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Star Wars Republic

Jedi Underground


The call was like a whisper on a faint breeze, but Seren woke to her name and blinked. Despite the hazy atmosphere of the planet, the light was far too much for the padawan's joggled brain. A few silent moments passed as Seren tried to gather her senses. Below her was a pile of torn moss, above her mottled brush that hid her and she felt as if a rancor had used her for a matt. Glancing down at her arms, Seren saw specs of blood from thorns catching her fall and her right shoulder felt as if it was on fire.


This time the voice did not sound as if it was from a dream. Turning to her right, she saw a familiar young man hidden beneath a pile of leaves nearby. Panic and relief swelled in Seren's heart and she moved toward her twin brother.


"Shhh!" Solan commanded and slithered toward her like a snake. "They're everywhere!"

Seren stared at her brother, seeing fear in his blue eyes for the first time. "What's going on?" Seren lowered her voice. "What's happened, Solan?"

"The clones turned on us, don't you remember?" Solan queried. "You took quite a fall. I…thought you were dead."

Yes, the fall, Seren remembered that now. "My shoulder feels like it's been hit by a blaster…"

Solan looked at his sister with concern. "It was."

"Master Zurri!" Seren gasped, as memories seeped through. "Is he…?"

Licking his dry lips, Solan averted his eyes. "Dead…I'm afraid there were more casualties…I could feel a tremble in the force just before I came after you."

Suddenly the whole earth shook beneath them and the siblings observed their position in the ditch below. Dirt loosened from the grass-covered cliff as a huge tank drove by on the winding road above. The twins covered their eyes as the bits of debris from the small quake rained down on them.

"Just a vehicle…" Solan whispered, "must be on the look-out for us."

"Do you think there's any way we could get back to Coruscant?"

Solan shook his head solemnly in reply. Above, the vehicle moved out of sight while the clone army above discussed the plans on their comlinks. Seren felt for her lightsaber, but it was gone as well as her own transmission device.

"Are you able to walk, Seren?"

"I…don't know," Seren wiggled each of her extremities and was relieved to find that she still had feeling in her legs, "everything's where it should be."

Getting to his knees, Solan reached over and helped his sister to hers. "Well, for right now we're going to have to crawl, until we reach safer ground."

Seren clenched her teeth and groaned from the pain when she tried to apply weight to her right side. "I'll only be a burden."

"I'm not leaving you—I never have before and I won't do it now." Solan said firmly. Gazing into her twin brother's eyes, Seren begged him quietly, but lost the fight and averted her eyes in defeat. "There were other Jedi here; we can't be the only ones who survived."

"What about my lightsaber?"

"I found it nearby." Solan put her bad arm over his shoulders. "Now come on, Seren, you've been through worse."

Although Seren did not think so, she knew her brother was right.