-1Mark hated beginnings, because beginnings meant awkward conversations and fake smiles and nervous laughter.

For that reason he usually skipped that step, trying his hardest to talk to people he just met like he'd known them for years.

Roger made doing this little anti-beginning step impossible for Mark when he had first met him, barging in on the loft Mark shared with Benny and Collins as if he owned the place.

Mark, who had been sitting on the countertop applying peanut butter to a stale piece of bread and talking with Benny, didn't even realize the presence of someone new until someone clapped him on the back with a heavy laugh.

"Look at this kid," Roger joked, putting his guitar case down heavily on the loft's worn down woody floors, "What are you, fifteen?"

Body still shocked from the heavy slap and eyes still on the piece of bread in hand, Mark slowly brought up his gaze to the voice's owner. Seconds later he was looking at a tall bleach-blonde rocker type who was wearing one unbelievable shit eating grin.

A "who the fuck are you?" seemed appropriate, especially since Benny's look of confusion was a similar one to his own, but Collin's laughter stopped them. Entering the loft, the tall man struggled with a box, attempting to close the door behind him.

"Guys, this is Roger, the guy I was telling you about," Collins said with a smile as he dropped the box on the floor. Benny and Mark exchanged glances. With a sigh, Mark put down his peanut butter laden knife and piece of bread on the plate beside where he was sitting and put his hand out.

"I'm Mark, and I'm twenty one," He said with a sarcastic bite. Roger stared at Mark's hand for a second before shaking his head.

"I don't do beginnings," He said with a wave of his hand, "None of that introduction stuff."

Mark's hand fell to his lap, "I hate them too."

With a laugh, Roger reached over and hit Mark's back again, "Well I guess we're two peas in a pod, then, huh?"

With a gesture to the little belongings he had at his feet, Roger smiled, "Mark, help me move this shit to my room, then. We'll talk, skip the beginning stuff."

Unable to hold back a smile, Mark nodded.


He was glad he wasn't the only one who hated beginnings.