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(("You look horrible Yugi. Let me take care of the blonde while you go home and get some rest." The brunette offered the tri colored hair one as he watched Yugi drink some coffee. "No, I should really watch after him, make sure he's safe." He said lazily. "The blonde will be safe. He's being kept in the safest place in the world. I assure you, he'll be safe." Seto said slyly as he began to massage the spikey one's shoulders.

"If you promise not to torture him, or do anything to him, then fine." Yugi muttered, already lookingas if he would pass out. "Perfect, I'll have a limo drive you home." As Yugi left, Seto smirked at Jou. 'Oh sweet little puppy, I have plans for you.'

"Mr. Kaiba, Hiroto Honda is here to see you." A guard said, interupting Seto's silent promise. "Great, send him in." With that, Honda walked in and instantly noticed the blonde asleep on the couch. "Honda, you failed to break him fully. It only brought him and Yugi closer together." Seto said, his usually cool voice gone.

"What else was I supposed to do? Knock out his little sister? Then Jou would hate me for sure." Honda said, plopping on the oppisite couch of Jou. "If that's what it took then yes! I was close to having Yugi! Then Jou just had to come at that moment. He would've been mine if you had just done your job!" Seto growled at Honda. "Now I'm going to have to take things into my own hands." As he said this, he glanced at the pup, who was still sleeping and Honda caught on to what he was planning on doing.

"No! I won't let you Kaiba!" Honda said while jumping up. He'd hurt his best friend already, he wasn't going to let him be used again. "Guards," Seto yelled, a few running in and restraining Honda after a minute. "Get him out of my sight!" As they dragged him away he yelled out. "I'll tell Yugi! The truth about everything! You're going to be sorry!"

Seto growled and turned to the head guard. "You, I want you to make sure no one disturbs me for the next few hours and make sure no one gets in until I say otherwise!" The guard nodded. "Of course sir." The guard nodded and left Kaiba alone in the room with Jou. "Hn, You'll be mine soon."))

(Ky: Ok, an update for you all. Honda raped Jou (Honda Tristan) Jou is dating Yugi, Seto wants Yugi and is planning to have him, even if he has to be the son of a bitch he is towards Jou, in a different manner. All of this will explode in this Part of the story.)

When I woke, colors came to me in swirls as I sat up. I looked around, the colors mixing for a moment before I could see that I wasn't in a place I recognized. 'I must be somewhere in Kaiba's building.' I thought, noticing all the rich boy stuff.

I then looked around, expecting to see Yugi sleeping somewhere, but he wasn't there. "Why'd he leave me here by myself?" I muttered groggily while snuggling back into the blanket warmed up by me. "Wake up now mutt! Yugi left you in my care so you do what I say." I groaned at Kaiba's cold voice. "Kaibaaa, don't you have any sympathy!" I whined while pulling the blanket over my head, leaving my feet exposed.

He sighed before I felt his hands wrap around my ankles. I blinked before he dragged me off the couch, me hitting my chin on the floor. "Kaiba! Stop! I'm up! I'm up!" I plead. Of course, he didn't stop, he dragged me all the way into the bathroom and dropped me into steaming hot water.

"Wash up Mutt!" He demanded as I stood, grumbling slightly. "Well get out of the bathroom, and get me some dry clothes since you just wet mine." I muttered while pulling off my wet shirt. "You think you can order me around in my own home!" Kaiba growled, grabbing me by my shoulders.

"Fine, will you please get me some clothes?" I hated being polite to Kaiba, but I just couldn't win against him. Kaiba huffed then pointed to a white robe near the bathroom door. "You can wear that until I get your clothes dry, now hurry up and get your pants off."

I froze. It was a simple enough task, I just couldn't make my fingers work. I kept looking up at Seto, and for a moment I thought I saw him smirk. "Can't get out of your own pants pup?" He then sighed slightly. "Here, let me help you." I was about to deny, but he was already reaching over.

Then the button was undone and that was that. "Now slip out of them." He said simply, stepping back. I blinked then quckly slipped out of them, sighing when he walked out, leaving me to my bath.

Usually, I sat in the bath, resting against Yugi after a good night in bed. I huffed and slipped deeper into the water. I guess I really was just a perverted mutt then. Thinking about my perverted moments with my koi. Of course Yugi would disagree, but he couldn't read my thoughts like he could Yuugi's.

I wasn't Yugi's only lover at the moment, but I was his first. I didn't care if he was with his hikari, it was only natural and obvious they'd both formed relationships for the other. I had actually incouraged Yugi to be with his younger form, but did I regret it? I'm not really sure. Yugi lived in his younger forms home and I was sure they did more then me and Yugi had.

I wasn't jealous though. I'd loved Mai before Yugi. 'I really am awful.' I thought, thinking about all of this. I sighed and washed my hair, soon finishing his bath and climbing out to dry off.

As I dried off, I realized Seto seemed to be upset about something. He usually was alot more cool then he was angry, and Seto was angry. 'Why should I care? Soon Yugi will come and we can get the hell out of here.' As I thought this, I got on the robe and sighed as I walked out of the bathroom, looking to the couch as he sat on it.

Yugi meant the world to me, and maybe he felt the same way about me. I thought back to out first night together, under the light of the stars.

XFlashbackX (Told by Kyrii)

Jou sat alone in the middle of the park, staring up into the stars. He'd just run out on a party that was being held by one of his best friends. Jou had been so happy about everything, until he'd asked Mai to marry him. "I'm sorry Jou, you were fun to have around, but I don't feel as strongly as you do about our relationship."

Jou was alone now, his heart shattered never to truly be back together again. Then he heard is name be called by someone off in the distance. He yelled back, not caring if he was alone or not.

Surprisingly it wasn't his best bud Yuugi, but his other half, the tougher one.

"Jou, are you ok?" He asked while sitting next to the blonde. "Oh yea, I'm just so fucking fine that I'm crying." Jou said grumpily to his friend.

"It's ok to be angry Jou, but getting angry at your friends won't help."

Jou looked at Yugi and shook his head, looking down.

"Think about it Jou. She's twenty four, your sixteen."

"I didn't think that mattered. I thought she loved me anyway." For the first time in a long time, Jou broke down and began to sob, instanly leaning against Yugi as he did.

Yugi didn't tense or push Jou away, instead he pulled the blonde closer. He understood what Jou was feeling, he had no idea where he belonged anymore, he didn't know what to fight for.

Jou was so depressed, Yugi was afraid to leave him alone. He knew well about the pocket knife Jou carried for protection, but he never feared that Jou would cut himself, until he heared the blonde mutter something.

"I want to die Yug! I want to die!"

Yugi tensed and held the blonde tighter. "Oh Jou." For some reason tears began to stream down his face as well.

"No one wants me." The blonde said after they both calmed down, Jou staring at the concrete in front of Yugi's black shoes, still leaning against him.

"You're wrong Jou. Yuugi wants you, Anzu wants you, Honda wants you, Mai wants you, all of us do." Yugi muttered, grabbing Jou's chin and tilting the pup's face up twoards him. "I want you."

Jou blinked as his chain was held like that, and on instinct, he moved foreward and kissed Yugi.

Yugi had tensed, but soon all was fine and they were making out.

The park was empty at this hour and no one else knew where the two had run off to. Jou was not experienced on being with another man, and neither was Yugi, so it was kind of a rough start but romantic and meaningful nontheless.

XEnd FlashbackX (Jou)

I snapped away from memory lane as I heared the door to the office open, shut, and lock. I tensed and turned to Seto who was smirking while holding onto a leash and collar.

"Time for your training mutt."