Wolf: This will be a series of shoujo ai drabbles. I just don't like it that there aren't that many so I'm doing my own.

LM: We also accept suggestions on pairings.

DM: Yeah, so tell us if you want any pairings in this. Shoujo ai of course.

Does it Hurt?

Florina giggled as her hand inched toward the flower. The beautiful white blossom was just inches away from her fingers. It's so pretty, she thought as her hand gently caressed the soft, delicate petals. The snowy petals were tipped in light blue with a lavender tinted core. Out of all the floral gems in the wide meadows, Florina liked this one the best because it stood out. Surrounded by swirls of pink, violet, blue, red, orange, yellow, and various other colors, this one was the only white. A real treasure, Florina noted. She was just about to pick the dainty object when she noticed something about the flower and froze.

Perched upon the fragile petals was a small insect, one she clearly recognized. The ebony black stripes along the creature's body emphasized the dark yellow and transparent wings. It's small legs tapped the flower as it turned to Florina's fingers, centimeters away.


Lyn was strolling around the camp, smiling as she heard the bustling chat. The sunny, but breezy day had everyone in a good mood. Just moments before she'd seen Alania, their usually temperamental tactician, relaxing under a tree with a smile. She wondered briefly where Florina was. A loud shriek told her the answer.

"Florina!" Lyn yelled, drawing her sword and running to the direction where the scream was heard.

She found the Pegasus Knight in the nearby field she'd spotted earlier. Florina was crouched on the ground, sniffling and holding her hand to her chest. She was whimpering and glancing at her hand and then to the ground. Lyn looked to see a white flower with an angry bee buzzing away. She knelt beside the younger girl.

"Florina, what's wrong?" she softly asked.

Florina gave another sniffle and turned to her, "A b-bee st-stung me." She gave another soft cry.

"Oh, here let me see," Lyn said, taking the small hand.

A tiny puncture was on the middle digit, a slight drip of blood leaking from the soft skin. Florina gave another whimper as Lyn examined the wound. The lord eyed her, then the wound.

"Aww, it doesn't look all bad," she cooed.

"But it stings," Florina sniffled.

Lyn smiled at her, then lowered her head until her lips brushed Florina's finger. The Pegasus Knight blushed as Lyn gave her a crooked grin. Her lavender eyes searched Lyn's emerald orbs. The crooked grin only emphasized the mischief in the green depths.

"Does it hurt now?" she asked.

Florina slowly shook her head. "No," she whispered.

"Good," Lyn said, then dipped her head to graze Florina's lips with her own.