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chapter 1

(Sora POV)

I haven't heard from Riku in hours. I came downstairs shortly after I woke up; it was around 6:30 then. Luckily, when I came down Dad was awake, too. We just watched TV for an hour, and now it's 8 and he's making breakfast.


"Sora, go get a plate; they're almost done." Dad says, motioning to where the plates are. I pull out one for me, Dad, and Riku; though I don't know if he'll be coming down. I don't know if I should go up and wake him or if I should let him sleep.

Oh, whatever. I'm hungry and the pancakes are going to get cold.


Dad and I are on our third or fourth serving of pancakes when I see Dad looking up, over my shoulder.

"'Morning." He says. I turn over to try and see where Dad's looking.
Riku's up, finally.

"'Morning, Riku." I say, my mouth still full of food. Riku doesn't really respond. He just keeps walking down the stairs.

When he reaches the table Dad pulls up a chair.

"Sit, sit," He says. "You want some pancakes?"

Riku shakes his head.

"No, thank you..." He replies. He sounds so tired. I run my fingers through his damp hair. That explains why he was taking so long- he must have taken his time showering and stuff.

"Do you want anything to eat?" Dad asks, getting up and heading back into the kitchen.

"No, thank you." Riku says again.

"At least have some toast or something."

"Alright. Sure." Riku runs his fingers through his hair, and adds, "Thank you."

It's really kind of funny to see Riku being all polite and shy around my dad; especially when he's doing something that, if I was doing it, Riku would smack me.

While Dad's gone I grab and lift up Riku's hair. He glances over at me, then goes back to kind of spacing out. While he's unsuspecting, I kiss him. Right behind the ear. Riku takes a swing at me, but I dodge and he misses.

"You want butter or jam or something?" Dad calls from the other room. Riku tenses up a little.

"No, thank you..."

Dad shrugs as he walks in. "Suit yourself." He hands Riku a smaller plate with a single piece of toast on it. 'Thank you...'

"Thank you..." Riku says.

Ha, ha. I'm good.


"Well," Dad shifts uncomfortably, after Riku finally finishes his breakfast. "I have to go to work."

"Why?" I ask. Crap. I don't want to sound whiny... but it's my first day here. Dad should at least be able to stay home...

"Sorry, kiddo. I can't miss today." He says, getting up. He walks over to the coat rack near the front door and pulls it on. He walks over again and ruffles my hair. "I'll be back at lunchtime... and I'm getting off work early today." Dad goes over to Riku and reaches to put his hand on Riku's shoulder. Riku flinches. "...And I'll be off all day Saturday." He hugs me and as he walks out the door, yells: "Bye!"

"Bye..." I say quietly.

I turn around to look at Riku, and it's easy to see he's not shy anymore. He gets up and stretches and gets himself a glass of water.

"How do you like my dad?" I ask him. Riku looks thoughtful, and doesn't reply.

The house seems so quiet and empty without Dad here, and without Riku saying a word.

"Riku... are you okay?"

"Fine." He says into the glass.


It's never going to stop being weird the way Riku can just change from being shy to normal, or from nice to... well, normal. It's probably from having to lie to all those people while he was on the street like that.
Or something.

I go up to Riku and wrap my arms around him. "The day's free...what do you want to do?" I ask him.

"I don't care." He says, putting the cup in the sink.

"Wanna watch some TV, then?" I suggest.

"Sure, whatever."


I think it's been only fifteen minutes or so. Riku's sitting at the opposite end of the couch that I am, but I spread out so my legs are resting on his. I was watching TV at first, but now I'm kind of focusing on other things.

I'm bored and wish Dad were home.

I wish Riku would say something.

I sit up and tug on Riku's arm until he's laying down. His head is on my knees, so I just kind of shift around until we can get comfortable.

So now we're both laying down. Riku's head is on my chest and-- oh my god, he's so heavy. ...But that's okay. It's not that bad.

...Hmm. For someone who doesn't eat a lot, Riku sure weighs a ton.

I reach over to the remote control and turn off the TV. With my other hand I begin to stroke Riku's hair.


It's been a about two hours, I think. Riku and I have been napping, so he's kind of weighing me down... I can't get up to see the clock.

"Riku. Riku. Wake up." I whisper, shaking him a little.

"I am awake." He says. He gets up, stretches, the goes back to his corner of the couch. I scoot over next to him and get on his lap backwards, so that I'm facing him.

"Sora, don't even--" Riku starts to say something, but before he can finish the door opens and Dad comes in.

"Hey, boys," Dad says. He's trying to get his jacket off, unsuccessfully. "You hungry? We can--" before I can get off Riku he looks over at us. "Woah! Woah! Okay. I'm leaving." He goes into another room, and I jump off Riku and follow him.

"Dad! Wait!" I say. "We weren't doing anything! Really." Dad looks at me for a moment, then smiles.

"Alright, sure." He says. "But that was just a weird thing to see the minute I come in." He fake-laughs and walks into the kitchen. "Let's just have lunch now."


We're all sitting and eating, none of us really saying anything.

What if Dad's homophobic? What if he doesn't like me anymore after he finds out about me? What if he hates Riku because I like him?

"You know," Dad speaks up and it makes both me and Riku jump. "I need to go again. I'm sorry... but I had to cut my lunch short so I can come home for the night earlier."

"When are you coming home?" My voice quiet and weak, but I don't know why.

"In like... three hours." He fake-laughs again. "I'll be back at around three or four." No one says anything. "That okay, guys?"

It looks like Riku's not going to say anything, so I do.



So, Riku and I just go back to watching TV again. Riku keeps looking at me kind of funny, and it's really weird.

"Do I have something on my face or something?" I ask.

"No." He says. He looks down for a second when he begins to play with the sleeve on his leather jacket. It's beginning to rip. (The sleeve.) I bet I could get him a new one sometime... aaand Riku's still staring.

I'm getting that 'being looked through a magnifying glass' feeling again. I shift a little. This is uncomfortable. I end up half on my side, on arm on the armrest and the other resting on my leg.

Riku puts his hand over mine.

Is he hitting on me?

But he's so casual- it's like he doesn't even notice where his hand is. It can't be anything. Riku wouldn't...

When I look over at him, he's concentrating on something else. He turns when he knows I'm looking, and I turn away. Okay, Sora. Say something. Quick.

"Hi, Riku!"

Okay, that was dumb.

He looks at me, amused. "Hi." He says. He runs his fingers through his hair. It's grown out... it's almost past his shoulders. He looks frustrated as he pushes it out of his face.

"Why didn't you just get a haircut?" I ask him. Damn... I hope I didn't sound rude or something.

"They'd do it wrong." He says.

"What do you mean?"

He shifts uncomfortably. "Nevermind."

I grin. "Oh. Right. You're picky about your hair, right? That's why you don't let me touch it." I laugh, but Riku doesn't. He starts staring into space again, after a moment. Maybe this isn't the best time to be teasing him. This is probably so weird for him. I mean, he's been homeless for two years and now all the sudden he's living in the house of someone he doesn't even know.

"..Erm, sorry, Riku. You okay?"

"I'm fine." He says, and slides down in the couch. He pulls a pillow over his face. I think he says he's "just tired", too.

I should get him a blanket but... agh. I don't know where they are.

I force myself up to look for where ever those blankets would be. Maybe I should narrow down my places to look:

Not the kitchen.

Or the dining room.

And not the bathroom.

I guess anywhere else is fair game. I walk past the kitchen, past the dining room, and into what must be another guest room. There's a small dresser across from the bed- but when I check in there, there is nothing but some spare sheets. I sigh and head upstairs.

The first door is Dad's room. I don't know if I should even go in there- Mom didn't want me going in her room. (Even though I did anyway.)
The door is closed. That probably means he doesn't want me in there, right?

...Next room.

Riku's and my room. I think I'd notice if there were some there, so I'll just skip over it.

Next room.

I don't know what this room is- an office, maybe?

I'll skip it.

I flop down and put my hands over my face. It is going to be impossible to find anything here. But, God, am I going to find those stupid blankets even if it kills me. I slowly get up and walk back into Riku and my room. I search, I think, the entire room, save the bathroom and drawers. As a last resort, I check under the bed.

...I can't believe it. They were there the whole freaking time.

Frustrated, I yank them out from under the bed, and hurry downstairs. I try not to be too loud; I don't want to wake Riku up. I quietly walk towards the couch.

"Hey, Sora." Riku says, lazily shifting his glance toward me.

"How long have you been awake for!" I ask.

"A few minutes. What are you holding?" His speech is slurred just slightly.

"I got you blankets. But you're not sleeping anymore, so..."

"Hand 'em over." He says. He reaches his hand out behind him, and I give him the covers.

I climb over the back of the couch, and just miss landing right on top of Riku. He curls up with the blankets around him, and I spread out again. "...time is it?"

"It's two." I say.

"Okay." He replies, and goes back to sleep.


Riku does wake up a while before Dad comes home. He woke up around 3:30, and it's 4 o'clock now. Dad should be coming home soon. I get up and stretch and head into the kitchen.

"Thirsty?" I ask. I open the fridge door and get two water bottles.

"Sure." He says. When I hand the bottle over, he just sets it down and slides under the covers again.


Dad comes home at twenty-to five.

"Sorry I'm late." He says as he walks in. "Traffic was horrible."

"It's fine." I say. Riku straightens up a little, and pushes the blankets off of him.

"I'll get dinner started soon. It won't take long, so you should probably wash up in a few minutes."


"I'll just wash up now." I say after a half hour or so, and grin. I turn to face Riku. "Are you coming with me?" He nods and follows me when I go upstairs, and into our bathroom.

I let Riku use the sink first. He's not looking at me anymore. I can't stop wondering why he's been acting so weird. After I wash my hands I walk over to the bed and sit down. "Are you okay?" I ask Riku. He's still standing in the bathroom doorway.

"Fine." He says. I shrug and get up to leave.

I'm halfway out the door when he says, "Sora! Wait." So I sit down on the bed again. Riku takes his time in walking over. He's turned off the lights in the bathroom, so I turn on the bedside table lamp closest to me.

He's quiet for a little while.

"Well? What's going on?"

"You know when you said you liked me?" He says it so suddenly it surprises me.

"Uh, yeah..."

"Do you still?"

How am I supposed to answer that? For a moment, I'm wondering if he's trying to trap me.

"Yeah. I do." There's a pause.

"Yeah... okay." He says.

"... Was that all?"


After a few seconds I get up again.

"Sora, hold on." He says.


"...I like you, too."

For some reason, hearing him say that strikes me stupid. I don't know how long I stand here, just opening and closing my mouth.

"What?" I end up saying. I sit back down on the bed. He takes a sudden interest in the carpeting.

"I. Really. Like you."

I shiver. "...Oh."

He looks over at me, and I can see he's worried. I know I'm just not doing anything, but...

"...I shouldn't have said anything." He says.

I turn over to kiss him, and he puts his arms around me. I return the embrace and we, in a tangled mess, fall over on the bed. I just keep holding him.

"I've been wanting this for so long." I tell him. "Really. I'm glad you..." He interrupts by putting his lips against mine.

"DINNER." Dad shouts.


We still stay like that for a moment, until my stomach starts growling. I can feel my face heating up and suggest we go down for dinner.


We're all at the table. I'm more nervous than I was earlier. I saw how Dad freaked out when he saw us earlier, and now, with Riku and I together...

"You're both really quiet." Dad says. "You have something on your minds?" Riku and I both silently nod.

Riku would probably say not to tell him at all. I mean... it's not like it'll be noticeable. I'm pretty sure I don't give out gay vibes or something. ...Do I? I hope not. I pick a little at my chicken, then at the salad, and the corn. I think the chicken needs salt.

I just keep sitting here, not doing anything. Dad's got the salt.

Well? What are you waiting for, Sora? Just ask Dad to pass the salt.

"Dad, I'm gay."

No!...That's not what I meant to say! I just meant to ask about the salt! THE SALT!

Both Dad and Riku are staring at me. This was not supposed to happen.

Dad thinks for a moment before saying, "Ah. I as wondering when you'd figure that out."

WHAT? He... WHAT? "So is Riku your boyfriend?" He asks as he pops a piece of chicken in his mouth. Riku's sliding down in his seat now. He's looking over at me.

I nod. Dad smiles.

Then the questions start: When did I meet Riku? How long have we been together? What's Riku's story?

...And all the while Riku has his hands over his face, and he's halfway on the floor.

So, I just tell him (almost) everything. From the beginning. Why I wanted to run away, how I met Riku...skip some details, skip telling about all the times Riku's almost murdered me, skip talking about Riku's past, cutting and us making out. I explain about some of the police run-ins, and the hotel/restaurant (but not me sleeping next to Riku in my boxers). I talk about some people we met, and how it was always so hot, or so cold, and one of us was always sick. And I mention the home--mention Raye as an acquaintance and nothing more-- and here we are.

Dad just nods. "That's amazing." He says. "I wouldn't have been able to do it."

I just shrug.

"I couldn't have done it without Riku." Speaking of which, when I look over at him, he's gotten himself off the ground. He looks at me and fake-smiles and picks at his food some more.

Hm... he doesn't really seem to be eating anything. In fact, I don't think I've ever really seen Riku eat anything. I mean, we didn't have access to food that much, but when we did he still didn't eat a lot... I mean, I know it's not anorexia or whatever. I mean, I can't see Riku doing that. Maybe he just doesn't like eating in front of people. Snakes don't like it. Cats, don't either.

...Okay, shut up, brain.

"...I'm just glad to be here." I continue talking to Dad.

"I'm glad you're here." Dad replies, without missing a beat.

'I'm glad you're here.' I mouth to Riku. I think he understood, because he smiles at me and pops a big piece of chicken in his mouth.


"...And if you need anything, just come and get me."
It's been hours since dinner. Dad and I are going through exactly what we were just going through last night. "Even if it's late- I don't care."

"Okay, Dad."

"I'm going to bed, but you don't have to. Just try to keep it down."

"Okay, Dad."

"And I work tomorrow, but I'm off Saturday and Sunday."


"I'm going to bed."

"Good night, Dad."

Dad laughs.

"Okay, I can take a hint."

After Dad leaves I can here him walk over to his room and shut the door. Riku and I change into our pajamas and I lay down on my bed and stretch out. Riku's right next to me. I look over at the clock; it's 9-something.

"So... Riku..." I start.

"What?" He sounds annoyed- I don't even know what I did this time.

"What are we? Are we...ah... boyfriends?"

Riku slides down so he's laying right next to me. He closes his eyes.

"I guess so." He says.

I brush his hair out of his face and sigh.

"Riku, I..." This is all so overwhelming. First I'm living with my dad, and now Riku and I are boyfriends and all... this has been a long few days. No, this has been a long year.

"What is it?" Riku asks. I shake my head and begin to run my fingers through his hair.

"Now that we're...ah... now that we... I mean... can I kiss you and stuff?" Why was that so hard to say? Riku gives me a look, but he doesn't seem surprised by the question.

He wraps his arms around me and we're really close now.

I close the gap by kissing him, and this time he's kissing me back.

I try and pull him even closer to me. I use one hand to kind of support his head, and his hair gets all tangled around my fingers. All of this is so surreal.

I begin to run my tongue across Riku's bottom lip, and he opens his mouth. I immediately slide my tongue in, and begin to tug off his jacket. I hope I'm not pushing my luck.

...But Riku seems fine with it all, anyway.

"Sora," Riku gasps, after our mouths are apart for a moment.

"Hm?" I don't know if he wants to tell me something, or if he's just saying my name. But, anyway, Riku breaks away and gives me another short kiss. After that, he yanks down the bed covers and we both get underneath. The sheets are cool, and Riku's body is really cold. And after that... I don't know if I climb up or he pulls me up, but somehow now I'm resting on top of him. I'm feel warm now... is it because of the blankets, or am I blushing?

And we're kissing again. We're both less unsure now. Somehow my shirt comes off, and Riku ends up pushing me down and rolls on top of me. He's gentle, so there's just enough of his body resting on me, but he's not too heavy and...



He's kissing my neck now. I squirm a little, and I don't know why... I like it. It feels good. But...

I somehow manage to get myself on top of him again and begin to stroke his hair. Okay, now it's perfect.

He begins to tug on my hair a little, just to kind of get my face closer. I wrap my arms around his neck and we're kissing again. He rolls back on top of me; I don't mind. All of this feels too good.

His shirt comes off.

I run my fingers over his back, and he starts kissing me harder. I can feel the scars over his skin- it's a little weird. But other than that... his skin is so soft. It's amazing. We roll over and I'm on top again. I kind of... nip at his ear, and he keeps pulling me closer and closer.

"Sora," He says, and tugs on my hair a bit again. When he does that I look up at him and he puts his lips back against mine. Riku's tongue runs over the roof of my mouth, and my own tongue. With one hand, I begin to tug on his pants. I'm able to get it just below his butt before he pulls away.

Oh, crap. Did I go too far?


"Shh. Shut up." He kicks off his pants and slides down, almost completely under the covers.
I do, too.


"Shut up." He says. He doesn't sound mad. He closes his eyes and rests his head against my chest for a moment. "I'm tired."

He turns around, and that's the end of that.

I give him a soft kiss, right on the back of his neck.

"Good night." I whisper. Riku doesn't respond verbally, but I know he heard me. The way he shifted around after I said that is a good enough response.

I'm so glad Riku finally likes me back, but, god- he's so weird.


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