"Hey Luke" Lorelai said entering the diner mission clear in her mind.

"Hey" he replied filling a coffee cup for her.

"So Luke you love camping right" she asked already knowing the answer.

"Yeah" Luke replied in his usual straight to the point manner.

"And we are friends right, so you like me" she questioned again.

"Yeah" he said again. Luke knew Lorelai was up to something. She had come in with that look on her face. She had entered the diner with an air of confidence as if she knew she was going to get exactly what she wanted. Yeah, Luke knew she was here to talk him into something but he wasn't quite sure what it was yet. She would normally start her convincing straight away but surely it couldn't be so this time, she must just be being friendly to start. This could not he about Lorelai Gilmore and camping, it had to be something else.

"Well" Lorelai continued "how would you feel about mixing something you love with something you like?"

"What" Luke asked confused, was she really asking him to take her camping? Lorelai Gilmore wanted to go camping what the hell was happening.

"You see Rory has a class camping trip coming up at Chilton. It is for gym class and she needs to be able to pitch tents and cook on a camp fire. It is worth some of her final grade in gym, which according to her she already sucks at. That's the whole Gilmore genes thing; we aren't athletes that's for sure. So Rory was you know freaking out, because thanks to her mother the 'tent virgin' she doesn't know any of the stuff. That's where you come in I was hoping you would take us camping this weekend, only for a night of course. You could show us how to pitch a tent and cook on a fire, of course you are no miracle worker so there are no guarantees but it would prepare her a little. It might even be a little fun because you would be mixing something you love with something you like plus Rory and Paris of course."

Mixing something I love Lorelai with something I like camping, thought Luke it might not be so bad. But there would be Rory and… Wait a minute did she say Paris? Paris is that crazy kid the one who came into his dinner asking about whores and murder. That kid would proberly ask questions like exactly how many times the tent pegs should be hammered before the tent was adequately pitched. But Luke knew even with Paris he would say yes he loved both Rory and Lorelai. One crazy, smart, proberly undiagnosed schizophrenic was not going to make him say no. But he would let Lorelai pled a little longer it was cute and he liked the funny quotes and comparisons she came up with to convince him.

"No" Luke responded firmly " I could not stand to spend five minutes with that crazy girl, let alone in the woods away from somewhere we can shut a door on her"

"Ok Luke I hope, one you were talking about Paris in that last statement because other wise you better watch out. I will stick my hit man and his army of gnomes onto you, if you were talking about my daughter. And two you wouldn't have to sleep in the same tent we could take two. Come on Luke it would be fun. You're like a father to Rory and this is the kind of things father's teach there children. Please, you might even enjoy it."

"I'll think about it" was Luke's gruff reply.

Luke knew this meant he had agreed and the smile that spread across Lorelai's lips confirmed this. He couldn't say no she had pulled the Rory card, not that she needed to.

"Thank you Luke, we are going to have so much fun. Just to clarify we don't actually own any camping gear so we were hoping you could provide the tents and stuff. Oh and we need to organise a time to go shopping together so we can buy stuff you can cook over a camp fire. I will need your help because the only thing I can think of are marshmallows. Though they are a great food, I don't think they can last us all night."

Wow Luke thought what the hell did I just get myself into. This trip was really going to be an experience. But with the Gilmore's how could it not.

"Ok how about you meet me here at 3 o'clock tomorrow, but I warn you we are not going to shop all afternoon. We will be in and out. It is only one night so little shopping needs to be done. I mean it I will not shop all day"

"Wow that was easier than I thought it would be. You hadn't even said a definite yes to the trip but you made a time to shop. You do realise that means we are going right? You are taking the Gilmore and Paris camping for a whole day and night."

"Yes Lorelai. I am aware of what I just agreed to, but if you keep asking it will be just as easy to disagree."

"Ok thank you again, I can't wait to see you in camping mode it will be so fun. There is still the question of when the trip will actually be. I was thinking Saturday, how is that for you."

"That sounds fine. Now go Lorelai so I don't get sick of you before the trip and can perhaps enjoy your company." Luke said knowing he could never get sick of Lorelai's company.

"Ok, see you bush boy. Don't forget to find your camping stuff. Remember two tents so we don't have to share with Paris." Lorelai said walking from the diner. Then as she slowly walked back to jeep, with a wide grin on her face she softly stated "Mission Impossible, Complete."

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