"Dark Days"

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The Mighty Ducks/Star Trek crossover

It was a sunny day in Anaheim, California. At least not a day that would bring about a battle for the survival humanity and our 6 heroes in the middle of it. Then suddenly a huge dark cube-like ship appeared over earth's atmosphere and was descending. Drake One's alarm sounded instantly.

"Let's see what it is guys", said Wildwing as they raced to the drake one computer.

Tanya put the strange cube shaped thing on the viewer.

"What is that thing?", exclaimed Mallory.

"Doesn't look like anything from earth", said Duke.

"Tanya can we learn anything about it?" said Wildwing.

"I'm sorry but I can't, the surface doesn't look like anything like any ship we ever encountered before", said Tanya.

"Looks like something from a comic book I read once", said Nosedive "but it looks kinda wimpy if it doesn't have any weapons".

"Maybe it's a peaceful alien visitor come to visit earth", added Grin.

"I don't think so, look", said Mallory as she pointed to the view screen. It now showed the cube-like ship firing green weapons down on the city.

"It doesn't look like it's hitting any heavily populated areas", said Tanya, "just the military installations".

"Just the same we better stop whatever it is before it starts killing people", said Wildwing, "let's go ducks". The other ducks started to follow him to the Aerowing but Tanya didn't come.

"Hey Tanya, you coming?", said Dive.

"Ah no I have to fix the Migrator from our last battle it got pretty damaged" said Tanya.

"All right, catch you latter", said Dive as he followed the others to the Aerowing and they took off into the air to find out what that thing was in the air.

Wildwing flew the Aerowing to the region of the city where the alien ship was hovering.

"We have to get as close as we can to see what we're dealing with", said Wildwing. As he turned back to the controls everyone could hear something coming over the speakers.


"What was that", said Duke.

"Some kind of weird threat" said Mallory.

"What do they mean by assimilation, sounds like some crazy scientist", said Nosedive.

"Well whatever it is I think we should stop it from firing on the city", said Wildwing. Then he fired some missiles at the strange ship but it had no effect.

"What, those missiles had no effect on them", said Wildwing.

"Clearly we're dealing with a determined enemy", said Grin.

Suddenly a green tractor beam locked on to the aerowing.

"Hold on ducks, looks like we're being caught in some tractor beam", said Wildwing as he tried to get out of it.

"Can't we escape it?", said Mallory.

"I don't think so", said Wildwing.

"Look we're being pulled into the ship", said Nosedive.

The aerowing was pulled through a circular opening in the ship's hull.

"Look at this thing", said Duke, "it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie".

"Yeah and it looks kinda spooky too", said Dive.

"Come on guys, while we're here we might as well see who we are dealing with", said Wildwing. They followed him as the exited the aerowing. They walked on a metallic pathway to a corridor with strange alcove like things in the walls. There were people in them. Only it looked like some mechanical things were attached to their bodies.

"This is weird", said Mallory, "Can you find any life forms Wildwing?".

Wildwing put on his mask and scanned for any life forms.

"I can't find any life forms at all, and yet there are what look like people every where", said Wildwing.

One of them brushed passed Nosedive and scared him.

"Ah that thing almost got me", said Nosedive.

"Calm down Nosedive, it doesn't look like they know we are here" , said Wildwing.

"I can't since any karmas in this place, an obvious bad sign", said Grin.

"Maybe we should explore this ship", said Duke.

"That's a good idea, we'll all go in one group so we don't get lost", said Wildwing, "let's go". He led the team searching down a corridor filled with the zombie-like people and the strung alcoves lining the walls. Nosedive was looking all around that he didn't see the others walk off without him.

"Hey where is everybody?", said Nosedive looking around. Finally he decided on one direction and decided to go that way.

"Maybe there down here", said Nosedive. He walked down the corridor slowly until he came to what looked like a computer control panel.

"Hey, this must be some kind of computer", said Nosedive, "I wonder what would happen if I were to touch it". Nosedive pressed a finger on what looked like a button. Then something happened. Two of the strange aliens that called themselves the Borg exited the alcoves and converged on Nosedive.

"You stay away from me you weirdos", said Nosedive. He raised his puck launcher and fired at the closest one, knocking it down. He turned around to see another one behind him.

"Same goes for you to", Nosedive fired his launcher again and it bounced off of him, they adapted to the weapon.

"Guess I'm on my own now", said Nosedive. He tried to run in one direction but they blocked him. One of them reached for him and grabbed him by his neck and stuck 4 sharp needles into Nosedive's neck.

"Ahh", said Dive as the Borg then let him go. Dive collapsed to the floor by a wall. The experience left him exhausted.

"What was that, what did they do to me", Dive said gasping for air. "I feel so sleepy, maybe I'll just fall asleep, just for a moment". Dive fell asleep where he lay. He was quiet and motionless. But deep inside his body, the nanoprobes that were injected into his bloodstream via the needles were already doing their job. The nanoprobes replicated and began pouring their alien materials into Nosedive's bloodstream. They also began to "communicate" with each other and coordinating their jobs. They then latched onto his tissues and began burrowing through is flesh. The left behind long coiled strands of light coiled conducting material that would form the network that wound be visible on the outside of the blue markings that were showing up on dive's flesh. Then the links would connect with another. Similarly also forming magnetic fields and form the network and pathways for the systems that where being constructed. Nosedive began to twitch in his sleep. He was having strange dreams that seemed like memories. Then the whispering began, started by the network that was forming all over his body and in his brain. As it formed it learned, piece by piece. The most dense and complicated areas of networking where forming around the needle wound and in Dive's brain. Nosedive could hear what they where saying to him via the whispers in his mind, which were getting louder and repeated until the networking became completed.


Nosedive understood immediately. For once in his life there was order out of chaos. The whispers through out the networking told him what he must do. He took peace and comfort in knowing what he must do. He understood everything now. The subspace reciever in his brain was completed. Download of Borg core commands began immediately. This triggered the nanoprobes and the network to form new systems, power storage, data processing, sensors throughout his body. Commands were recieved through the networking were received and Nosedive stood up, he then began walking to the assimilation chamber where it would all be complete. He arrived there where other Borg were waiting for him. He walked over to the table and he laid down on it. The table was lowered and the surrounding Borg began to gather and they began to attach the implants that were on other Borg on to Nosedive. First a cyllinder shaped device known as a primary cortical node. It would serve to regulate all the other devices that would be attached to him as well as prevent Nosedive's immune system from rejecting them. Next a device called an Ocular Implant was attached over his left eye. It will grant him the ability to have advanced sight and analyzation skills. Then a Neural Transciever is attached to his spine. This connected him with the collective. Right way everything Nosedive was as an individual, everyone, everything was spread across the collective and analyzed. It was deemed irrelevant. Many other implants where attached to Nosedive to complete the process. Then the Borg armor and exoplating was attached and it was finished. Nosedive, or what he was now known to the collective as Borg Drone 1 of 1, Quartinary Adjunct to Unimatrix 893 got up from the table, stood up and walked off after receiving his commands from the collective.

In the other part of the cube the others were realizing that Nosedive was lost.

"Hey have any of you seen Nosedive?", Wildwing asked the others.

"No', said each one of them.

"We had better look for him", said Mallory. They splitted up in separate directions and shouting Nosedive's name.

"Nosedive, Nosedive where are you?", said Wildwing.

"Dive, where are you?", asked Mallory.

"Dive can you hear us?", asked Duke.

"Are you here little friend?", said Grin.

They all kept searching the ship. Shouting his name and trying to find him while trying to avoid these zombie-like aliens.

End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2 to come soon!