Rick's heart froze, that did not just happen. Evy was not standing there with a knife in her, yet deep down Rick knew this was real.

"NO!" he yelled as he ran over to her and looked at her.

"MOM!" came the voice of their 8-year-old son, he'd seen it too. Damn where's Jonathan when you need him, Rick thought, oh yeah over there, behind me.

"She's going to be alright? Isn't she dad? She's going to be alright?" the voice Rick heard was so scared, his mom was about to leave him.

"Jonathan, here take him," Rick said making sure Alex got to Jonathan and didn't take off running.

"she's going to be fine." Rick could here Jonathan saying. "

She's alright mommy's fine." Rick said more to himself then to Alex. Then he looked down at his wife, her skin, once so warm was now turning cold, her face once so filled with love and happiness, was now filled with pain and sadness. She knew this would be the last time she would ever see her family again.

"Evy, oh my god" Rick said looking at the hole in her stomach, "what do I do Evy, what do I do? Please don't leave me, we can look for something to help you, you're strong and you're going to make it." Rick said, he was looking around for anything to help get his wife's blood to stay in.

"I'm going to go and get you some bandages." He explained, almost going crazy, he refused to believe this would be the last time he'd see her alive again, it tore him up inside. He was getting ready to get off of the ground, but failed, he couldn't leave her side,

"Stay awake now, ok, I'll be right back, stay alert and don't close your eyes." He told her as he tried to get up again.

"Hol--hold Me." she spoke so quietly.

"Shh, don't talk love it'll only hurt more." He said and picked her up to hold her. She let go over her stomach and embraced him, holding him close, getting the blood from her hands on his back and the blood for the actual injury on his front side, but he didn't care and neither did she because deep down they both knew this would be the last they'd ever see of each other.

"Take care of Alex." She whispered in his ear, "don't--don't let him forget me and…the love I had for him, take care of Jonathan too…and--and let him know I love him as well, but most of a-all take care of yourself." She managed to say through gasps of air, "I love you with all my heart, r—Rick and don't ever forget that, I've spent my life with you." She stopped and took as deep of a breath as she could get. "And now it's time mine has come to an end, I love you."

She said the last thing and pulled out to an arms distance, for the last time, her lips met his and his lips met hers in one of the most love filled kiss they've ever shared, but somewhere in the kiss he lost her. Rick pulled Evy away and looked into her hazel eyes on last time.

She kissed him wither eyes closed for fear she would have gone before her lips even met his. He closed her eyes and lowered her body and at that moment Rick O'Connell broke down crying, his whole life had just come to an end, one of the very few things he cared most about was gone, no longer there.

Alex watched as for the first time in his life his dad broke down in tears and at that moment he realized how much his dad really did love his mom.

After awhile the grief and sadness left, suddenly all the anger and revenge came, he was going to kill that bitch for causing his family so much pain and he was going to have fun doing it too.

"Jonathan, hand me your jacket." Rick said quietly, Jonathan obeyed and handed him the jacket. Jonathan watched with a broken heart at his sister's lifeless body, this isn't fair, I was supposed to go first, not her, me? Jonathan thought to anybody who was willing to listen.

Rick cleaned his hands then put the jacket over Evy's chest, he meant to cover her face with it, but couldn't bring himself to do it. He pulled the jacket to her neck and left it there. Before he entered the pyramid he looked down at her, she looked as though she were asleep. He smiled to himself then told Jonathan to watch Alex and to stay there with the body.

If all of this was real then Rick wanted to make sure his wife got a proper burial and wanted to make sure that the S.O.B.'s who did this to her, him, them, died a horrible death.

Rick entered the pyramid pissed off and empty, but somehow, he'd leave it excited and full-filled and Rick will understand how happy he is for having his wife teach him ancient Egyptian.

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