Rouge et Noir.

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"It wasn't my idea to have a kid! I would've been perfectly content without that child!" a mans voice could be heard throughout the house. "Oh! But you seemed so enthused when we did! It's not my fault she's screwed up! That runs in your part of the family!" a woman's voice screamed back. A few seconds later a slap echoed through the small house, and into their daughter's room.

Tomo Takino sat huddled on her bed with earphones blasting at maximum volume. Tears were brimming her eyes as she clutched the life out of a small, tattered teddy bear. It was the bear that Yomi had given her from grade school. Maybe Yomi had forgiven her by now…


The Chiyo gang sat down eating lunch, minus Tomo. Yomi was starring at her watch when Tomo ran up and pounced on her. However, due to gravity, she knocked her friend over and her curry went flying as well. They landed in a pile, curry on top.

Koyomi screeched "Tomo! What the hell was that for?" The energetic girl apologized and held up the bread she'd gotten. The taller brunette stood and looked at her curry covered self. "Kami-sama Tomo, cant you do anything right!" she spat at Tomo, who shrunk in return.

Tomo was still angered from overhearing her parent's topic of argument... herself again of course. "Fuck Yomi! I'm sorry I'm not perfect! Why do you have to be such a bitch all the time!" she countered, finally fed up from everything. The studious girl gasped and a tense silence filled the room. Tomo then turned on heel, and walked away rigidly.

-End Flashback-

"Kami-sama." Tomo muttered "I really can't do anything right, can I?" Standing, she threw off her headphones and punched her wall. She punched until her knuckles, and tears mixed with it. Tomo then ran over to her door and slammed herself into it, successfully jamming it shut. After she was safely locked in her room, she walked to her dresser and fished around in it until she found a small shiny object; a box cutter. It still had traces of dried blood on it too.

Flopping down onto her hardwood floor, Tomo examined it. Carefully, the usually insane girl lightly traced scars on her mid drift and placed the razor on a clear spot. It started as small slices, but soon progressed to slashes as her rage and frustration grew. After a mere 7 minutes, she was bleeding from more than twenty cuts on her stomach and shoulders.

Tomo then proceeded to lie down and listen to her heart beat that was currently booming in her eardrums. She smiled as she felt all her troubles melt away; replaced by a comforting sting. Takino could feel her life draining and smiled bitterly before falling unconscious.

Two hours later, she awoke with a dry mouth and a throbbing upper body. Looking down, her eyes widened. A small pool of blood surrounded her and the slashes were already scabbing over. Damn quick healing… I should be dead.

After taking in the mess she'd made for a few minutes, she rose and peeked out of her door. To her relief, Tomo could hear their snores two rooms down from her. The brunette then walked slowly to the washroom and grabbed a black towel. The girl cleaned up the bloody mess in her room and started a bath for herself.

Easing into it, Tomo hissed and the warm water quickly turned a light crimson. She softly washed off the cuts and dried off. Once she lied back down on her bed, she immediately fell into a fitful sleep.

The next day was cold, Tomo ignored Yomi, and Yomi ignored Tomo. Even Osaka felt the tension… and didn't mention it. Classes came and went, but the discomfort just grew. The last bell rang, and with the day finally over, the two went their separate ways.

That night, Tomo heard her parents again, fighting over her grades this time. "This is just stupid... I have to get Yomi back, she's the only one I have left." The brunette resolved and hopped out of her window to run to Koyomi's house.

Tomo tried the window, and finding it open, snuck in. Once she'd stood up fully, she looked around… no Yomi. The radio was on and homework covered her desk as well as a half eaten bowl of curry. Investigating further, she discovered a small dent in the small like someone had kicked it.

The normally immature woman blinked in confusion, then turned her head to the bathroom. Gagging noises were audible from the other side of the door which was cracked open a few inches. Tomo walked up to the door and peaked in, only to find her best friend huddled over the toilet with her fingers down her throat. The more she watched, the more enraged she became.

She stood back as she watched her normally calm and serious friend slowly get up and wash out her mouth. As soon as the taller brunette got an inch out of the bathroom, Tomo grabbed her shirt and slung her into the wall. "What the fuck do you think you're doing Koyomi! Is this your new diet? Is it!" Tomo screamed at the shocked girl.

"Tomo! It's not… I wasn't… Kami-sama! You just don't understand damn it! You're so damned dense! You couldn't understand my pain, how much I want to fit in and be pretty.. It's my life Tomo! I can do whatever I want to my body." She finished.

Takino took a large breath to calm herself and spoke in an icy tone. "You think I can't understand pain and a longing to fit in Yomi?" Yomi paused and replied in a wicked voice "No Tomo… No. You Tomo… are naïve... Naïve, immature, and ignorant. You don't know what pain is."

At Yomi's last statement, Tomo snapped and ripped off her night shirt, exposing her almost mortal wounds and plain white sports bra. The cuts covered her shoulders and entire stomach, Yomi froze. "Am I so ignorant to you now Yomi! Am I!" she asked in a raspy tone. "Tomo, what the hell did you do?" Yomi asked, voice cracking.

The usually energetic and carefree girl stood calm and laughed bitterly before replying "You're the one who doesn't know pain. You think of yourself as ugly… and fat, hated.. People don't hate you, they hate me. Your mom loves you, your dad too.. You have a bunch of friends who care about you.. Me? I have you. I had you.. But I guess I never even had you now.. You obviously don't care.. My 'rents say shit about me every night.. Dad used to beat me until I fought back… All you care about is how pretty you can be... You disgust me. Whatever you know… It is your body. I wish you the best of fucking luck."

She stood there, starring straight into Yomi's eyes, into her very being. Then, she grabbed her shirt, and quietly hopped back out of the window. Yomi was left there in shock. The guilt came in waves as she slowly backed her way to her bed and fell back.

"I never knew… how could I be so stupid? All this time…" Yomi muttered to herself as tears began to form in her eyes. How long has she been like this… So alone in the world. Why was I so blinded by my own selfishness? How could I do this to her? I abandoned her… Kami-sama, Tomo..

At the last two words, the dam broke and tears spilt forth. The brunette turned on her TV, trying to distract herself from the melancholy, but to no avail. Yomi cried herself to sleep.

Meanwhile, Tomo brooded down the dark alley ways back to her house. "I should've never shown her, I'm so damn stupid." She ranted to herself. Unbeknownst to her however, a large shadow was closing in on her fast from behind. By the time she realized she'd been followed, a hand wrapped around her and pressed a damp cloth to her mouth and nose.

Then, everything went black.

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