Seren and Solan stood on either side of the two men who were with them like two guards as Ayo Cho stood in front of her angry tribe. "Kill the intruders!" They called out furiously. "Kill the murdering star-people!"

Ayo Cho glared at the leader of the fanatic young women who had chased down the twins. Seren glanced at Solan, who did the same, sending quick messages telepathically, and then glaring at the leader of the group. "Almaeda, these people are not to blame, it was wrong of us to assume—"

"They've placed mind-blocks on you!" The girl named Almaeda snapped, pointing with conviction at the newcomers. "You're not thinking straight, Mother!"

"Enough, Almaeda!" Ayo Cho's voice became stern and unforgiving, instantly quelling her daughter. "I have plenty reason to believe that these people are here to help us, to make a difference in this ever-changing world."

Almaeda crossed her arms defiantly and gave an arrogant snort from her pierced nose. "Now, everyone, we have grave matters at hand. The visitors will stay here tonight and tomorrow a few will be chosen to leave this place with them." There was talk amongst the crowd, filled with both excitement and fear. "This is certainly an opportunity to see other worlds, but there may be a chance you'll never return to Dathomir. Tomorrow everything will be decided, but for now, our visitors shall be welcomed appropriately."

The twins relaxed their grips on their sabers simultaneously and Dass made sure the two of them had not become upset by the proceedings. Vos had other plans, and he instantly joined Ayo Cho when she ordered everyone to go back to their daily routine. "I would offer you to stay longer," Ayo said to Quinlan, "but I fear that it may try the nerves of many that reside here."

"We're all anxious to return to our journey anyway," Vos replied, "so you've nothing to worry over."

Dass turned, taking the shoulders of the twins and guiding them down the trail Vos and Ayo were taking. "The pair of you need your rest, after everything's that happened in the past night."

"We're fine." Seren replied as Solan yawned.

Laughing, Dass led them to the tent Ayo had prepared for them. "I'll come for the two of you when things are settled."

With that Dass left the twins and they surveyed the beds that had been made for them. Solan sat down on one of the pillows and sighed with relief, but Seren remained standing.

"What's the matter?"

"I don't like leaving Master Jennir unattended."

"What trouble can he get in if we rest only for a bit?" Solan leaned back, putting his hands behind his head.

Seren sat down, her anxiety apparent to her brother, who sat up with concern. "Seren, what's going on?"

"I don't know."

"What do you mean 'you don't know'?"

"Everything's very scattered right now, Solan," Seren replied, "I can't explain it…maybe I'm just tired."

"Was it about the chief's daughter?"

"No," Seren said with a shrug, "she's harmless."

Dass left the tent and then went toward the tent that Vos and Ayo were in. He entered and the pair were having lunch together, conversing. Ayo gestured for him to sit. "My slave will bring you something."