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by white epitome

Akimashite omedetou

Haruno Sakura hastily walked through the crowded streets of Konoha.

Akimashite omedetou

She had to find him before the clock strikes twelve.

Akimashite omedetou

She had to find him before fireworks light up the starless sky.

Akimashite omedetou

She had been practicing since morning. That shouldn't go to waste.

Akimashite omedetou

She should be able to greet him before anybody else does.

Akimashite omedetou

That would make her feel special to him.

Akimashite omede —

"Ouch!" Sakura groaned as she was pushed from behind, causing her to lose her balance.

Someone held her arms to prevent her from falling.

She looked up to see dark onyx eyes staring straight to her emerald ones.

"Akimashite omedetou."

At the same moment that those words came out of his mouth, hundreds of magnificent fireworks began to light up the dark skies of Konoha, signaling the start of the New Year.

She blushed. He was the first one to greet her tonight.

That was something special.

Translation notes:

Ōmisoka (Japanese): New Year's Eve
Akimashite omedetou (Japanese): Happy New Year

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