.

"I will be nice at six thirty tonight, when you join me for dinner."

"What are you cooking?"

Harm thought for a second and shrugged his shoulder. "I haven't decided yet."

"It better be good," Mac once more let him know before she walked into her office, leaving him behind in the bullpen.

"With you around, the food is the last thing on my mind," Harm muttered to himself before he walked into his own office.