This chapter contains M rated material proceed with precaution.

"I didn't get a movie" Lorelai confessed

"Why not, you love movies" Luke asked a little confused by her actions.

"I thought we could find something better to do than watch a movie. I know maybe we could play a game. Please Luke, can we?" she asked excitedly thinking about why she had decided not to get a movie, thinking of the last game they had played together and where this one might lead them, thinking about where she wanted this one to lead them.

"Sure" Luke replied he too thinking of their last game and that this time Lorelai would be bound to choose one that would take advantage of their dating status. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well I was thinking paper, scissors, rock" Lorelai replied with much enthusiasm and a playful glint in her eyes.

"OK and by the look of it the rules are modified"

"Yes but it will be fun and you will like it"

"OK lets go sit on the couch and you can tell me your crazy rules" he said taking her hand and leading her into the living room where they sat down together.

"So what will happen is, if you beat the other person you get to ask them any question you want. If we both play the same thing we each remove a piece of clothing of the other person's request. That cuts out the little things like watches and rings. Oh and if you refuse to answer a question the other person may give you a love bite where ever they want."

"Wow you have been thinking hard haven't you" replied Luke with a smile as he thought about Lorelai nibbling on his chest to leave her mark. "Ok I will play if we change the love bite thing to anywhere that can't be seen in our present clothes" Luke bargained because although Lorelai had a amazing affect on him a small part of his brain was still telling him that he worked in a diner and nobody else should have to see Lorelai and his fun.

"Ok but you might make a girl think you were trying to get something" Lorelai replied playfully giving him a short kiss to seal the rules of the game. As she pulled away she whispered into his ear a final reassurance that she felt comfortable and safe and that he was allowed to think of her like that which made Luke turn a little red.

"Lets start" he encouraged as he tried not to smile at Lorelai, who was giggling at his embarrassment. She really was the greatest and this game would be fun as everything with Lorelai was. He was feeling more relaxed now knowing he would have the courage to ask her if he could touch her because he now felt sure that she would tell him if she didn't want him to. They both knew she had a beautiful body and Lorelai had pretty much told him he was allowed to want to see it. Even better she had thought up a game that would probably allow him to do so. She must also want to see him this thought just made him smile more. He knew they had seen each other before in little clothing, swimming and last night but this was different he couldn't help but think that this was Lorelai's way of introducing a more physical yet intimate side to their relationship. He didn't mind this one bit as long as it was what she wanted.

"Ok, one, two, three" she said shaking her hand up and down as Luke did the same. Luke put out two fingers at three indicating he had chosen scissors and Lorelai had her fist clenched into rock.

"I win" Lorelai said grin on her face, thinking up a question. She didn't quite know what her strategy should be yet, should she ask a question she knew he wouldn't answer and get to leave her mark. Or ask a question that would help get her further into the mind of Luke Danes. "Ummmm" she said searching for an answerable question choosing to leave the love bite until a little later in the game. "Have you ever had an adult dream about me?" she asked finally, she wasn't quite sure why but she liked the idea of him dreaming of her and now that they were together she felt like they could have fun sharing this kind of stuff.

"Yes" Luke replied knowing that she was the only one he could share this information with. Lorelai words for earlier rang true for him too he felt comfortable and safe in her presence. There new relationship gave him enough courage the glint in her eye had showed him she wanted to know the answer. He didn't try and hide that his feelings had been there for a while. "It was really good if you were wondering" he continued her sexy smile egging him on "you have saved me a few dollars on my hot water bill"

"Wow I really bring you out of your shell don't I. I never thought you would tell me this kind of thing Luke but it is fun and I like this side of you." With that she gave him a small kiss wanting to show him she appreciated his honesty and quite frankly cause she needed contact. She then pulled back and they played the next round with Luke winning.

"Ok lets see you asked me a pretty personal question so uhmm" he said looking for a question that would be fitting. "Have I ever turned you on" he asked not knowing weather he was over stepping the mark.

"I can see that little I give you permission thing got through to you"

"You don't have to answer" he replied a little worried she didn't like the question

"No I like the out there Luke, I like this naughty little game we have here, you need to know that I will tell you if it gets to much ok. There was kind of an unspoken rule at the beginning of this game that the questions would be sexual we are getting to talk about stuff we never have before. I like it; this really pushes us past friends"

"I didn't think I would want to answer your questions, but I like it too" he admitted looking down at his hand like a shy little boy.

"OK the answer. Of course you have you are a hot man Luke and your ass is so pinch-able. The most recent time other than when you answered that question and last night was when I saw you leaning over the campfire cooking. You looked really good."

"Thanks" Luke said leaning in for another kiss this one lasting slightly longer than the last but eventually they both pulled apart wanting to get back to there game.

"One, two, three" they chanted together both leaving their fist clenched on three.

"Well looks like we have a tie" Luke said grinning "What do you want me to lose"

"The shirt is the obvious first choice but because of that I think I want the pants to go. Let them drop bush boy." Lorelai said watching intently, as she was slowly shown more and more of Luke's leg. Once his pants were removed he made his way back to the couch and spread his legs out onto her lap so she could admire her unwrapped present.

"Lose the shirt lady" Luke said thinking of how beautiful her breasts and stomach had looked while swimming. Lorelai removed her shirt slowly pulling it up over her head in slow motion, watching the anticipation on Luke face. She didn't know how much longer either of then were going to last at this game cause the questions alone had built up the already high tension.

"One, two, three" she said indicating it was time for another round since she was done undressing. Once again they both chose rock and Lorelai really like the glint that grew in Luke's eyes as they scanned over her bra.

"Um well can I um" Luke said still trying to decide if it would be a good idea or too distracting. "Can I help you take off your bra" he finally got out feeling his groin area react as he thought of seeing Lorelai's bare breasts for the first time. Lorelai took his hand into hers and placed them on the side of each of her breasts. She then reached around her back and undid the clasp. Luke looked at her amazed as he realised his hands where the only thing now holding her bra in place he moved them slowly taking that bra with him. He looked into Lorelai's eyes as she took his hands again and placed them on her now bare chest. He cupped the round balls lovingly stroking the edges of the nipples with his thumbs. She shifted the gaze from his eyes down to the movements of his hands and he did the same for the fist time taking in the full view of his topless beauty.

"As much as I hate to stop the magical feeling you are giving me I believe it is time for you to lose the shirt." Lorelai interrupted causing Luke to quickly pull the shirt over his head. He then leaned over to kiss her as this now seemed customary at the end of each round. As he went to pull away she caught his lips again and made sure their bare chests rubbed together making Luke moan a little and Lorelai shiver.

After exploring the new uncovered body parts Lorelai and Luke pulled apart again breathing now slightly faster and lips a little moister.

"One, two, three" groaned Luke.

"You win" Lorelai sighed seeing Luke's scissors to her paper.

"You can see" Luke said looking down at his now awakened groin "that I am turned on by your little game. Is your body responding to it?" he asked.

"I don't want to answer that question" Lorelai said wanting to feel Luke's mouth against her skin. She knew he knew the answer and she couldn't resist the chance to have Luke sucking in her skin till it bruised.

"Well" he replied not at all disappointed at her answer because the fact that she wanted him to give her a hickey showed how much she wanted his touch. "Do you have any location preferences?"

"Yeah here" she said pointing to the cleavage between her two breasts. She hoped that to reach the spot he would have to sit on her lap letting her feel his groin grinding against hers. Luke it seemed had the same idea as he slowly moving onto her lap and kissing her lips and then ducking his head to the task. It was all Lorelai had hoped for and she moaned and wriggled several times as his breath tickled her tummy or his body moved into hers.

"There we go, all done" Luke said a while later pulling away to admire his work.

"Felt great" Lorelai said grinning and bringing him up to meet her lips.

"It did" Luke agreed

"I really loved getting it" Lorelai smiled

"I really loved giving it because I really love you" he said pulling her into a kiss so she knew she didn't need to say anything to him in reply. The kiss lasted a long time and turned into more of a groping session but finally Lorelai pulled away "I really love you too" she replied confidently "and I have never said that to a guy before"

"Wow" Luke said bringing her into another long kiss.

"I think we should move this game upstairs" Lorelai stated "Oh and if you play rock next and ask me to remove my jeans you might just find out the answer to your question.

"Lorelai I really want to go upstairs with you but if we do I don't know if I can restrain myself. I think we both know what will happen and I need to know you are ready for this. Going up the stairs will be crossing the point of no return."

"Luke I love you and I want this. I think we already crossed the point of no return perhaps when we took of my bra and you sucked on my chest. We started this date with the kissing so I think we both want to finish it off with a good night something else" she said looking him right in the eyes showing him she was as sure as anyone could be.

"OK then come on" Luke said standing up and throwing her over his shoulder her head dangling down to just above his boxer line.

"I like this" Lorelai giggled "the view is once again fantastic" she continued now placing kisses on his bare back. Lorelai then reached a little further under the waist band of his boxers and pinched his bare ass.

"Lorelai" Luke breathed trying to keep his balance "please refrain form doing that till I put you down"

"Sorry Danes I couldn't resist and I thought you might like it"

"Don't get me wrong I did like it a lot, but I would like it better if I didn't drop you so it could happen again"

"awwww" she said giggling the rest of the way to her bedroom where Luke threw her down on the bed.

"One, two, three" he chanted putting out two fingers's as she clenched her fist as promised.

"You lose" Lorelai stated

"Yes I do" said Luke pulling Lorelai in for a quick kiss on the lips as she thought of a question.

"How do you make your coffee so great?" Lorelai asked surprising Luke.

"I don't want to answer that question" he replied watching the grin spread on her face, his doing the same.

"Hey you did that on purpose. I told you what to play but you lost so I would have to"

"Yes I did" he said interrupting her "this game is getting dirty and my tactics are coming out"

"Ok good cause I like it" with that she slowly moved closer to him pushing him down on the bed. Choosing a nice spot just above his belly button began to leave her mark. Luke lay trying to control himself as Lorelai put her finishing touches on her masterpiece. When she pulled back and they could both see it was a sight. Lorelai had not just given him a hickey but she had given him a whole line that joined together to form a love heart.

"Jeez Lorelai wasn't that a bit overboard" Luke complained at he look at the spectacle on his stomach.

"Hey you were enjoying it you can't deny it I could hear those little moans. I planned to stop but I was enjoying it and I could tell you where to so you know."

"Yeah I guess I was" he said leaning in to give her a kiss of approval.

"So why didn't you chose rock?" she asked as they pulled apart.

"Well if you haven't noticed I am kind of down to my last piece of clothing and you still have on your jeans and underwear"

"How do you know?" she asked playfully.

"Your telling me right now your underwear matches your bra" he said gesturing to her bare chest with wide eyes. Instead of giving him an answer Lorelai took his hands in hers and slowly slid them down the back of her jeans. Luke took a deep breath as his hands hit her bare flesh where an underwear line should be. Lorelai too took a breath overwhelmed by the warm feeling of his hands.

"You're telling me you have been like this all night?" he questioned in between breaths.

"Yes" she said putting on a playful smile.

"One, two, three" Luke replied to her statement. Lorelai played scissors and Luke didn't play anything until he saw what Lorelai played he then played scissors as well.

"Hey that was cheating" Lorelai complained

"Well you can tell me what to take of first then"

"Ok, Boxers" Lorelai said

"Right my boxers for your jeans. How about we go at the same time?"

"No way Luke you cheated so you go first" Lorelai said moving closer to him ready to help if he continued to argue.

"Ok but I am not happy about this" Luke replied

Luke slowly removed his boxers Lorelai losing her jean minutes after. Each totally amazed by the other. They slowly lay down on the bed.

Later Luke and Lorelai lay in bed together both smiling widely because they now knew all aspects of their new relationship where truly great.

"Hey Luke" Lorelai said pulling him from his thoughts as she turned around in his arms.

"Yes" he replied

"I think considering the recent activities that I am still a tent virgin"

Luke laughed in response and pulled her closer.

"I think I can help you with that"

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