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Authors Note: If you are offended by MM stories or stories about gay people, it's best for you not to read this story.

I've Got A Secret

The snow fell down gently and silently as I stare out my farmhouse window. I live in Mineral Town with my sister Carey. Our parents died recently in a car accident. The only reason why I'm not in an orphanage is because my sister is twenty-one. She's still single, but she has a secret crush on one of the townspeople, Kai, who only lives in Mineral Town in the summer. During the non-summer seasons, Kai and Carey write back and forth. Carey has no idea that Kai is also in love with Popuri, but I won't tell her. After our parents' death, I don't think Carey can take another sharp pain in her heart.

My name is Damien and ever since I moved to Mineral Town, I've kept a secret from everyone, for in my last town I was discriminated and badly treated. Unlike everyone in Mineral Town, I do not prefer the opposite sex. In other words, I am gay. I fear that the same will occur here if anyone finds out.

I walk over to the toolbox, and pull out my axe. Since nothing will grow in winter, I need something to consume some of my time. It's becoming increasingly cold, so we need lumber for our fireplace. Carey is bathing in hot water, trying not to turn into an icicle. I throw on a coat and head out. There's someone standing beside our mailbox. It's Doctor. I almost don't recognize him; he has a trench coat on instead of his uniform.

"Hey, Doc." I say. "What's up?"

"Nothing much." He replies. "I do have something to discuss with you. Something personal."

My eyes light up in horror as his words are spoken. It can't be, it has to be something else.

"Do you mind if I step in?" he asks. I reluctantly step back inside, holding the door open for him. He removes his coat and puts it on the coat rack. He sits down at our table, and places his notebook down on the desk. He flips from page to page and stops. He hands the book to me. I skimmed the article and almost threw up. It was my medical report from my old town.

"It says you were tested for HIV." He says. "I know this is absolutely personal and the results are negative, but how come?"

I swallow and try to think of a lie, but nothing comes to my head. I can't tell him the truth, somehow it'll end up around the town. Finally a lie comes up.

"I was raped in my last town and it turned out the guy had HIV and I had to get tested." I say, trying to stay as calm as possible, hoping that he won't catch on.

"Just checking.' He says. "I was just wondering if you'll be needing another testing."

"I'll talk to my sister about it." I reply, hoping that Doctor will be leaving soon. He stands from the chair and puts his coat back on.

"You know, if there's something you aren't telling me, don't worry. It is mandatory that I keep any information undisclosed. Damien, you can trust me, I am your doctor."

I try to swallow again, but my throat is completely dry. I'm trying not to cry but a slight tear begins to develop. His eyes are focused on me, and the pressure is about to make my stomach combust.

"I'm gay." I blurt out. "And the HIV test was something I was forced to take after I told my parents…"

Doctor just stands there for a second and then he finally speaks.

"I have this special ability, if you will, where I can tell when someone isn't telling me the entire truth. I promise to keep this confidential… and if you need me, just stop by my office."

He leaves and I sit down in the kitchen chair. Carey comes out of the bathroom, in a towel.

"Who was at the door?" she asks. I begin to cry.