An: Yes it is the long awaited update, please don't hurt me. T.T I will try my best to make the next chapter up to my usual lengths of at least 3,000 words or more. Sorry for the wait. Merry early Christmas. Foxy Chapter 5: To be Lured

Kagome was in bliss she knew that she was supposed to be mad about something but she just couldn't put her finger on it. She moaned again as she felt those delightful fangs graze softly over the skin of her neck. The mouths on hers brought heat to her already flushed skin.

When she felt the mouths retreat she gave a whine of protest before more of her mind made itself known and yelled at her for not listening while she was otherwise occupied. While she was off in her own little world the two youkais had kept a firm hold of her while they silently communicated to each other. They nodded in decision before one picked up the girl and the other picked up her stuff and they were off.

The traveled at a high speed before they arrived at a cave that had ivy and roses covering the entrance, they walked for a bit then before they came upon a door. As they walked through Kagome shivered at the feel of the strong ki barrier.

They walked into a lavishly fluoresced front chamber that held several doors and chests of treasure lying around promising more to be found with in. There were piles of loot in every corner for the eye to see. Kagome watched this all with amazed eyes.

She absentmindedly followed Youko as the fox sauntered from room to room till the area no longer looked like a cave. The walls were now smooth and there were many ornaments all around. She finally regained her senses though and stopped in her tracks. While the beauty that surrounded her still mesmerized her she was finally coming to her right mind.

She could not stay here she had to go back and the evil perverts had kidnapped her, even if she was an easy target. While all this was going on in her mind she failed to notice her surroundings once again and fell pray to the lure that was the two demon thieves. They got within an uncomfortable distance and her mind was ready to turn to mush again but she pushed back the feeling and backed away but was soon stopped by a wall.

The two demons did not come closer to her yet as they watched her with amused expressions at her attempt to glare them six feet under. They knew that the little miko felt lust for them even if she was not ready to admit it. They decided to play with her for a bit to see how much they could make her squirm.

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