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Ch. Seven.

Angel rubbed his eyes as he walked into his apartment. Never had he thought a time would come when he didn't want to see Buffy, but it had. The love they had shared- the love that had caused him to lose his soul- was gone. They weren't the people they were then. He hardly knew the woman downstairs; his Buffy was gone.

He groaned as the phone rang. Evil couldn't shut up for even five minutes.

"Hello?" he answered gruffly.

"…Angel?" All irritability fled as he recognized the voice on the other end.

"Conner! Hi…uh, how've you been?" Angel sat on the couch. He and Conner had been on the couch. He and Conner had been on friendly terms since he got his memories back, but Angel still was surprised every time he heard from him.

"I've been good. School sucks. Finals are coming up, so everybody's stressed, and I've got this teacher I'm pretty sure is a demon, but besides that, no-one's tried to kill me or anything."

"Well, that's…good. Uh, so how are-"

"Listen, I know it's weird for me to be calling, since most of our conversations happen when you mysteriously show up right before an apocalypse or when someone gets really close to killing you, but I kinda have this problem, and since you know more about strange stuff than most people. I just figured you'd be the one to come to." Angel sat up, alarmed; weird stuff was supposed to stay away from his son.

"What kind of stuff? Demons, lawyers, a-a sudden thirst for blood?" He asked nervously.

"Um, dreams."


"Yeah, I've been having these dreams, I guess. They're always the same; really violent and fast. They're just flashes of swords, blood, a girl, and some big demony thing."

"When did they start?"

"About a month ago. Almost every night."

"Okay, and the demon and girl- did you recognize either of them?"

"No. They go by too quick. But I know the girl's good. It's a feeling I get, you know? I can just tell she's not evil. And the swords- I want one. Every time I dream it, those swords are what stay in my head."

Angel sighed. Prophetic dreams. Everything he had done- coming to the company, lying to his friends; it was all to keep Connor safe, and now he was having prophetic dreams. He sure got screwed with that deal.

"Listen Connor, I think you should come talk to Wes about this. These sound pretty prophetic to me, and he knows everything about that."

"Yeah, sure. I'll drop by later today."

"Connor? Just…be careful, all right?"

"…After I talk to Wesley I'll come up to see you. Maybe we could go do something." Angel smiled.

"I'd like that. Have I told you that I can get front row seats to anything I want?"

"If I had known that, I woulda hit you up already." Angel laughed; this is the kind of relationship he had wanted all along, one where they could be friends.

"Listed, I'll come by in about an hour to talk to Wesley. I'll see ya soon."

"Alright, I'll tell him you're coming."


After hanging up, Angel made a quick call to Wesley to explain about Connor, and also to ask him not to tell Connor about his relationship with Buffy.

"It's not something he needs to know. I don't think he'd understand me staking his mom for her."

"I understand, Angel. But if someone slips and he does find out, how do you think he'll react then?"

"…"I'll tell him eventually, but now is not the time." He hung up frustrated that Wesley was right. He'd have to tell eventually.

Standing up, he headed towards the shower. Tonight, he was hanging out with his son.


"So all the texts are just in these books?" Willow asked. Now that was nifty; having every book you could ever need right at hand. She'd have to look into something like this for Headquarters.

She snuck a look at the ruggedly goodness that was now Wesley and blushed. Maybe she could get someone to help her set it up. Damn, if he had looked this good back in Sunnydale, Cordelia wouldn't have been the only one drooling over him. A year ago when she'd come to LA to help restore Angel's soul, she had been too caught up in Kennedy and the whole world-ending thing to really notice: Wesley was a hottie.

"Every text that is housed in any Wolfram and Hart branch. And there aren't many texts that aren't.

He leaned over her to retrieve one of the books on the table before her, and she couldn't help but catch a whiff of his cologne.. 'Stop it' she chided herself, 'you're gay remember? Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay…maybe bi.' She thought as she caught a glimpse of a scar around his throat. Scars always did it for her.

Wesley almost dropped the book when his wrist touched her shoulder. When did she get so beautiful?

Buffy rolled her eyes at Willow and Wesley as the two fumbled and blushed every time they so much as looked at each other. There was some definite attraction going on; figures that the two smartest people she knew would end up digging each other. Things were weird like that. Who found a fling at an evil law firm, anyway? Yeah, the whole bad boy thing is fun for a little bit, but it never lasted.

Speaking of which, since when did 'bad boy' and 'Wesley' go together? Had it really been that long since she'd seen him? Maybe she just wasn't paying attention anymore, maybe-'Hello, Mr. Tall, dark, and broody.' She thought as a cutie walked into the office. He looked like her fantasy build- a –man order; Tall, dark shaggy hair, piercing eyes, broody, but with the potential for laughter; he was like a mixture of every boyfriend she'd ever had, including Kenny, her boyfriends in the second grade who was a member of the Star Wars, Star Trek, and popular mechanics fan clubs. Yes, she dated a nerd.

Wesley looked up as the guy came in, his glow from being next to Willow vanishing.

"Ah, Connor."

"Hey, Wes. Did Angel call you?"

"Yes, he mentioned something about dreams; he didn't go into great detail, he seemed a bit put out." Connor sat at the table and answered.

"Yeah, he seemed a little cranky when I talked to him earlier and,- hi, I don't know you. I'm Connor." He spoke to Buffy, his attention completely swayed.

"I'm Buffy." She replied with a smile. Whoa, that smile; he could tell right now that he was a goner. Why couldn't it ever be a woman his own age?

"A-and that's Willow." Buffy quickly introduced, pointing at the cute redhead. Willow waved.

"Hi Willow. So how evil are you?" He asked, turning back to Buffy. She raised an eyebrow.

"Excuse me?"

"Well, I just have to ask, because I make it a point to stay away from people who are too evil; so if you're just a little evil, that's no big deal. And in case you haven't noticed, I'm really hoping you say only a little." Buffy was charmed. He was weird, but he made it work.

Wesley, on the other hand, was not amused.

"She not evil, Connor, she's a Slayer; The Slayer, actually. Do keep your eyes in your head," Willow couldn't help but giggle; if he were any more Giles-y right now, he'd me cleaning a pair of glasses. Connor was surprised he didn't smell it; he could smell power, but had been too distracted to notice Slayer.

"A Slayer, huh? I like Slayers."

Oh yeah? How many have you met?"

"Just one, besides you. You're not like her much." Buffy leaned forward.

"Really? Is that a bad thing?" Connor smirked.

"I'm not sure yet."

Wesley sighed.

"Connor, what can you tell me about your dreams?" He rubbed his eyed. Connor stood up.

"Listen, I can tell you're busy showing Willow the books, so I'll just drop in later, okay?" He turned to Buffy. "You get a tour around this place yet?"

"Sure. From Angel's office, to a flight of stairs, to Wes' office. Great place. Connor smiled.

"You want one?" Buffy jumped up.

"See ya, Will. Let me know when you're done."

"So what do you wanna see? Library, lab, weapons testing?"

"Is there a cafeteria?"

Wesley watched the two walk away, forgetting completely what Angel had asked him to do. He turned towards Willow; she looked up at him and smiled. Oh yes, he could get used to this.