Fudge's Family Gets a Bad Luck

"Toostie!", Mom callled with a soft voice.

Today was Toostie's birthday and my dad decided to go out and eat dinner. Dad came early this evening and we got ready.

"Peter, get Toostie dressed", Dad said.

When I went upstairs, I saw Fudge doing something in my Mom's and Dad's room.

"Fudge, what are you doing?", I said in a loud voice.

"I'm drawing shapes on Toostie's clothes, like squares, triangles, and circles", Fudge said.

WHAT, I said.

"Now Toostie can't wear those dresses anymore!", I said in a crying voice.

"What's the problem?", mom said.

"Fudge drew shapes on Toostie's clothes!", I said screaming.

When mom and dad heard this, they came with a fainted look.

Fudge!' the both said in same time.

"What are you doing to Toostie's clothes?", they said in a suprise voice.

Fudge said, " I'm so proud of myself, mommy and daddy. I drew diffrent shapes on Toostie's shirt like an artist."

"Mom and Dad, you have a bad luck. You're going to spend a lot of money.", I said laughing.

-to be continued-