Code: Extension


Black sparks came out of the satellite antenna. Then a bolt of black electricity flew out and went into space. It hit a communication satellite and went inside it. Then a symbol that resembled a cross between an eye and the letter A appeared on the screen. The satellite had just been taken over by XANA, an evil computer virus bent on world domination. XANA peered through the clouds, he was observing his enemies: five teenagers at a high school in France. They were the main things stopping his global domination especially the one named Jeremie.

Then something else caught his attention; there was a signal on the other side of the planet. The signal showed that it was coming from a very strong computer. XANA zoomed in on it. It was better than a computer, it was a cyborg. It had amazing technological powers that would be very useful to XANA. So he focused on the location and fired himself towards it. The beam of black electricity raced for the island that the cyborg was on. An island named Kauai.