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Chapter 45: Epilogue

Ana stood on the dock with Lord Elrond, Lady Galadriel, and Lord Celeborn. She looked the same as she had when she had first arrived in Middle Earth, save for the knowledge that shined in her eyes. Haldir and her were the last of the elves to leave Lothlorien with the Elvin lords and Lady. Rumil and Sanya had sailed shortly after their bonding ceremony, one that did not surprise Ana. Orophin had sailed with them and now it was Haldir, Valadhiel, and Ana's turn to leave Middle Earth. Ana sighed as she looked out at the water she would miss those of her friends that remained, but she would always have her memories.

Valadhiel's laughter echoed behind her and she turned to see the raven haired little elfling come running up the dock dressed in her favorite dark blue dress and her small white slippers on her feet. In mortal years she would be nearly twelve but she looked no older than three. Ana smiled and kneeled down to scoop her daughter up into her arms. Haldir came walking up the same path and Ana looked at him as she stood with the little elfling in her arms.

"My lady," he said as he looked to Galadriel who gave him a smile and bowed her head. "Gandalf and the hobbits approach."

"Very well, it is almost time to sail," Galadriel said and Haldir nodded as he stepped in next to Ana. Valadhiel laid her head on her mother's shoulder and brought her thumb to her mouth. "Ana," Galadriel said and Ana looked to her. "Perhaps you and Haldir should take Valadhiel onto the boat and ready her for the journey ahead." Ana nodded.

"Of course, my lady," she said and Haldir led her onto the boat. Ana sat Valadhiel down and the little girl looked at her with a smile.

"Where are we going mommy?" she asked and Ana kneeled down next to her.

"We are sailing to Valinor. It is where all our kind go to live," Ana said. Haldir nodded and kneeled down next to Ana.

"Yes, your uncles and your Aunt Sanya reside there as well," Haldir said. Valadhiel smiled brightly.

"I'll get to play with Uncle Rumil again! He's so much fun!" Valadhiel said before she skipped over to where her favorite doll was and sat down and played. They laughed and stood together. Haldir pulled Ana to him. He nuzzled her neck and Ana sighed.

"Life has been good," she whispered and Haldir turned her around in his arms.

"It has been very good," he said as he kissed her lips. Ana sighed and closed her eyes as he pulled back and she buried her face in his neck. "And once we reached Valinor it shall only be better." A laugh was heard to Haldir's right Ana pulled back and saw a very frail looking hobbit, but there was a sparkle in his eyes. Lord Elrond and the others were behind him and Ana stepped back from Haldir.

"Well," the hobbit said. "No need to separate on my account," he said with a chuckle. Ana blushed but felt a small hand slip into hers. She looked down at Valadhiel who was looking at the hobbit. "How do you little one?" he asked and Valadhiel smiled.

"Fine," she said and let go of Ana's hand and walked over to the hobbit. "I'm Valadhiel," she said and the older hobbit smiled.

"Bilbo sweet one," he said as he took her hand. Valadhiel smiled and led him over to a small stool that was near where she was playing and Bilbo sat down next to her and talked while she played.

Two more people made their way onto the boat and Ana looked to see Gandalf but Frodo was with him. "Frodo?" she asked and the small hobbit gave her a smile. Ana laughed and rushed over to him and kneeled down to embrace him. "Oh, it is good to see you," she said softly. Frodo returned her embrace.

"Good to see you as well, Ana," he said and Ana pulled back and stood next to Haldir who wrapped an arm around her waist. Frodo looked over to where Bilbo sat with Valadhiel and Frodo raised an eyebrow. "Is that . . ?" he trailed off as he looked at Ana and she nodded.

"Aye, that is Haldir and my daughter Valadhiel," she said. Frodo smiled.

"She's beautiful."

"Thank you," Ana said. She looked to Gandalf and smiled at the White Wizard. "Gandalf, it is good to see you again," she said. Gandalf smiled at her and nodded.

"You as well, Ana," he said calling her by her nickname for the first time. Ana nodded and soon the boat was moving towards it destination.

Ana sighed as Valinor came into view as Haldir stood with her and his arms wrapped around her securely. "I love you so much, Haldir," she said quietly and Haldir sighed.

"I love you too," he whispered into her ear as he kissed her temple. Suddenly, running was heard behind them and Valadhiel tugged on Haldir's tunic. Haldir smiled and lifted her into his arms as he moved from behind Ana to her side. He wrapped one arm around Ana and the other held Valadhiel.

"Daddy is that Valinor?" she asked and Haldir nodded.

"It is and we will soon be there," he said. She nodded and laid her head against his shoulder while Ana too leaned into him. Haldir smiled as he looked at the distant land. He held the two women that meant more to him than anything in the world. One came to him and warmed his cold heart and the other stole his heart the moment she was brought into the world and her tiny hand wrapped around his index finger. He never thought he would have what he had and he knew that if Ana had never come to Middle Earth, he would be in the Halls of Mandos. Haldir sighed and kissed Ana's head. She looked up at him then and smiled before she laid her head against him and the three waited to arrive to the beautiful land where they would spend all eternity in happiness and peace.