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"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TWO DOING!" yelled Stan. "Having a kissing fest?"

"No, Stan, now please, let me explain.." said Pashmina.

"And Panda!" Stan yelled again, turning angrily over to Panda. "What do you think you are doing makeing out with my girl?"

"I..uh..I..uh.." Panda stuttered out, cowering behind Pashmina's couch in the livingroom.

"Oh, I guess you thought I wouldn't see? Well, looks like you thought wrong pal!"Stan yelled in Panda's face.

"Well, first of all, what makes you think you have a chance with Pashmina?" Panda yelled back. "Shes too good for you!"

"No, shes too good for you... you dork!" Stan yelled.

"Oh yeah, at least I don't watch Dora the Explorer!" Panda yelled back.

"Oh, how did you know that?" Stan said sarcasticly.

"Ha! You do like to watch it!"

"I was joking you retard!" Stan yelled again.

"WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!" Pashmina screamed, her face dark red from anger.

Stan and Panda stared at the fuming girl, with wide eyes, not believeing how angry she was.

"I...have... HAD IT!" Pashmina screamed." I have had it with you two boneheads!"

Stan chuckled.

"Who says bonehead anymore..." he said.

"Say that again Stan, and I will go get a Barney doll!" Pashmina said.

"Ok, sorry!" Stan quickly said, cringing at the sound of COUGHbarneyCOUGH.

"Look, you two have got to be worse than Howdy and Dexter when they used to fight for my affection!" Pashmina yelled.

The two nearly fainted when they Pashmina said those words. For they, actully everyone, knew how bad it was when Howdy and Dexter used to fight for Pashmina's affection. They would always beat eachother up, yelled at eachother, and just plain tortured eachother,and it was only because they both had a crush on the same girl. And Pashmina just thought that was immature,(Not to mention annoying.)and dumped them both. And now, she was saying that Stan and Panda were worse than them? Now that was hard to believe!

"Holy crud we are?" Panda said.

"Heck yeah! Now, either you two stop fighting for me this instint, or I will force you to watch a Dora the Explorer tape!" Pashmina yelled.

"Nooo! Please Pashmina, don't!" Panda cried out.

"All right! Dora the Explorer!" Stan joked,pumping his fist in the air. "Haha! Man, I kill myslef!"

Panda and Pashmina stared at him.

"What, you two can't take a joke?" Stan said.

"Whatever, besides Stan's annoying jokes, " Pashmina said. "You two are being immature right now! You guys should be ashamed of yourself! Here you are, yelling the heck at eachother, trying to mess up dates, and lying on telephone conversations, all because you both like me a lot?"

"Woah, Pashy babe isa little dramatic today..." Stan said, trying to make Pashmina laugh, but she didin't, she just continued glareing at the two 'boneheads'.

"Oh ,Pashmina don't you get it!" Panda said. "The only reason I fight with Stan for your affection, is because I care deeply about you! I love you Pashmina!"

The room was absolutely silent.Stan was glareing at Panda, Pashmina was just, well, looking shocked.

"W-what did you say Panda?" she asked.


"Mr.Stevenson, sir, your next therepy patient is here!"

"Ok, have..uh.." Mr.Stevenson, the theripest, looked down his paper. "Miss.Sparkle come in here!"

Suddenly, the door opened, and in came Sparkle, looking quite depressed.

"Sparkle, come in, take a seat." Mr.Stevenson said.

"Yes sir." Sparkle mumbled, taking a seat on the chair.

"Now, tell me your problem." Mr.Stevenson said.

"Well, theres this guy, who, I used to hate, but, now,I seem to be in love with him!" Sparkle said. "And I don't want to like him!"

"Hmm..I see." Mr.Stevenson said, as he wrote something down on a piece of paper. "So, you want to find out how to hate him again?"

"Yep." Sparkle said. "Now, just tell me how to hate him, and I will be on my way!"

"Sorry, but, all I have to say is...why are you in love with him?" Mr.Stevenson asked.

"Um, hello, are you deaf!" Sparkle screamed. "I want to find out how to hate him! Not make myself love him more! No matter how cute, sweet, and smart, and handsome he is!"

"Aha! Thats how you love him!" Mr.Stevenson said, snapping his fingers. "Now, whats his name?"

"I am not going to tell you Boss's name!" Sparkle said.

"You just did genious!" Mr.Stevenson said with a grin. "Now, to see if you really, truely, love him. I am going to show you some ink blot pictures. And when I show you them, you tell me what you see!"

"Ok! This is going to be easy!" said Sparkle, looking quite confident.

Mr.Stevenson shook his head, and showed Sparkle a ink blot.

"Boss." she said, then she covered her mouth. "Err, I mean..."

Mr.Stevenson ignored Sparkle, and showed her two more ink blots.

"Boss and Boss." she said.Then, she slapped her forehead. "Ugh, why can't I stop thinking of Boss!"

"Don't worry, here, I'll show you some more ink blots, and I bet you will begin to see something else instead of Boss!" Mr.Stevenson said.

5 Minutes Later...

"WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU!" Mr.Stevenson yelled at Sparkle. "Every seventy ink blot pictures, you said looked like Boss! Face it, you love the man!"

"NOOOOO!" Sparkle yelled."I call a redo!"

"No redos !You love him, deal with it!" Mr.Stevenson said.

"What kind of therepist are you? I mean, did you really finish college to become one?" Sparkle said.

"Yes! I mean, no, I mean...ohh! Why do you even think I am a therepist!" Mr.Stevenson cried out.

Sparkle stared at Mr.Stevenson crying on the floor, muttering, "College stinks..I don't need it.." over and over to himself.

"Um, ok...uh, how about we move on?" Sparkle said.

"Y-yeah, ok," sniffed Mr.Stevenson, wiping his teary eyes." Well, I'm going to hypmotize you!"

"Hypmotize? Ha! Your kidding right..."Sparkle started to laugh, but her voice trailed off as Mr.Stevenson dangled a chain with some kind of strange jewl on it, in front of Sparkles face.

"Tell me who do you love..." he said in his so called "great" accent.

"Boss..." Sparkle answered, a blank stare on her face. "I love him so much. He is all mine."

"Um, that can't be true, according to you!Now tell me, who do you love?"Mr.Stevenson said again.

"Boss... I love him so much. He is mine." Sparkle said again.

"Ok, that does it!" Mr.Stevenson yelled again."Now tell me who do you love young lady!"


Mr.Stevenson stared at her blankly.

"I love him so much."

Still stareing...

"He is mine."

"OK THAT IS IT!" Mr.Stevenson said. "Hypmotizeing, done!"

Then, he grabbed a bucket of water, and poured it all over Sparkle.

"What the heck!" Sparkle yelled." You could've just clapped your hands!"

"Oh yeah..." said Mr.Stevenson."Well, I didin't want to waste that water! So I had to use somehow!"

"Whatever, now, listen to me closely..." Sparkle said. "I..do...not...love...BOSS!"

"You love that stupid Boss guy! GET OVER IT!" Mr.Stevenson yelled at her.

"What! No I don't!" Sparkle yelled.

"I said GET OVER IT!" Mr.Stevenson yelled. "Now I wish you and Boss lots of luck with your marriage! Now good, and BYE!"

Then, he kicked Sparkle out the therepy door.

"WE ARE ONLY FOURTEEN!" Sparkle yelled as she was kicked out of there.

Out of Therepy...

"I...love Boss." Sparkle slowly said. "No..no..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

"Want a free sample?" a lady nearby said, handing Sparkle a tray of cookies.

"Oh thanks! Yay, cookies!" Sparkle said, taking the treat and popping it into her mouth. "Now, where was I? Oh yeah... NOOOOOOOO!I love Boss!"


"Hmm..which book should I read this time?" Maxwell, said, searching for a book in the town library.

"How about a romance one?" a females voice said behind him.

Maxwel jumped, and turned around to find Jen...looking quite diffrent than when he last saw her! For her long dark brown hair, instead of being in a ponytail, hang loosely, and it was very shiny. Plus, she wore a long sleeved white blouse, and a denim mini skirt with glitter all over it. She also had a pair of black high heels that clicked against the the ground as she walked.And the big thing was...she wasn't wearing her glasses...but contacts!

As Maxwell looked over at Jen's new style, he couldn't help but stare, and he continued to stare. It was if he was lost just by stareing at her.

"Woah baby..." he finally said.

"Oh stop!" Jen said, giggling, and flipping her hair, trying to impress Maxwell. "Anyway,haven't you forgot something?"

"Hmm, not that I know of." Maxwel replied.

"You idiot! Yes there is!"

"Hey, yeah you're right! Stupid me!" said Maxwell, slapping his head.

"See? Well, how come you didin't do it?"asked Jen.

"Because I wanted to get another one."

"Another phone number?"Jen said. " Oh my gosh, are you seeing another girl!"

"What, no! I mean y-" started Maxwell.

"Oh my gosh its not another girl?" Jen said. "Then what phone number are you..oh..my...gosh! Are you seeing a GUY?"

"What! Ew, Sandra, no!" Maxwell said. "I do have a girlfriend, and what did you think I forgot?"

"I thought you forgot to call me!" said Jen. "But that was before I thought you were going out with a GUY!"

"Jen, you sicko! I already said that I was seeing a girl!" Maxwell yelled."And the thing I forgot to do was get this one book! Thats why I said, 'I wanted to get another one.', because I wanted to get this one book!"

"Oh." said Jen, blushing at her mistake. "Well, you also forgot to call me on my cellphone!"

"I didin't forget, I just didin't want to." Maxwell said, pulling out a book from one of the shelves.

"How come you didin't want to?" Jen whined. Then, she finally saw the reason. "Oh my...don't tell me, your still seeing that Torahamu girl?"

"Yes." said Maxwell, fixing his eyes on the book he was reading.

"But, why?" said Jen. "Look, Maxwell, shes the complete opposite of you! You are way to smart for her, and shes way to athletic for you! Plus, how do you know she really likes you? She might not you know! And look at me! I'm perfect for you! I'm exactly like you! Plus, I like you so much and..oh whoops!"

Jen covered her mouth. She just admitted her feelings to Maxwell on accident! Maxwell stared at her in total shock.

"Oh, I see." said Maxwell, setting his books down. "Jen, look, you seem like a very nice girl, and you are very pretty..."

"Hot." corrected Jen.

"Um, right, you are a very hot girl, but, I-I just can't go out with you." Maxwell said. "I mean, Sandy, she my girlfriend, and I can't break up with her! I really care about her, I might even, well, be in love with her!"

"Oh..." said Jen weakly. "I-I see."

"I'm sorry Jen." Maxwell said. "But, want to be friends?"

Then, Maxwell held out his hand, waiting for Jen to shake it. But all Jen did, was stare at his hand, tears starting to form in her eyes. She didin't want to be just friends with Maxwell! She wanted to be, well, friendlier than friends!

"Ok..I guess..." Jen muttered then, she slowly reached her hand forward to Maxwell's hand and...

"NOT!" she yelled, then, she grabbed Maxwell's face with both of her hands, and kissed him straight on the lips.

"No...Jen...st...stop!" said Maxwell, as he tried to break free from her kiss, but each time he spoke, Jen would just pull him back into the kiss.

5 Minutes Later...

The two teens were flat out on the floor. Man, who knew kissing for 5 minutes could be exausting!

"Wow..." Jen said quietly. "That was amazing..."

"Yeah..." said Maxwell. "Wait, what did I say?"

"MAXWELL HAMILTON NOPPO!" yelled a female voice.

The two teens shrieked.

"Oh no!" Maxwell cried, for the female's voice belonged to none other than...Sandy Torahamu!

""Yeah, you better start panicking!" said Sandy

"Maxwell's middle name is Hamilton?" asked Jen in disbelief.

"Oh shut up you boy stealer!" Sandy screamed, pushing Jen to the ground.

"Ow! What the heck! People are always pushing me down to the floor!" Jen said in her oh so annoying whiney voice.

"Yeah because you deserve it!" yelled Sandy again. Then, just as Jen got up, she pushed her down to the ground AGAIN.

"Wow, you really like pushing me down don't you?" Jen said to Sandy.

"Well, now that I have caught you frenching with my boyfriend, heck yeah!" Sandy screamed at her. "But, now, it is time for someone else's turn!"

Then, Sandy walked up to Maxwell, and hit him hard in the stomach, and Maxwell, being the non-strong guy he was, fell to the ground with a hard THUD.

"Woah, Sandy, have you been working out?" said Maxwell, with a nervous smile, hoping his small joke would calm down Sandy.

But all Sandy did, was give him a evil glare, and then clenched both of her fists tightly, and grabbed Jen, and Maxwell by both of their shirt collars, and BAM! She smashed them into eachother hard, and slammed them down on the ground.

"Owwwwwwww..." they both moaned in pain.

"Dang, Stan was right about girls being tough these days..." Maxwell mumbled.

"You got that right!" Jen agreed.

"Maxwell," Sandy said angrily, her face red as her as tomato. "Give me...the bracelet."

Maxwell and Jen let out a gasp.

"No Sandy...please..." Maxwell said.

But Sandy didin't stop walking towards Maxwell, she just kept on going.

"Sandy, wait, you don't want to do this!" Maxwell said.

"Oh shut your mouth..." said Sandy firmly. "I saw you kiss that..that...thing!"

"I'm called a human!" Jen yelled at her."Say it with me! Hum-"

"What do you think I am, a 3 year old?" yelled Sandy, then, she pushed Jen down again.

"Oh my gosh, this girl is obsessed with pushing me!" Jen yelled.

"Sandy, she kissed me, I didin't kiss her!" Maxwell cried out, but Sandy still walked towards him.

"Yeah, but I heard you agree with her when she said the kiss was 'amazing'!" Sandy yelled again.

"Yeah, you did agree with me!" said Jen.

"Gee, thanks for pointing that out Jen!" said Maxwell sarcasticly.

"Yep, no problem!"

"Will you just shut up!' Sandy yelled, and then, pushed Jen down AGAIN.

"Sandy, no, don't take the bracelet! Please!" Maxwell cried out again, but...it was too late. Sandy was now slowly taking the silver bracelet off Maxwell's arm...

"Maxwell," Sandy said, then she finally took the bracelet off and stuffed it in her purse. "We're over."