Author's Note: Fourth chapter.

Dark Hero

Chapter Four

New Troubles

"Shit!" he shouted in a muffled voice as he saw himself rapidly approaching the side of the obstruction.

Before he knew it, he had slid under the semi-trailer.

Feeling his whole body being dragged towards the ground, he held on tight to his bike as he felt something strike against his helmet before causing the entire object to fly off his head. As his bike skidded to a haphazard stop on the other side of the semi-trailer, he felt himself using his hand to bring his body away from the bike, the flesh burning as the impact tore through the material of his glove.

Before he could even register everything, he realized that he was sprawled along the ground, his bike a few feet away from him. Inuyasha brought up his head to see the semi-trailer complete its turn from the intersection onto the other side of the road, and could faintly heed to his racing heart. Seeing his helmet far away, he realized the smashing sound had most likely been his head meeting one of the wheels, although his speed had ripped him safely away in the last few milliseconds before the wheel crushed his skull. The helmet had not been so lucky and had taken most of the force.

Dragging his body to an upright position, Inuyasha saw that some parts of his glove had been torn off and the exposed flesh was red and bleeding from the skidding. His shoulders also felt slightly strange, but he decided it was nothing to worry about, and would feel better in an hour or so.

Gazing over at his fallen bike, he knew that some parts of his beloved means of transportation had been scratched. The son of a gun who had cut his brake lines had been serious. The person had meant to take his life, and Inuyasha knew that he was lucky to have survived. A second later and his head would have been like an orange in a blender. He winced at the mere thought.

Walking over to his bike, he dragged it to an upright position, and saw that the damage hadn't been too bad. At the speed that he had been going, the side of the vehicle had mostly managed to avoid contact with the ground. He smiled at his luck, before pushing his bike over to where his helmet was, and picked that up as well.

Now the problem was how to get his motorcycle to a repair shop without riding it because of the lack of brakes.

Standing around in the middle of the road, and having been angrily flicked off by some random cars that he had been in the way of, he realized that he would have to resort to slow means. Grumbling some rather colorful words, he heaved the whole bike onto his good shoulder, and began the slow trek towards the direction of the repair shop.

After almost twenty minutes of tiresome walking and occasional leaping throughout the streets, Inuyasha was relieved when he finally saw the shop sign announcing that he had made it. Hanyou he may be, but even he had begun to feel the numbing ache in his shoulder joints. He huffed. Another reason for him to thoroughly maim the person who had sabotaged his bike.

Making his way directly to the garage because he knew that his friend would be located there, he kicked the flimsy door open with a sound boot from his foot, and strolled in as if he was coming home.

The mechanic looked up as he saw the hanyou walk in with a massive scowl on his face and a motorcycle on his shoulders. So he had run into trouble again.

Inuyasha grunted as he took the bike from his shoulders and placed it gently in front of the other man. "Bike thoroughly sabotaged and head almost crushed to a pulp," he provided as his answer, and watched as the mechanic kneeled before the vehicle, inspecting the scratches and dents.

"Someone really did want you to croak," the mechanic commented as he eyed the damage to the bike. He whistled when he saw the brake lines. "What new enemies have you made lately?"

"Too many to begin to count," Inuyasha provided simply as he gazed down at his bike. But whatever enemy it had been, he had tried to ruin the bike Sesshoumaru had given to Inuyasha---the one last memento of the great racer. When he found out who it was, that person was going to pay dearly.

"Well, whoever it had been had cut your front and rear brake lines and usually, at the speed you normally ride at, you would have been road kill if you hadn't reacted fast enough." The mechanic brushed a finger over a scratch in the body of the bike, before sighing. "You should be careful."

"Not many people check their motorcycles or cars before they ride it," Inuyasha retorted.

"And I bet they regret it when they blow up or have a fatal accident," the mechanic replied, as if it was logical that everyone should check their vehicle before getting on. "Anyway, do you still race?"

"My bike is out of service and I haven't seen a decent amount of money in my wallet for a long time. Do you think I race?" Inuyasha scoffed back sarcastically as he reached for a random chair and swung it around to sit on. Gazing at his hand while doing it, he noticed that the injury was already healing.

"Well, it won't take long to fix, but come back tomorrow morning because there are other customers I have to tend to right now. It'll be done by then." the mechanic answered, as he got up to go back to the other bike he had been checking out. Sparing a glance at Inuyasha who was still seated, he questioned purely out of curiosity, "Still fighting with your father?"

He hadn't expected the hanyou to growl dangerously.

"Yes, he's still annoying and constantly nagging me to quit riding motorcycles." Inuyasha snorted. "Fat chance."

"Maybe he's just worried about you. You're his son after all."

Something in Inuyasha's mind began resurfacing, but he pushed it down deeper into the darkness he had stored it, and shook his head. "Or he just wants to destroy my dreams."

"Go home, Inuyasha. Your father cares."

"Go home? I would never go back to that 'home' even if he begged me to. I finally get rid of him, and now he wants me back? I thought he wanted me gone---that's why I moved out. I'd be dumb if I went back there."

The mechanic shook his head. "You can't understand the trouble a father goes through for his son."

"And I would never forsake my dreams, even for him."


"Good morning, Anami-sensei!"

The said professor waved to a group of girls as they walked past him, greeting him politely. Taking a gulp of water from his bottle, he sighed happily, as the sun shone down gently upon his face. It was a beautiful Tuesday morning.

"Hello Anami-sensei!"

"Hello," he said back, and smiled at another group of his students, before continuing on his way to his classroom.

"Well, morning, you," someone greeted in an even voice, as Anami-sensei felt the stranger sling an arm around him, pulling him from the direction of his classroom. Twisting his head towards the person, he noticed that it was Inuyasha, who was smiling harmlessly at his teacher.

"Let go of me, Kotoku," he demanded as the hanyou steered him away from the mass of students he had been surrounded with. He felt nervous as the smile on the hanyou's face didn't subside, and instead, he simply tightened his hold on the teacher.

"Not before we have a little talk, Anami."

The gentle yet firm touch of his student was suddenly torn away as Inuyasha whipped him rather powerfully towards a long, steep flight of stairs. The English professor's eyes widened when he saw the distance from where he was being held to the last step of the stairs. The student wasn't really planning to push him down, right?

"You bastard," Inuyasha hissed from behind him, a hand with claws coming up to grip the man's throat. "How dare you."

Anami-sensei gulped audibly, the terror evident in his eyes. "What are you talking about?" he yelped, as he felt the hanyou push him closer to the stairs.

"Don't act innocent. You know what I'm talking about. Because of you, I almost ended up dead. Is that your idea of fun?" Inuyasha snarled, his grip intensifying as Anami-sensei found it hard to breathe.

Inuyasha laughed---mockingly, scornfully. "I like thrilling and dangerous things though. Do you too? If you like playing games with me, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't return the favor." Almost dangling the pitiful human from the first step, Inuyasha decided to swing him back and watched as the professor skidded along the slippery surface of the corridor. His eyes were narrowed, as he asked innocently, "You drive a gray Corolla, right? You should watch your car. You might not know what can happen on the road."

Smirking suggestively, Inuyasha stuffed his hands into his jacket pockets before continuing on his way to class, ignoring the person collapsed on the corridors, his water bottle rolling away slowly. Whistling to a song he had heard on the television last night, Inuyasha strolled to his class as if nothing interesting had transpired that morning.

Stepping into Toutousai's class, he saw that Kagome was already seated at her spot, while other girls were mumbling together and pointing at her every once in a while. Frowning, he walked over to his seat next to her and sat down, bringing his red backpack around and pulling out a bag of chips. Popping it open rather loudly, he took a sniff of the salty food and commented, "This smells delicious. I wonder if someone wants some?"

Kagome turned slightly to look at him, before going back to whatever she had been doing. Taking the first bite of the sliced and fried potatoes, Inuyasha leaned over his seat to see what Kagome was slouched over. Seeing her sketchbook out and the sound of her pencil shading, he whistled. "What are you drawing this time?" he inquired, but she ignored him rather pointedly and covered her sketch even more. "Oh come on, what are you drawing?"

"Nothing," she answered quietly, before slapping her sketchbook shut and cramming it into her backpack. While she was busy bending over to put her materials back, Inuyasha took the opportunity to examine what she was wearing today. He sighed in disappointment. A big sweater that didn't even show one inch of skin, and another skirt that went past her knees. This girl was way too conservative for her age.

"Inuyasha!" someone called out, and Inuyasha mentally hoped it wasn't who he thought it was. However, her scent drifted over to him soon enough, and he found himself wishing he could somehow hide in a closet until she was gone.

Bringing his gaze away from Kagome and to the girl standing next to his desk, he saw that it was Sango with a sly smile on her face. "I heard you broke up with Ami. Care to explain why?" The girl looked much too pleased to really be interested in Ami's feelings.

"We were dating?" he asked, slightly confused.

"I'm serious," Sango said, annoyed that he was trying to joke around with her.

He raised his left eyebrow. "I am too?" he defended.

"Fine, if you don't want to tell me why you broke up with her, I'll ask her myself. But you're single now, right?"

Inuyasha mentally sighed. He honestly hadn't been going out with Ami. The girl just happened to be someone he partook in pleasurable activities with every once in a while. "I've been single for a very long time."

"Whatever," Sango said, waving her hand dismissively as she squeezed between the space of Inuyasha and Miroku's chairs, making Inuyasha intensely aware of the distance between her body and the back of his head.

Deciding to sit down on Miroku's desk because he wasn't in the classroom yet, Sango leaned forward until her lips were near the hanyou's ears. "Want to take me for a ride on your motorcycle sometime?"

Inuyasha looked over at Kagome from the corner of his eyes, seeing her taking out scissors to cut something. It looked sharp. Finally hearing Sango's question in his mind, he answered, "No thanks. My bike doesn't like it when I let girls ride. It also just came back from the repair shop and is extra grouchy. So no, I don't let anyone ride my bike."

Turning towards the quiet girl, Inuyasha began to talk to her, and caused Sango to frown. Seeing Miroku arriving and making his way to his seat, she hopped off his desk and feeling rather irritated at Kagome, bumped into her desk as she walked by, seeing the girl accidentally cut her finger with the scissors. "Oh, sorry, I didn't see you there," she apologized in a monotonous voice, before continuing on her way to her own seat.

Inuyasha wrinkled his nose as the smell of Kagome's blood invaded his senses. Seeing the blood bloom from the small cut, he gently took her hand and examined it. "Is it painful?" he asked, before putting her finger in his mouth to suck the blood.

Kagome's eyes widened at his actions, as well as anyone else in the class who saw Inuyasha's daring feat---including Miroku and Sango. Kagome quickly withdrew her finger from his mouth, and was acutely aware of the wetness, as she swiftly dried it with the material of her skirt. "You shouldn't do that," she whispered.

He shrugged, as if he wasn't in the least embarrassed about having just tasted her blood. "There wasn't a tissue around," he provided as his logical excuse, but could feel something burning into his head.

Turning his head forward, he saw Miroku glaring at him with something akin to slight fury in his eyes. Glancing over at Sango, he also noticed her scowling darkly at Kagome, who had her head down and seemed to slouch over even more than usual.

Whispers were also going around the classroom.

Inuyasha blinked. Had he just done something wrong?

Miroku stalked up next to him, his furious gaze locked onto the golden eyes of his friend. "Inuyasha, we need to talk after this class," he grounded out evenly, before taking his seat behind the hanyou as the bell rang and Toutousai hobbled into the classroom, unaware of what had just occurred a minute before he arrived.

Inuyasha blinked again. Why had the atmosphere of the room just dropped a few degrees?


Inuyasha watched as his friend stretched out along the tracks, his eyes narrowed and grim. He himself had crossed his arms across his chest and was gazing at Miroku, waiting for the man to talk to him and explain why he had refused to talk to the hanyou the entire time in Toutousai's class. Usually, the two of them would be sneaking each other food and stuffing it into their faces when the professor wasn't looking, but today, Inuyasha found it lonely trying to sneak in as many potato chips into his mouth as possible by himself.

When Miroku finally talked after ignoring Inuyasha for well over an hour, the hanyou found that he jumped slightly at the ice evident in Miroku's voice. His friend had hardly ever used that tone of voice with him before. "You know that by doing what you're doing to her, you'll force her to end up getting hurt? And not just emotionally."

Inuyasha raised in confusion. "Do you mean this?" He pointed to his mouth, signaling how he had sucked the blood from her fingers. "It's just a habit I've had since I was young. I don't know how that would get her hurt. In contrary, it helps the pain, doesn't it?"

"Well that's a strange habit, and you're a rather dense blockhead." Inuyasha growled at the words from Miroku's mouth. "I really don't get it, Inuyasha. It's not like you're ugly, and it isn't because you don't get any girls…" Miroku trailed off as he stretched out his arms. "Why her?"

"Why her what?" Inuyasha asked, confusion evident in his eyes.

"She's so simple, conservative, and frail. Why choose her over all those other girls you could get?"

"I never 'chose' her, as you so nicely put it. I just like talking to her. Didn't we already have this conversation?"

Miroku frowned as he stretched out his legs. "If anything happens to her, I hope you regret this. I won't get involved."

Inuyasha felt anger growing inside of him, and would have hit Miroku right then if the man didn't happen to be his friend. "Why are you so worried about her? You like her, don't you?" he accused harshly, and saw something flash through the depth of his friend's eyes. "I've suspected it for a while."

"What are you talking about? I don't like her. I don't like, Inuyasha," Miroku defended himself, his own serious scowl appearing on his face.

"Neither do I, Miroku. But by the way you keep telling me to back off, you sure seem like you have a thing for Kagome." Inuyasha looked smug as he decided he had reached the point of the argument where he had won against Miroku---for once in his lifetime.

"I don't have a thing for Kagome. I don't like Kagome."

"First, you call her weak. Then you tell me to back off. You like her, that's why you're acting so weird."

"Do you like her, Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow. "Are you interested in her then, Miroku?"

"I don't like her, Inuyasha. But I am interested in her. Does it matter anyway? What's the difference to someone like you, right? You wouldn't understand," Miroku grounded out through clenched teeth, as he bent down on the track, and took off, running around it as fast as he physically could.

Inuyasha snorted as he watched his friend race around the field. He had to admit that for a human, he was pretty fast. But he was just trying to avoid his problems, and perhaps not for the first time in his life.

Inuyasha smiled derisively. But he wouldn't be a hypocrite like Miroku. He too avoided his problems as much as he could.

Turning around, he walked back towards the school, a hundred thoughts invading his mind and causing him frustration.


"Kagome, Kagome, Kagome."

Kagome watched as two of Sango's friend surrounded her on the school's rooftop, having almost dragged the quiet girl up there. Sango was sitting on the edge, gazing rather uncaringly at the exchange, and even bringing a hand up to her mouth to suppress a yawn.

Kagome looked around at the two girls in front of her, both of them smiling sardonically as one of them pushed her on the shoulders. "Why don't you ever talk out loud?" she asked, her eyebrows rising mockingly as their laughs sounded out. "Are you mute?"

Kagome could feel herself cringing away from the touch, something surfacing in her mind which she wanted to repress. She could feel the wind blow her hair around because of their distance on the building, and shuddered slightly through her sweater. She didn't have much time to think however as the other girl pushed her around as well.

"Don't think you're so special just because Inuyasha is paying more attention to you lately. Do you honestly believe he would become serious with someone like you? You're nothing to him. Do you hear me?" the girl asked.

Kagome didn't answer and feeling quite annoyed by the lack of a fight within the girl, she pulled Kagome's hair and was content when she heard a yelp escape from her lips. "I repeat, do you hear me? You are absolutely nothing to Inuyasha."

The other girl pushed her again and demanded, "Why don't you talk, huh? Are you too afraid to talk because we're bullying you?"

"Let go," Kagome muttered, as she shuddered from the touch of the girls, attempting to tug her hair away from their hold. She didn't want them touching her. She didn't want any of them touching her.

"Did you actually say something?" the second girl asked, laughter coming from the two bullies as they tugged her hair harder, earning another pained sound from Kagome.

Sango, who had been watching this with one eye open, hopped from her spot on the ledge and stalked her way over to Kagome, her eyes a frightful magenta. "You're pathetic. You're absolutely pathetic. I hate the way you are---so pitiful and wretched. Always hiding in your corner every day. You like being so pathetic? Then I'll show you just how pathetic you can really be."

With a motion of her head, the three girls were on her, tearing away at her clothing as Kagome screamed, holding her head in her hands and willing them away from her. She hated people touching her! She hated it!

"Stop it! STOP IT!" she shrieked, as they grabbed her shoes and threw it over the building, which soon followed with her sweater.

"Don't touch me!" she screamed, tears running down her cheeks as her fingers clawed itself into her skull, hoping that her nightmare would end.


Whistling, he took a sip from his can of Pepsi, and yawned as he continued to walk up the stairs to the top of the school. He had ditched class. He honestly didn't feel like going right now---not after what Miroku had said to him and made him think about. To Inuyasha, having interest in someone was when he was attracted to their 'assets,' but Miroku had seemed to make it evident that he wasn't drawn to Kagome because of such materialistic desires. That was a first, really. He had never dreamt of the day Miroku would actually not be interested in someone because of their cup size or their derriere.

And perhaps that was what bothered him the most.

Shaking his head, he took another drink from his Pepsi before kicking the door open to the roof, stepping out into the cool afternoon air. He shouldn't be thinking about Miroku right now because the man would only make the problems in Inuyasha's life more apparent.

Walking over to the ledge, he gazed down at the ground and saw some random students huddled over some objects six-stories below. Feeling slightly sick at looking down so far below, he turned his head away, but only to see something else huddled in a corner.

His golden eyes narrowed as he gazed at the familiar body of the person curled up, sniffling sounds reaching his ear from the distance. Inhaling, he also smelt the familiar scent. "Kagome?" he asked, and saw that she lifted her head at the name, before seeing him and burying her face back in her arms.

"Kagome? What's wrong?" he questioned quietly, and with one gigantic leap, was at her side. That was when he noticed that she lacked her shoes and sweaters and was simply wearing a light shirt and her skirt. "What happened? Did someone do this to you?" A familiar scent assaulted his nose, but he really wasn't sure who it belonged to, and the wind from this far up had blown most of it away.

Miroku's words came to mind.

You know that by doing what you're doing to her, you'll force her to end up getting hurt? And not just emotionally.

Frowning and feeling rather irritated that Miroku might have been right, Inuyasha took off his red jacket and put it around Kagome, feeling the flinch of her body as he accidentally brushed his fingers over her neck. "It's because of me, isn't it?"

Kagome brought her head up, her eyes red from crying as she shook her head slowly. "No, it's not your fault. It's because I was too timid for some people and they decided to bully me."

"Who was it?"

Kagome hesitated. "I…I don't know," she muttered, as she pulled his jacket around herself tighter.

Inuyasha stared down at her, feeling as if she was lying to him. However, this really wasn't the time for him to grill her on who had done such a horrible thing. "Come on, I'll take you home," he suggested, and reached out a hand for her to hold.

She took it tentatively, and he didn't waste a second as he began to lead her to where his bike was kept.


"Sango…I hear a motorcycle."

Sango looked up from studying her fingernails, and her eyebrows pinched together in confusion when she heard the roar of the familiar engine. It was Inuyasha's bike.

Hesitating for only a moment, she bolted out of her seat and ran towards the door, rushing out of it as her professor yelled at her to come back into the room. She ignored his ranting however, and flew over to the center of the corridors where she would be able to see the main campus road of the university.

Grabbing the railings when she got there, her eyes searched frantically for what she dreaded, and indeed it fell upon a powerful silver motorcycle tearing down the road. She only barely managed to stop herself from hitting the railings with her fist when she saw Kagome sitting on the back of the bike, holding tightly onto a figure she would only assume was Inuyasha.

"Damnit!" she yelled, slamming one foot angrily into the ground, as she remembered what he had told her this morning.

I don't allow anyone to ride my bike.

A/N: I know Sango seems like a real evil you-know-what right now, but I promise she'll be better later on. And what's up with Miroku and Kagome? That'll be explained too. And what becomes of Anami-sensei? You'll find out that later as well.