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"You know if you move that fast enough, you could almost write your name?" Rick O'Connell said sarcastically to his wife who was moving the torch back and forth.

"I just had a vision, it was just like my dreams, but it was real. It was like I was actually here in ancient times." Evelyn O'Connell said trying to make her vision come back.

"Are you ok?" Rick asked she'd been having odd dreams that had her up every night for the past six weeks, six long gruesome weeks; he was up with her every night.

"Yes, I'm fine." she replied continuing to move the torch.

Rick just stood there staring at her, her beauty glowing even more with the torch moving back and forth. He hoped his wife wasn't crazy because he loved her very much and couldn't stand the fact if she were.

Evy had been so into making her vision reappear that she failed to notice how her husband was looking at her until now. She stopped moving the torch around and met his eyes smiling, "Honestly darling, I'm fine." She said smiling and watched as he tried to open the stone door in front of them.

"So you said that in this vision, you were here in ancient times?" Rick questioned stopping to look at her.

"yes." Came her simple reply.

"Well, if you actually were here, could you show me how to open this thing?" he asked stepping back from the door for her to gain access.

"Sure." She said walking towards the door, "here hold this." She handed him the torch and took the circular key and turned it, sending a long hiss from the door and it moving back. They both jumped as the door opened.

"Alright, now you're starting to scare me." Rick said moving the torch into the room.

"I'm starting to scare myself." Evy admitted to him. "Do you see anything?" she asked trying to look in as well.

"Nothing, it's completely dark, we have to go in." he said pushing the door open more. "I'm right behind you."

"Well, now that's not very heroic." She aid giving him a sly smile.

"Hey, you're the one who knows the way around the joint." He said moving out of the way for her, then yelled "Wait!"

"What!" she asked hoping he hadn't seen anything wrong.

"I was just thinking, what if something's on the other side of this door?" he said, giving Evy his seductive look. "Don't you think I should get one last kiss before we die." he asked playfully.

"You have a lot of confidence in our lives don't you darling?" she asked playfully.

"The most I'm allowed to give out." He said pulling her close.

"I'll make you a deal." She said smiling up at him.

"I'm listening." He said staring into her eyes.

"I'll kiss you as we walk in."

"I'm not so sure." Rick said, if there was something on the other side, then he wanted to be prepared.

"Fine then, I'm going in." she pulled away and walked towards the opening to the door.

"Ok, fine." Rick said, "come here." Rick grabbed her around the waist and walked with her into the chamber, their lips never separating. Evy was walking backwards holding Rick around the neck as Rick walked forwards holding Evy tightly around the waist with one arm, the other holding up the torch.

"See? nothing." Evy said as she pulled away from the kiss and looked Rick in the eyes, she gave him another peck and turned face to face with a mummy head. A blood freezing scream was heard and Rick felt his heart stop as his wife's scream echoed through the corridors.

"DUCK!" Rick yelled, and she did just as Rick knocked the head right off of the mummy in front of Evy.

"You were saying?" Rick asked as Evy came up from the floor, Rick giving her a hand.

"It's not alive" she said looking at the head on the floor and to the other side where another mummy stood.

"Yeah well that didn't stop you from screaming." He said laughing.

"Oh, hush; I took me by surprise is all." She said straitening out her clothes.

"sure." Rick said holding back laughter, but failing miserably.

"Look, that's the emblem of the scorpion king." Evy said walking towards the table both mummies seemed to be guarding.

"He was supposed to be pure myth." She continued as she cleaned dust off of a gold disc above a box, a box she soon began to run her fingers over. "No trace of him has ever been found before, no artifacts, no archival evidence."

"Maybe they didn't want anybody to find him." Rick said looking over her shoulder at the box.

"Let's open this." She said trying to open the box with her bare fingers.

"Evy, I don't have a real good feeling about this."

"It's only a chest; no harm ever came from opening a chest."

"Right and no harm ever came from reading a book. Remember how that one went?" he said with a slight chuckle.

"Oh come on, we can't stop now." She said looking back at him and smiling; holding back laughter as he brought up the last time something went horribly wrong.

"Just remember I was the voice of reason here." Rick said handing her the pry bar.

"For once." She said taking it and putting it to the chest. She stood there for a good 5 minutes trying to open the chest, every once in a while using choice words she hardly ever used, Rick just stood behind her holding back laughter as she tried, in her best tomboy way, to open the chest.

Rick moved his gaze for the view of his wife's lower back and to the body of the now, headless mummy. Around the neck of the mummy was a small circular shape puzzle piece, he picked it up and ripped it from the mummy's chest.

"Hon? Let's do it your way." He said dangling the necklace in front of her. She took it and opened the chest.

"The bracelet of Anubis." She said as the gold bracelet made contact with her eyes. She moved her fingers towards the bracelet, but was stopped short when she felt the ground start to move.

"Oh, my god." She said slamming the lid shut.

"It's a bit late for that! Isn't it?" Rick asked as he began to move to steady his wife.

"Put it in your rucksack." She said handing him the chest.

"What I got a better idea, let's leave it here!" he said pushing it back towards her.

"I think it's a bit late for that!" she said mimicking him.

"What's it say?"

"'he who disturbs this bracelet shall drink from the Nile' oh, that doesn't sound too bad." She looked up smiling at him.

"Well come on, I'm not taking any chances, lets go." Rick yelled as he grabbed a hold of her wrist and pulled her out of the room. They stopped short as water came down the corridor.

"Is this bad enough for you?" Rick asked as he dragged Evy down another corridor, the chest hitting his back in the process.

"Well, when one, puts it like this, I suppose so." She said running behind him.

"Shit!" Rick yelled.

"What!" Evy asked looking ahead,

"A dead end." Rick said. They looked back and forth hoping to find away out. Finding none, they embraced each other and held on tight as the water hit them with great force.

Once under the water, Rick started to push Evy upwards towards the air. Once she was able to breath she pulled Rick up and they swam to the side holding onto a railing above their heads.

"This is bad Evy!" Rick yelled to her.

"We've had bad before!" she yelled back.

"This is worse." The water rose up and they took their final breath. Under the water they embraced once more and held onto the other, if one was dying the other was coming with. Soon they felt the water moving and the next thing they knew they were bring poured out of the corridor and into the main room, where their son was.

They slid out of the corridor and into the main room, only inches in front of Alex's feet. Coughing and gasping for air, both parents looked up at the mess that had once been a perfectly preserved ancient room.

"Mum, dad, I can explain everything." Alex said looking down at his parents.

"Well good, because you have a lot of explaining to do young man." Evy said getting off of the floor and trying to dry herself off.

"You know you look sexy when you're wet." Rick said looking up at her smiling.

"Thank you." She said looking down at him, "so do you." She leaned down and kissed him again.

"You know what?" Alex said turning away, "I can explain later." He looked back to his parents; Evy was now on the ground again, lying in Rick's arms kissing him. "Much later." He said to himself and walked towards the same place his parents had just come swimming out of.

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