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Chapter Nine

"Harry, are you alright?" asked Hermione worriedly over her breakfast. "Did you even sleep last night?"

Harry's face was quite pale, but there were dark circles around his eyes. It was much like looking at Julian Casablancas after one of his typical Tuesday nights.

"Of course I slept," Harry replied, irritated. "I'm perfectly fine, now go snog Ron or something."

Hermione looked highly affronted, but turned away, determined to remain a good friend and not push it too much with Harry. Ron, however, had no mind for these things and of course took this opportunity to make Harry want to gauge out his own eyes, although of course, he had no idea that the very subject he was about to bring up was the one that Harry could not stop thinking about anyway. And I bet you know what it is! But in case you suffer from mental retardation, here's a hint; it's tall, blonde, aristocratic, and snarky.

"Harry, you still haven't told me what the fuck Malfoy was doing to you yesterday in Potions."

Harry gave him a dark look, and with his face lowered and his black hair partially covering his darkly circled eyes, it was quite menacing.

"He was trying to get off on me. He had a boner and was humping my leg to get rid of it."

Ron groaned, and Hermione's eyes looked ready to bulge out of her head.

"That, mate, was not needed! Ugh, you bloody sicko. Fucking disgusting…" said Ron.

Hermione stayed silent, but was studying Harry closely. Her brown eyes positively glowing with intelligence had an extra spark of knowing this time. Harry hated it. He hated her. He hated Draco. Malfoy, he corrected himself.

"I'm sorry I brought it up," muttered Ron, though Harry had already gotten up and was heading toward the door of the Great Hall. He'd always been fond of wandering the halls of the castle aimlessly before classes (and occasionally during classes), and especially loved to do it when he was stressed. Which was pretty much always, thanks to that damn Voldemort character, but you know. Extra-special stressed. Like now. He just wanted Draco to tell him what was going on. And then bang him. Oh, I didn't mean that! Harry thought hastily.

Yes you fucking did mean it. You want him. Naked.

Inner Voice? I thought you were gone…

No, Harry, love. Only quietly observing.

I don't want you. Get away from here, I'm dying.

You want Draco instead?

Shut up! I..I think I need a hug.

From Draco?

You're going to make me cry. Is that what you want?

No. I don't want you to cry, because I'm inside you, and your crying makes both of us look wimpy.

I'm going to do it.

Oh, you would, you little fuc—

The voice's response was cut off as Harry was painfully wrenched back into the real world of sanity by a warm, hard, thump. Harry's eyes found themselves feasting once again on the slender body of Draco Malfoy.

"No. Fucking. Way. You again? Where the hell did you come from? And why are you always around? This is like a fucking movie or something!"

Draco smirked, just a little one, at Harry's flustered and disbelieving response.

"Harry, I didn't know you had such a dirty mouth. I quite like it."

Harry gaped. This — this wasn't what he needed right now! "Stop that! Can you just, just please tell me why it was you were so… so close to me yesterday!"

"Well, I th— "

"And why you let everyone in the freaking classroom see? I mean, do you know how many people offered to 'smash your gay little face in' for me?"

"Aw, and you told them not to! You're just too sweet."

"Would you—" Harry paused as he noticed the rest of the school starting to filter into the halls.

Draco noticed this too. He grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him into an empty classroom. Harry's heart started pounding involuntarily at the thoughts that inexplicably started racing through his mind.

"There, privacy. Go on, Harry. No, wait. Did you like it?"

"D- Like what?"

"Yesterday. You and I…And everyone staring, but us not caring. I know you don't really care that they saw, Harry."

Harry bit his lip.

"It still feels weird hearing you say my first name."

"Weird in the same way that taking it up the arse is weird?" Harry looked utterly dumbfounded, and Draco pulled a mock look of shock. "Who said that?"

Harry couldn't help but smile just a little at that, but then forced himself back down to business. Draco's dirty little charms wouldn't distract him, not this time!

But then he did get distracted after all.

Draco just looked oh so pretty. He fell deep into a thoughtful admiration of the blonde. Everyone was wearing the school uniform, so why did it seem like Draco was so well-dressed? Harry's eyes rested on Draco's green and silver tie for a moment. It was so tight and perfectly knotted. Why didn't he loosen it? No, Harry didn't want to loosen Draco's tie and undo a few buttons on his shirt. Why would you think that?

"Harry?" asked Draco, breaking the silence.

"Yeah?" murmured Harry.

"Did you like it?"

Harry sighed. Of course he liked it. Who wouldn't like being pressed up against such a pretty, pretty boy? He nodded.

"Regrettably, yes."

Draco smiled. Not a smirk. A smile.

"Draco, it wasn't easy for me to write that note, you know. I'm kind of a wreck here. Can you just tell me if you're playing with me or not?"

Draco softened.

"I kissed you. Isn't that clear enough, Harry?"

"But— but you…How do I know that means anything? Don't you know what you did to me? I was perfectly happy before, being completely straight, hating you…And then you go and…be fun! And start flirting with me!"

"I believe you're the one that started it, love."

"N-no! Well I really was only playing around. But you started…" Harry trailed off. "Please just help me unfreak myself out!"

Draco was melting. The sight of Harry Potter, boy wonder, saviour of the world, neglected, under pressure, beautifully impossibly strong, was a puddle at his feet. Draco could crush him right now. He could laugh in his face, tell him he knew all along he was a fag, tell the whole school that Harry was in love with him.

He could crush Harry.

Don't worry.

He couldn't really do it.

Not ever.

He couldn't, he wouldn't. This squishy pile of mush encased in tough, almost unbreakable metal was just too lovely. He was perfectly imperfect, and Draco really did like him. He felt himself getting all warm and cuddly just looking at Harry. And warm and cuddly was not usually his thing.

He stepped towards Harry and put his arms around the boy. Harry stiffened. (Oh no, not in that way! Get your mind out of the gutter, you perv!)

He buried his face in Harry's neck and squished against him, trying as hard as he could to get their hearts to touch.

"It's not a game," he whispered.

And Harry was glad.

And he relaxed, finally, into Draco's arms.

The End! Of it all!

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