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Glimpse of the Sun

If anyone had ever dared to ask Jill Fizzart if she'd ever had a crush they would have found a lance shoved in their faces or an angry wyvern staring them down. If anyone had ever had the courage to ask Jill if she'd ever been in love they would have been running from an angry red-haired lion in the form of a slender Daein soldier. If anyone had ever asked Jill if she believed in love at first sight they would have received a deadly glare. If anyone had ever asked Jill Fizzart if she believed in fate they would have received a thoughtful look. If anyone had ever asked Jill if she'd ever had a heartbreak they would have seen the heavens crashing like waves against the rocks of heart raining and splashing on her face. For Jill knew. Jill knew the pain of heartbreak.

She knew the feeling of having her heart torn to pieces and ripped apart and sliced by thousands of the strongest blades. She knew what it was like to be pushed around and battered by the raging winds of uncertainty. She knew what it was like to feel the bursting downpours of longing that swelled just inside her chest and tried to force itself free. She knew what it was like to see that oh so precious one send a contemptuous glare at her. She knew the pulling that ached her every night, winds of outrage and aching sorrow screeching at her like the dying cry of an eagle. She knew what it felt like to hurt. All too much. Jill Fizzart knew what it felt like to hurt far too much. Far too much.

But lately, only just recently, she'd seen it. A faint glimmer. A tiny shimmer. A spark or a flicker. It was faint. But it was still there! Something was there! Waiting, waiting patiently to spring. She'd seen it only a few times. A tiny sparkle in those beautiful, dark gems of amethyst rain. A fleeting sheen of joy whenever she came toward her. A ghost of a smile on her stoic face. A flick of pricked interested ears. A twitch of excited fur bristling down a tail to the very tip. A hint of sharp teeth twitching in a suppressed grin.

She'd been surprised actually. To see those cold eyes warm and brighten at her very presence. To see those lips twitch in a ready smile. To see those ears prick unconsciously. To see that tail wave inn pleasure and greeting. And even more, to hear that voice whisper in welcome, "Jill."

She had no idea when it started. Or even why. Had she been persistent? Had she just not stopped annoying her? Had she somehow snuck her way insider her heart? Had she made herself be memorable? What had it been? How had it happened? She'd once heard that "Good things come to those who wait."

Well they had been right. Something good had come. Something that reminded her of the first peek of silver gleam from the parting clouds. Of the first shimmer of golden rain from the opening heavens. Of the first light of dawn after the cold, harsh night. Of the first flower rising out of the ground in spring. Of the first trickle of rushing water in the midst of the morning's day. Of the first blazing red of autumn. Of the first floating snowflake in the upcoming white winter. Of new hope blossoming in her woe-ridden heart.

"Jill?" a soft, almost shy voice called her.

Jill blinked and snapped out of her reverie. She turned and…there she was. Short gleaming ginger hair like a dark sun. Gems of amethyst rain for eyes. Two furry ears like those of a cute cat. A waving tail of fire. Jill smiled, "Lethe! What is it?"

Lethe gazed at her and shifted her feet. She grumbled, "May I sit?"

Jill smiled and patted the soft patch of grass next to her from where'd she'd been sitting under a tall oak. She said, "Sure. I don't mind."

She was rewarded with a rare, tiny smile. Lethe walked over to her and sat down. Jill turned back to the horizon. Vaguely, she could hear the bustling activity back at the camp but it was nice to have some peace and quiet for once. Away from all that worrying about Crimea and Daein. Just being able to have some time to think. Or time to enjoy the beautiful scenery that Tellius seemed to inhabit everywhere. Right now she was looking at a piece of that beauty. The sun lowering itself into the horizon and the sky seemingly drinking its fading rays and changing from pale blue to deep lavender and astonishing pink. She sighed in content, "Beautiful."

Lethe gave her a side-long glance. Her breath rushed out of her. These were rare moments. Rare moments when Jill's pain diminished from her face. The beorc thought she couldn't see it. Heck, anyone could see it! There was so much pain on Jill's face and Lethe wondered why. She never pressed though. She didn't want to make it seem as if she was too interested. Curiosity squeaked guiltily at her like the cat she was. But she wouldn't ask now. Jill actually looked peaceful. Lethe gave a small smile. She'd never try to take that away.

Weeks ago, she would have screamed at herself for actually enjoying a beorc's presence. But now, all she could think of was Jill. Her vibrant dark fiery hair as it tossed in the wind like the tail of a wild stallion. Her slim, but tall build. Her armor gleaming as she rode on the back of the winged beast she called a wyvern. Her lance striking down any opponent who dared cross her path. Her strong arms bound by cloth and armor clutching the reins of her raging beast. Her slender legs clamped across her wyvern's side in an attempt to stay astride. But more importantly, her eyes. Eyes that burned like the bright sun. Eyes as red as sunset and burning like a passionate fire. Eyes that burned like a ruby stone. Eyes that struck Lethe and shook her to her very core.

"Lethe?" Jill suddenly asked.

Lethe snapped out of her thought and looked at her. Jill shifted nervously and mumbled, "I-I have a question."

Lethe nodded to show she was listening. Jill swallowed and continued, "W-What do you think of…of the sun?"

Lethe blinked in confusion and said, "What is there to think about? It's merely the sun. It provides warmth for us and food for the plants of the earth."

Jill protested, her eyes bright, "Oh but there's so much more to it than that! Sure the sun does provide us with warmth and food for vegetation but there's more! It's a symbol of courage, warmth, strength, perseverance, and hope! It shines on us when we think all is bleak and we can't go on! It gleams like a beacon when the clouds part! It brims with everlasting warmth to tell us to strive forward! It………..it……….it's more hope than some of us could ever have. Something we have to look forward to at the end of the day. To see that sun setting on the horizon but rising in our hearts."

Lethe gazed at her in awe. Even though Jill's excited voice had reduced to a soft murmur by the end of her speech, there was still strength there. Strength that Lethe had not been aware of from the girl. She spoke, "You want to know what I think?"

Jill blinked at her and nodded. Lethe whispered, dark eyes boring into Jill's, "I think you are the sun."

Jill startled, eyes wide and jaw slacked. Lethe continued, "You shine in the midst of battle. You strive more than any us. You have hope stronger than any God or Goddess. You have more warmth to give than any sun! Whether it is a gentle embrace or a radiant smile. You are stronger and brighter than any sun. that is what I think."

Lethe's stoic eyes were firm as she gazed at Jill, face set in a determined frown. Jill gaped at her and Lethe, taking advantage of the moment, captured her lips with her own. Jill gasped and Lethe deepened their intimate embrace of lips. She wrapped her arms around Jill's slim form, cursing the armor that got in her way. Slowly, ever so slowly, Jill responded. She tentatively circled Lethe's small waist and pressed her mouth harder on Lethe's. Her hair fell over both of their faces, hiding them from the fading rays of the sun. And just as slowly, they parted, eyes opening to slivers of bright ruby and dark amethyst.

Lethe smiled as she leaned into Jill's hesitant embrace. She nuzzled the girl's chest and sighed happily. Jill looked down at the laguz in her arms and gave a shy grin. A blush spread delicately over her face as Lethe gave her a catty smirk. Lethe gave her a peck on the lips and snuggled closer to her wyvern rider. Her wyvern rider. Yes she quite liked the sound of it.

She cursed suddenly and clawed at the armor in her way. Jill threw her head back and laughed. Lethe beamed. She liked the sound of that even more. The slim girl reached over and fiddled her hand with something. A 'clank' was heard as the armor dropped to the floor. Lethe gazed down at it and shoved it violently away. She glanced at Jill, clad in a red shift. The girl was skinnier than she thought but she didn't mind. Jill looked softer like this. She snuggled into her chest again and smiled at the feel of soft clothed flesh. Jill chuckled and hugged her tight, rubbing her cheek against her fiery ginger hair.

Lethe blinked. She glanced at Jill and her eyes widened. Jill was breathing deeply, evenly. Lethe chuckled and nuzzled her wyvern rider's shoulder. She looked over Jill's shoulder and smiled. The sun was setting, it's last rays glimmering with gold strength. Lethe looked at Jill. One ruby eye peeked open. Lethe smiled. She'd give anything, anything at all, for a glimpse of the sun. Her sun.

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