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If You Would Only Pay Attention

Chapter One: What Doesn't Kill You Will Only Make You Stronger

- Hermione's P-O-V-


That is what my husband is. Here I am, sitting here, as big as a bloated orca whale, well not really, I am only about five weeks along, but I certainly feel that way, thinking about baby names, trying to keep my breakfast inside of me. And there Ron is, cleaning up the dishes from breakfast, magically of course. He doesn't notice or care for that matter, no that's not true, he does care, but only thinks it's because of my cooking lately, that I have been having really bad morning sickness this past week. And to tell you the truth, my cooking has never been better, in my opinion. Oh goodness, and to think that I have to put up with this for another eight months or so. What have I gotten myself into, I ask? Murder, I answer surprisingly casually in my head, so Ron can't hear. We both chose that we wanted to have children. Too bad he is too thick to realize that my I have a burgeoning belly. Well, I once read, "what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger," in an old Muggle book. I just hope that's true.

I am sitting in the kitchen of the Burrow; we were staying with Molly and Arthur for the weekend, it was Fred and George's twenty-first birthday party. Of course they didn't know, at least I hope they didn't know, but we all did. It was a surprise party...and Molly, Ginny, and I had been planning it for weeks. We did have a flat in London, close to where the Ministry of Magic was. Ron was an auror there, along with his best friend, Harry, who was soon to become our brother-in-law.

Harry had proposed to Ginny, Ron's sister, my sister-in-law last month, at Hogwarts, when they went to visit Professor Dumbledore. I didn't know why they went, in the beginning, but they certainly came back very happy. Ron told me that Harry had been planning it with Albus forever. I guess there was an official purpose for going there afterall. It seems that Albus wanted Harry and Ginny there for a school related reason. I later found out from Ginny that Dumbledore had asked Harry and Ginny, and it turns out, as well as Ron and myself, to come back to Hogwarts. He wanted us to talk to the seventh year students about career choices that were available in our present world. Ginny is one of the top coaches in Quidditch. She started coaching for the Chudley Cannons, about one year ago. Now they are undefeated; Ron is elated. She really loves her job.

As for me, I became one of the top head healers at Saint Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Some of the cases I have seen, throughout my three years there have been unbelievable. My first case ever has always been one to remember. I was just out of Hogwarts, and none other than Draco Malfoy himself comes into my ward, suffering from one of Ginny's bat-bogey hexes. I guess he said something stupid to her, although to this day, I still don't know what he did to Ginny to deserve it. Not only was it my arch-nemesis of the day, but also my best friend had conjured up one of the most amazing bat-bogey hexes Saint Mungo's has ever seen. I couldn't not stiffle a laugh. It was even better than the one Ginny laid on him in our fifth year. It took us twenty-nine hours just to get the swarming bats under control! I never got mad at Ginny from then on, reluctantly. I mean, I didn't want to end up like Malfoy. Since that incident, he works for the Ministry, as an "Unspeakable" in the Department of Mysteries. And if you ask me, I find that quite interesting. Just think about it.

Ron and I got married the day he turned eighteen. We had a small private wedding here, at the Burrow, with only close friends and family. My parents made it, which was really great, and they got a little taste of my world. Ron and I have been happily married for one year, as last week was our anniversary.

Now, as I have been sitting here, just looking out the window, when my very thick headed husband has decided to speak up.

"Hermione, where are my sister and Harry?" It just occurred to me then that I was keeping a secret about the two. The point was for Ron to not find out until they got back.

But I mean, he is my husband, I have to tell him. Boy, I can't wait to see the look on Ron's face when I tell him where they are.

-Still Hermione's P-O-V-

"THEY WHAT?" Ron couldn't believe what he was hearing, apparently. He screamed bloody murder until Molly and Arthur came running down from their bedroom, freaked out that something wrong had just occurred, as in a death eater had entered the house; armed. Well, in Ron's mind, it had.

Hermione took a deep breath, then calmly and politely re-stated, "Ron... as I said before, Harry and Ginny eloped and got married..." I got interrupted again, but not by Ron; I was waiting for another huge blow from him. Actually, it never came.

Instead, surprisingly it came from my mother-in-law, Molly. "Hermione, dear, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON!" I think she said this a little louder than she intended too. She quickly turned deep red in the face.

Now, I believe there are more pressing matters than Harry and Ginny eloping. I mean, come on, I AM PREGNANT. Obviously, that had not occurred to anyone at this present time. And I didn't think right now was the most perfect time to tell them either. I guess I could wait longer. Preferably, in my mind, the longer the better, just until they all found out.

"Now, Hermione, dear, why don't you tell us where they have gone?" Molly asked, struggling to compose herself.

"They went to Hogwarts." I said simply. "I wouldn't exactly call it eloping, but Ginny had her mind set upon it, so they convinced Professor Dumbledore to marry them." It turns out that Albus Dumbledore was a man-of-trade; he had all the power, apparently.

"Now why in the world would my baby girl not want to get married with her family with her?" Arthur was dumb-struck.

"There are many obvious reasons," I said, sort of embarrassed to tell the truth. My family looked at me with pure hatred in their faces. "No, no! I don't feel that way, but I think Ginny didn't want you all to be with her because she just wanted a quick union. She also did not want to have herself or Harry under the burden and scrutiny of having six older brothers watching their every move." I was so glad to have that out.

But apparently, that was the last thing that three of the Weasleys wanted to hear.