LoVe Found

Chapter :10


Pairing: Logan/Veronica

Word Count: 2528

Disclaimer: Not mine. No copyright infringement intended.

Summary: Veronica and Logan finally move in to their house.

Veronica and Logan stood in the furniture store with no idea on where to start, they needed almost everything except for Rianna's crib and changing table.

"Wanna start finding living room furniture first?" Veronica asked Logan.

"I think we should go look at beds, maybe test a few out," he said with a smirk and winking at her.

Veronica slapped him playfully on the arm, "Seriously Logan the sooner we're done here the sooner we can get home to Rianna."

"Alright let's start with the living room then," Logan said.

It was three hours later when they finally got back to the Grand. When they opened the door to the suite they saw Wallace sitting on the floor with Rianna who had pillows holding her up since she couldn't sit up very well on her own yet. Wallace had an array of toys spread out and currently he was playing with a xylophone with her, although Rianna was pretty much just slamming her hands down on the toy.

Logan crossed the room and picked up the baby, "Hi sweetie did you have a good time with Uncle Wally? Daddy and Mommy missed you so much." The baby in his arms just giggled and smiled at him.

"Thanks for keeping her for us Wallace. Sorry it took long," Veronica greeted her friend before outstretching her arms for her daughter.

"No problem V. I had a good time and I gave her medicine to her so she wont need it again for awhile. I'd like to stay and spend some more time with my goddaughter, but I gotta go to Java and meet some of my teammates," Wallace told her. He kissed Rianna's cheek and nodded at Logan before exiting the suite.

"Well it looks like our little girl is starting to feel better," Logan observed.

"Yep," Veronica replied before placing Rianna back in her spot on the floor only laying on her belly so she wouldn't fall over. "Logan I need to tell you something."

"Damn nothing good ever starts out with those words," Logan replied sitting down on the couch and motioning for her to do the same. "What is it?"

"I know the real reason Duncan left," she said.

"What? How? You looked as surprised as I was when I brought his note to you." He was a lot calmer than Veronica had expected him to be. She knew Logan didn't like secrets between them and this was a big one.

"Well after Meg came out of her coma she talked about running off with the baby, she wasn't planning to take Duncan with her, and then she died suddenly a couple days later. The Manning family suspected foul play and had some investigating done and it turns out that Meg was murdered. Duncan was the prime suspect. Actually he was the only suspect," Veronica replied. "Anyways the shock I had when you brought me the note wasn't because he was gone. It was because he left Rianna. I mean if he is the one who killed Meg to keep her from running off with Rianna then why would he leave her and with you and me."

"Wow. That's a lot to take in," Logan told her. He held her hand in his as he looked into her blue eyes he could see this was something she had a hard time keeping from him. "What made you decide to tell me now?"

"Well Lamb questioned me about Duncan taking off and accused me of knowing where he was and I figured you'd be next so I figured I'd give you a head's up on what is going on," she answered.

"Oh so if Lamb hadn't started questioning you, then you never would of told me?" Logan asked. the hurt and disappointment that he felt were obvious in his voice. He really thought he and Veronica had gotten to a good place in their relationship where they trusted each other and wouldn't keep secrets.

"That's not what I meant, Logan," she insisted.

"Oh really? Then what did you mean Veronica?" Logan asked. He felt his anger rising but he knew he couldn't let it show. He refused to turn into Aaron and his daughter would never be afraid of him.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but how do you tell the boy that you're in love with that his best friend is a murderer and is on the run? I didn't want to hurt you and I did plan to tell you at some point,"Veronica explained.

Logan looked into Veronica's eyes and saw the hurt in them. He realized at that moment that no matter what Veronica did she would never do something to intentionally hurt him. He couldn't imagine what pain she must of went through when Duncan became a suspect in Meg's death. "I'm sorry for getting angry at you Veronica. I thought that you keeping this from me was for Duncan's benefit and that hurt."

"I'm sorry. I would never do that to you Logan. You and Rianna are my everything now." Veronica said, her voice was soft as she tried to hold back her tears.

Logan pulled her into a tight hug and held her for a few minutes before pulling away to look at her, " Just promise me know more secrets please?"

She gave him a small smile before answering, " Okay no more secrets. That works both ways though Echolls."

"No problem Mars," Logan replied before leaning in and kissing her. When they separated they looked down at Rianna who had fallen asleep while playing with her toys.

"Wow she must of wore herself out today playing with Wallace," Veronica said.

"I think we need to get some sleep ourselves, we got a long day tomorrow," Logan told her before standing and picking up Rianna from her place on the floor. He carried her to the bedroom and placed her in her crib remembering to flip the baby monitor on when he exited the room.

****The Next Morning (Moving Day)****

Veronica woke up with Logan's arms around her. Since neither he nor Rianna seemed to be awake yet she laid there just thinking. She never in a million years would of thought that as a senior in high school she and Logan Echolls would be raising a baby and moving in to a house together. She hated the circumstances that had gotten them to this point, but she could honestly say she had never felt so secure in her relationship with Logan. She felt like no matter what got in their way they would make it work. She also knew deep down that there was still a chance that Duncan could come back to Neptune. His father had connections and Veronica was positive that with a few bribes Jake Kane could somehow make it okay for his son to return and no doubt when he did he would want his daughter back. She had no idea what she would do if Duncan took Rianna away from her and Logan. Not wanting to even imagine the possibilities she carefully removed her body from Logan's arms so she wouldn't wake him. She went out to the living room of the suite and began surveying the room for what needed to be packed. Rianna's toys and bouncy seat of course along with the numerous CD's and DVD's that Logan owned. His game systems and games. She found one of the moving boxes they had gotten and began putting Rianna's toys in it, she figured it'd be easier to leave the bouncy seat assembled and out of a box. She got another box to put Logan's numerous electronics and electronic accessories into. She was halfway through with it when Rianna cried alerting Veronica that she was awake and ready for a bottle.

Before bringing the baby out of the bedroom she changed her diaper as well as put on her outfit for the day a beautiful bright blue dress covered in white flowers the dress even came with a pair of matching bottoms to cover her diaper. (A/N: picture of dress here) When Veronica came out of the bedroom Logan was already up and in the living room finishing packing the box she had started.

"Good morning my two beautiful ladies," Logan said, crossing the room and kissing Rianna's forehead before giving Veronica a kiss on the lips.

"Good morning. Sorry she woke you," Veronica replied.

"No problem we have a busy day. The furniture store said be at the house around eleven and we still got to finish packing up this stuff and getting the rest of your stuff from your dad's apartment."

"Ok well I'm going to give her a bottle and put her in her seat then hop in the shower," Veroncia replied. She already had the day all planned out in her head.

"Mind if I join you in the shower?" Logan asked smirking at her.

"You can't someone has to take care of the baby," Veronica answered, then smiling suggestively she continued, "But I promise I'll make it up to you tonight."

Logan groaned, "Are you trying to kill me?"

"No not yet, the life insurance policy hasn't kicked in yet," she joked.

"Haha you're hilarious."

By this time Veronica had already finished making Rianna a bottle as well as getting the medicine out so she could give some to her before her bottle. "Would you mind feeding her while I go take a shower?" Veronica handed Logan Rianna as well as her bottle.

"No problem. Take your time."

Two hours later they had finished packing up the rest of the items from the suite. After they had dropped those things at their new house they went to Keith's so they could finish packing up Veronica's things. Keith was thrilled for the oppurtunity to spend time with the little girl that he had accpted as his grandchild just as Logan and Veronica had accepted her as their daughter. Keith was not very happy that his eighteen year old daughter was rasing a baby and moving in with her boyfriend, but Veronica was an adult and she never made a decision without carefully considering it so Keith accepted her decision. While they were packing up Veronica's things Logan found an old photo album in the back of her closet on the floor. He knew that photography was a major part of Veronica's life and he couldn't figure out why this photo album was buried in the back of her closet. Veronica was on the other side of her room going through her CD collection so Logan opened the album. The first picture he saw was one of himself and Veronica the summer he had moved to Neptune. Flipping through it he saw that every picture in it were of him and Veronica before Lily died.

"Hey Veronica, what's this?" he asked holding up the album.

Veronica turned to see what he was refering to. "Logan, I know I'm the brains in this relationship, but that is a photo album honey," she laughed.

"Seriously Veronica, all these are pictures of us before Lily died. Why is it in the back of your closet?" he asked.

Veronica took a deep breath before answering him, "I kept it hidden from Lily and Duncan."

Logan looked completely shocked. "You kept a secret from Lily Kane? How the hell did you manage that? And why?"

"Well duh Logan," a voice said from behind him. Logan whipped around quickly coming face to face with the ghost of Lily Kane. Lily continued speaking, "She hid it because she was in love with you."

Lily turned to Veronica,"Shame on you Veronica Mars, you kept a secret from me, a good one."

Veronica looked from Lily to Logan, she had no idea what to say. "I'm sorry Lily. I should have told you I liked Logan. And Logan I'm sorry to you as well. I should of told you about the album and how I felt a long time ago."

"You don't have anything to be sorry for," Lily and Logan said simotaneously. The three friends looked at each other and laughed.

"Lily, how'd you know about my feelings for Logan?" Veronica finally asked.

"Please any student at Neptune could of seen you were in love with Logan. Well except Logan and maybe the Donut."

"Really? I was that obvious," Veronica asked.

"Yep," Lily replied. She laughed at the shocked expression on Veronica's face. "I'd love to hang around but I have to go share the fabulousness that is me."

"Bye Lils," Both Logan and Veronica said as the image of Lily vanished.

Logan looked at Veronica and smiled. "So you have wanted me since we were 12?"

"Pretty much. But I don't now I kinda wanna get rid of you," Veronica joked.

"Yeah right. You weren't wanting to get rid of me a few nights ago when you were moaning as I--" Logan wasn't able to finish his sentence because Veronica clamped her hand over his mouth.

"My father, you know the one with all the guns, is out in the living room, do you really want him to hear you talking about that?"

Logan shook his head no, he still couldn't speak due to Veronica's hand covering his mouth. After he shook his head Veronica removed her hand. "Okay now let's hurry and finish so we can get over to our house."

They finished packing Veronica's things and were at their home to meet the moving crew from the furniture store by eleven, of course the moving crew was late and didn't show up until around one that afternoon. Wallace came over after scholl let out and helped them unpack. By the end of the night all three teens were exhausted.

Wallace was getting ready to leave when he remembered something he had heard at school that day, "Hey guys I forgot to tell you but Dick was handing out flyer about a party he was going to have." When Veronica and Logan both just looked him he continued speaking, "A party he is having here."

"I don't suppose we could try to cancel it now?" Veronica asked Logan.

"I'm afraid not. You know how Dick operates I'm sure all of Neptune High will be in our house tomorrow night. What are we going to do about Rianna?" Logan asked.

"I'll get my dad to keep her, but you have to let dick know that this is a one time thing. We can't have parties here anytime he wants us too." Veronica sighed, she knew it would be useless to try to cancel tomorrow night's party.

"No problem," Logan told her. Wallace left a few minutes later and Veronica and Logan headed up the stairs to break in their new bed.