Ch. 1 Simple Yet Complicated Beauty

The air outside was very humid today and Inuyasha was pushing everyone to get at least one more shard before the days end. The sun was at its peak and the rays were laughing at the travelers as they danced across their heated skin.

Kagome was trudging along at the back of the group a little woozy from the heat. Sango was behind Miroku who was walking next to Inuyasha. They were walking down a dirt road with sparse trees for shade and even less streams sprinkled here and there.

Kagome couldn't sense a single shard for miles and the heat wasn't helping with her concentration. She was getting moody and irritated. After a few more miles of walking the sun had finally started to descend but not fast enough for a majority of the groups taste.

Finally they all settled down but not before Inuyasha had run them all ragged to get to a large forest. If Kagome wasn't so thankful of the large secluded hot spring that she had found she would have clocked Inuyasha then 'sat' him till her voice gave out.

After camp had been set up and Miroku was incapacitated, complements of Sango, Kagome set out for the hot springs. Sango had decided not to go with Kagome this time for like many people in the feudal era she didn't believe it was healthy to bathe everyday. Kagome had tried to explain that bathing regularly wasn't bad but they stuck with their thinking.

The walk was a bit long and hard but it was worth it. The spring was very secluded and couldn't be spotted unless you knew the area or stumbled upon it. The warm waters were very inviting as Kagome stripped off her school uniform. The temperature had dropped as night had spread.

Kagome shivered just before descending into the warm waters. The greenery and sky provided a perfect and relaxing atmosphere. Kagome took care of her washings then sat back on a rock that was placed perfectly so that her body was covered modestly with water but had a little base so she could lay her head back and not have to hold her head up.

The water was perfect she just wanted to stay forever and relax here. But alas that was not to be for Inuyasha would probably come tromping down to announce to the whole forest that she was being lazy, and that she had duties to take care of and how his precious Kikyo wouldn't shirk her duties.

Kagome was about to get out to start her journey back to the camp when she felt more than saw eyes watching her, "Miroku that better not be you or I so swear that I will not hold Sango back this time!" Kagome was a bit frightened when the monk did not immediately come out to apologize and to get a better look.

The forest was quiet except for the wildlife sounds. Kagome sat up on the rock and crossed her arms over her chest and looked around. There was a sudden sound behind her, she tried to turn around but she found her back pressed a hard chest and her hands being held down to her side.

Kagome looked down and saw clawed hands. They were very masculine but they were surprisingly delicate looking and soft. Her decidedly male captive blew softly into her ear; against her will a delightful shiver ran down her back.

"I am not this Miroku person you speak of but by your scent I can tell you don't mind too much." His voice was rich and seductive. He was right though she wasn't afraid she just felt like she was waiting for something. But she decided to deny it.

"Wh-what are you talking about? Please release me at once or I will be forced to purify you, youkai." She had tried to make her voice more forceful and demanding but it came out weak and trembling. She couldn't explain it she couldn't seem to make her temper or self-confident attitude surface.

He laughed he actually laughed. The sound was enough to make Kagome melt into his hold. She mentally berated herself and tried to get out of his hold. The night wind shifted a bit and her assailant's hair blew over and tickled her shoulder. It was silver. The silver reminded her of Inuyasha's white-ish silver hair, and that he would probably be coming soon to come get her if he hadn't already caught the scent.

"You and your companions are trespassing in my territory my little miko. I usually would slay you all but I'm feeling generous. You intrigue me. You were able to get through my barrier and pass my sentry plants to get to my personal hot spring." His hold on Kagome loosened a bit but just enough to turn around and face him.

She squealed in glee at what she saw. Though it was unorthodox she had an obsession with ears, tails, silver hair, and golden eyes thanks to the beautiful youkai she had been surrounded with. This gorgeous youkai had all four. She immediately was able to remove her hands from his grasp and latched onto his ears.

They were a bit larger than Inuyasha's and way fluffier. She forgot where she was totally and what danger she would potentially be in and rubbed the fox youkai's ears. In her happy induced mind she made out a purring sound it was cute but it also reminded her that she was in danger.

She quickly snatched her hands away the soft purrs turned into one unhappy even pleading growl. The youkai looked at her weirdly before speaking, "What do you think you were doing?" His voice was barely above a growl.

"Sorry," she squeaked, "habit." She let her eyes unconsciously move over the beautiful fox youkai's body that was exposed to her she conveniently forgot her state of dress or lack there of. His muscles twitched when her eyes lingered to long in one place. The fox was about ready to laugh when he noticed her mind off on another thing again.

"Like what you see?" His voice was sultry and he had moved his lips to right under her ear lobe and gave a subtle lick on the exposed skin.

Kagome was about to try to reply to his question while blushing like there was no tomorrow when he licked her. The new feelings shot through her body and her arousal spiked in the fox's sensitive nose. He growled lowly and moved a bit away from her when he smelled one of her companions nearing.

Kagome almost whimpered at the sudden loss of warmth. The fox looked at her with a smirk and a knowing look. The smirk made Kagome scowl and since he wasn't touching her she could think a little bit clearer. The fox moved in closer to her right to her ear. Well there went her clear head.

"Don't worry my little rose I will see you again. Your companions are to not try to stay to long in the forest; my plants have minds of their own. You don't have to worry about your self though I'll make sure of that." With his words he licked her ear then blew a cold breath of air into her ear then before the shiver finished making its way down her spine he was nowhere to be seen.

Kagome let go of the breath of air she didn't know she was holding. She was mad at herself for feeling sad that he had left. Her heart was still pounding madly and her body was anticipating the next meeting she would have with the fox.

Soon after the fox left Sango came bumbling through the thick roots and plant life. She had apparently come through the wrong way. She was covered in small scratches and cuts that were slowly oozing out small traces of blood. She looked like she had just come out of a fierce battle.

"Kagome I'm so glad you're okay. Inuyasha started fussing when you didn't come back soon enough for him. He was about to come after you but I knocked him out along with Miroku. Did you come across those plants? I was almost eaten alive. How did you get through that barrier?" The string of questions had Kagome's mind going into fervor to keep up after her little 'moment.'

"Sango! Sango I'm just fine I didn't notice the barrier. Thanks for knocking out Inuyasha. The plants didn't bother me. You look like you were just chewed up then spit out again. Are you okay?" Sango smiled down at her sister's answers.

She climbed down and peeled off her slayer outfit then proceeded to clean the cut and scratches of any and all dirt then slid into the soothing water to ease her tired muscles. The fight had worn her out.

Kagome was a bit worried that the fox would come back but pushed that to the back of her mind as she started scrubbing furiously to her skin. She didn't want Inuyasha to find out about the beautiful fox, at least not yet.

When she finished Sango had just started to get out of the waters while giving her a look about her second scrubbing but didn't comment on it.

They went back the way that Kagome had previously come, Sango was amazed to see that the fierce plants she had battled earlier seemed almost docile in Kagome's presence. They arrived back at camp without any hindrances.

Inuyasha was up sulking in his chosen tree, no doubt from his encounter with Sango. Miroku sat in a prayer pose and seemed to be in deep concentration. The small fox kit sat next to a dozing Kilala as he consumed a lollypop.

Sango walked over and sat next to the monk only jump up and cry, "Hentai!" followed by a loud slap as she brought her hand to the monks face. She walked over to her pet, Kilala, and sat fuming.

Kagome smiled at the scene and made her way to her bag. She unrolled her sleeping bag and set it a little way away from the hanyou Inuyasha. After getting her stuff settled she started making dinner with the help of Sango.

The water soon came to a boil and Kagome handed out the bowls of ramen to everyone. After they finished eating everyone settled to do other things before going to sleep. Kagome looked around to the others and felt restless so she got up to take a quick walk, her run-in with the fox far from her mind.

She had a slight problem with Inuyasha about leaving but a few 'sit's later she was walking through the dense and gorgeous forest. The moon loomed overhead as its light shined through the small patches in the foliage.

The area hummed with life. She came upon a large field filled with flowers of all kinds. With a happy smile she bound into the field and danced under the bright stars. Even to her dull human nose she could smell the different scents surrounding her. She could feel the magic in the field.

She twirled in a small circle then fell backwards to the ground with a small laugh. The soft flowery scent lulled her into a sense of peace, her eyes closing softly in relaxation. Moments after closing her eyes she felt someone nearing her. Thinking it was probably Inuyasha come to watch over her or drag her back to camp she ignored it.

It wouldn't go away. She felt something softly tapping her elbow. She persisted in trying to keep her wondrous peace but that notion was lost when it kept on lightly tapping.

She opened her eyes and gasped in wonder at what she saw. The plants and flowers around her seemed to have over grown into a maze of beauty and color. The grass and petals she was previously laying on was now softer and more comfortable. She sat up slowly and looked to the most beautiful rose she had ever set sight upon.

She leaned forward to take a light sniff. She was slightly taken aback for when she pulled away it seemed to follow her. The rose was crimson blood red it was beautiful. She looked at the roots and saw that it had none. It leaned in toward her and gently rubbed its soft petals against her skin. She laughed lightly and put her fingers on the stem.

It immediately uncurled from the branch it had been hanging onto and wrapped around her finger. She was a bit startled but was happy that it seemed affectionate toward her. She brought it closer to her and looked at it carefully the thorns that had previously wrapped around its delicate stem seemed to have receded wherever it touched her skins, she also noticed that it wasn't totally crimson the tips were white you wouldn't notice if you didn't look closely.

She smiled at the rose, as it seemed to lengthen and travel up her arm then proceeded to wrap its stem in a complicated pattern on her upper arm. When it was completed she smiled brightly at the simple yet complicated beauty.

He had been watching her ever since she had come into the clearing; a light smile came to his lips as she danced in the flowers. She soon laid back into the middle of the flowery field. He willed the plants to grow big and beautiful for her. Surprisingly it wasn't really hard. The plants seemed to be drawn to the power he could sense radiating off her.

He decided to give her a present to protect her, he sent out his special rose. He was happy with her reaction with it. He watched for a bit more then decide to go patrol his forest.


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