Politically Incorrect

Disclaimer: I don't own House.

Summary: Cameron makes House a Christmas joke.

A/N: I know Christmas has passed but…I don't understand the meaning of time. So enjoy, for my sake.

Allison Cameron hummed a Christmas carol under her breath as she worked on the Christmas present she was making. She wasn't always crafty, and the idea popped into her head randomly while she was at work. She had rushed home to work on it.

It was Christmas Eve now and she was almost done. It was the most politically incorrect present she had ever seen.

When she was finished, she changed into some cleaner clothes and headed to his place. They had decided to exchange presents on Christmas Day, but this wasn't his present. It was just a little joke she wanted to surprise him with.

She held the present behind her back with one hand and knocked on his door with the other.

Dr. Gregory House looked up from his glass of whiskey. Who the hell could that be? Wilson had cancelled on him in an attempt to save his marriage. Yeah right. Wilson wasn't getting any ass anytime soon from his wife. There was no way.

Definitely wasn't Stacey. Or Cuddy. Or Chase. Or Foreman.

That only left one more person it could be.

"Cameron. What are you doing here?" House asked.

"I brought you something." She replied, smiling. "Can I come in?"

House opened the door wider and stepped aside to let Allison walk in. "What did you bring me? Alcohol? A prostitute?"

Cameron shot House a glare. "No."

"Damn." House muttered, closing the door. "Could really use both of those."

"Do you want it or not?"

House raised an eyebrow. "'It'? What is this 'it'?"

Cameron held out the present she had been working on for a couple of weeks. House took it carefully and inspected it.

"It's me. With a candy cane…for cane." He smirked a bit and looked at her. "And candy canes all around. How rude and mocking."

"Merry Christmas, Gregory."

"Merry Christmas Allison."

A/N 2: Not sure if that was exactly politically incorrect, but let's pretend, okay? For the sake of my sanity?