Title : LoVe Found Chapter 1

Author: Amanda

Rating: PG13 to R

Disclaimer: I own no one except Rianna.

Summary: Logan and Veronica find their love again thanks to Duncan.

A/N: This story needs a beta so any takers please let me know.

Veronicaawoke to a pounding on her apartment door. " Just a minute," she called out. She looked through the peephole and what she saw shocked her. Standing on her front porch was an impatient looking Logan, and she opened the door.

"What's going on?" she asked. She knew it had to be important. Logan didn't pay social visits to her.

Wordlessly he handed her an envelope with her name on the front. It was Duncan's handwriting. She tore open the envelope and scanned the letter.


I'm sorry I have to leave you this way but I can't stay in Neptune. I have left paperwork with my attorney for you and Logan to take custody of Rianna and for her to have the last name Echolls. I know you are still in love with Logan, and I want you to take care of him and Rianna. I'll contact you soon.

All my love,


She looked up at Logan, who had obviously received a similar letter from the look on his face. So Veronica stood and went to get dressed. When she got back she finally spoke to Logan, "Where's Rianna now?"

"She's at Duncan's attorney," Logan said. " He wants to meet with us as soon as possible."

"I figured as much, that's why I got dressed," Veronica said.

They walked out of her apartment and to Logan's X Terra. The ride was silent and it gave Veronica a chance to think. She was going to be a mom soon. What was her father going to say? She would have to wait awhile to find out that answer because he was currently chasing a bail jumper down in Texas. This was definitely not something she wanted to tell him over the phone. Logan's voice broke into her thoughts, "We're here."

As Logan started to open his door Veronica stopped him "Logan do you want to do this? Because if not I need to know now," she said.

"Ronnie, I never thought of myself ever being a father, but when I read Duncan's letter I was ecstatic. I'm glad Duncan trusts me enough to raise his daughter," Logan told her.

"Lets do this then," Veronica said opening her door.

Rianna was sleeping soundly in her car seat when Logan and Veronica got up to the attorney's office. Veronica couldn't stop the smile that spread across her face when she saw Rianna. She went to the car seat and picked her up. Rianna struggled and made a few crying like sounds, but finally settled herself on Veronica's shoulder. Veronica looked up to see Logan smiling at her as he finished signing his paperwork.

"Ms. Mars it's your turn," the attorney said.

"I'll hold her while you do that," Logan said, holding out his arms for Rianna. It amazed Veronica at how natural and comfortable with Rianna.

When they finished signing everything, the attorney handed them a new birth certificate. The attorney decided it was for the best to list Rianna Megan Echolls born to Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls on December 15, 2005. It was to prevent any interference from Jake and Celeste or the Mannings.

As Veronica stared at the birth certificate in her hands, she was speechless. She was the mother of a newborn baby and Logan was the father. This was how she once pictured her life, but that was before hers and Logan's breakup. She knew this was going to be hard. Although with Logan's money, Rianna would certainly have a good daycare. Not that she expected Logan to foot the whole bill, of course. When they got to the X Terra Logan announced that they were going shopping.

"Logan that can wait for tomorrow," Veronica told him.

"No, it can't Ronnie. Our daughter needs a crib for tonight. ," Logan said.

Veronica smiled at Logan's choice of words, their daughter. She loved how that sounded.

"Ok fine, Logan let's go shopping, but you better be ready to break out the Black American Express."

"Anything for my girl," Logan said. Veronica's heart skipped a beat before she realized he was referring to Rianna.

They went to many stores that night and were all exhausted at the end of the night.

The next morning Veronica woke up in a strange bed and it took her a minute to realize she had spent the night at the hotel suite. She stood and went to Rianna's crib only to find it empty. She headed out to the living room of the suite. A slow smile spread across her lips at what she saw. Logan was laying on his back on the couch and Rianna was lying across his chest. Veronica tiptoed over to the couch and picked up her daughter. Logan sat up quickly instantly alert. He visibly relaxed when he saw Rianna in Veronica's arms.

"I was just going to go dress Rianna then make breakfast," Veronica said.

"You go ahead and take care of Rianna and I'll cook," Logan said.

Veronica agreed and the two headed off in different directions to handle their tasks.