A/N: I think this takes place in Ginny's fifth year. Just forget about Voldemort. Pretend you've only read up to the fourth book. Ignore all the facts I get wrong. Enjoy the story.

"Move over, you're squishing me," Ginny said to her older brother Ron. The whole family had gone to a Quidditch game between two local teams. The stadium was only as big as the one at Hogwarts, except with bleachers at normal height, so as not to attract attention from Muggles, who used to same stadium for soccer games. To make up for the lowness the main part of the play was magically enlarged like a 3-D television on the floor of the stadium.

Harry and Hermione were visiting, as they normally did in the last week of summer vacation. The four of them sat in the highest row squinting in the bright sunlight at the enlargement and occasionally glancing up at the sky to see what the actual players were doing.

"The snitch, I saw it!" Harry said eagerly, his head craned up at the sky. Everyone looked up quickly but of course, the snitch was out of site. The Gladetown Gators' seeker though, almost seconds after Harry said this, must have spotted the snitch too though, for he stooped into a dive and the enlargement switched over to focus on her.

"She's hot," Ginny commented absentmindedly. Ron and Harry nodded then Ron glanced at his sister with a funny look.

"Don't say stuff like that, it's weird for a girl to say that," Ron said then looked back at the field.

"Sorry," Ginny said and wished she'd kept her mouth shut. Most of the time she just said whatever happened to pop into her head, but she'd have to remember to not let everything out. The seeker was very beautiful though. Rather than wearing the traditional Quidditch garb most of the team members were wearing muggle clothing. With heat like this though, no one could blame them. She had on a white shirt with the team's logo emblazoned on the front, with the sleeves cut off to reveal finely tanned arms with sleek muscle. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail, though with all the wind several strands had escaped and were streaming backwards, dancing happily around. Her face was set with a determined look, her lips pursed, as she pushed her broom faster after the snitch. The wind pushed her shirt against her, revealing a very nice body.

Ginny glanced at Harry and Ron who seemed to be following Ginny's thoughts on the looks of the Seeker. Hermione seemed to disapprove of this though, purposefully looking away from the seeker and making a face at Harry and Ron's unabashed staring.

"What?" Harry asked noticing Hermione's look.

"Nothing," she said and glanced away, back towards the field.

"Catch it, catch it," Ginny said willfully. Moments later the image showed the seeker holding the snitch triumphantly in her hand.

"She's good," Hermione commented.

"Mm," Harry agreed.

A while later they were all stuffed into the car and back at the Burrow. They all clambered out and headed into the house. Harry and Ron went and grabbed brooms to go and play their own game of Quidditch while Hermione followed after them leaving Ginny alone.

With a slight sigh she headed over to the hammock that was stretched between two trees in the backyard, planning on doing some drawing. Laying down in it her thoughts started to wander. She'd never really found boys physically attractive, sure it was fun to hang out with them, poke them, tease them. But when it came to the more than brotherly hugging and kissing, Ginny still found it gross. Like when your parents tell you you'll like it when you're older, when you're five your old self said "ew'. Except for Ginny, it had never stopped being gross. Gross to imagine herself kissing someone at least. Seeing other people kiss didn't make her feel like blowing chunks, it was just kissing. But the thought of actually kissing a guy wasn't that appealing to her.

These kind of thoughts had started in her second year, around when she realized she didn't have a crush on Harry, and when she'd hit puberty. The thing is though, all your friends ask, who do you like? So you go and sort through all the guys and choose the one that seems the nicest or cutest. And that, apparently, is who you have a crush on. But, there's no feelings there. It was, as one of her friends explained a 3/3 thing. In order to go out with someone it was best if you were, physically, emotionally, and sexually attracted to them. Or at least have one a whole lot and a little of the others. Friends, most of the time, you're emotionally attracted to them. Ginny had never really felt like that for anyone. She didn't find guys in general any of the 3/3. Most of them weren't that mature, or attractive. Girls, on the other hand….

Maybe she was a lesbian, but then what? What was she supposed to do about that? There weren't any gay people at Hogwarts. She was pretty sure her family or anyone she knew wouldn't approve of that. But, maybe she hadn't just met the right guy. And there continues the loop of her thoughts.

Why me, she wondered, Why can't I just be normal? Why do I have these thoughts, these feelings?

Sitting up Ginny purposefully got out of the hammock, determined to not think about it. Walking through the brief spit of trees she saw that Hermione had found a broom as well and was playing Quidditch with Harry and Ron. Ginny smiled seeing that Hermione wasn't very good.

She looked like she was enjoying herself though. She'd pulled her puff of hair back into a ponytail in an attempt to control it and was flying determinedly through the air. She looked quite glorious actually. Ginny blinked then turned away. She'd sworn to herself that she wouldn't think like that, and especially not about Hermione. Every since her second year, well it must have been her first year. Ever since Ron had become friends with Hermione, Ginny had admired her, become friends with her, thought that she must be the most amazing person ever. Fun, beautiful, smart… Ginny didn't even want to think about the kind of dreams her mind had made up, and not just with Hermione either, random girls, girls from books, a girls she saw in Diagon Alley…

Ginny pinched herself and slammed down a wall between her normal self and these other thoughts.