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Blind Faith

A Fanfiction Novel By: Menecarkawan


An Interesting Case


The detective delicately pushed the door open with a gloved finger, peering inside the house at the wreckage beyond. He stepped over the threshold, picking his way through the mounds of glass that littered the floor, his eyes traveling around the room, his mind making his first assessment of the crime scene.

All of the windows had been blown in somehow, not even one piece of glass left in any of the frames. Furniture was overturned everywhere, making navigation of the sitting room somewhat difficult. On the carpet in front of the hearth was a spot of blood, still slightly damp, and on the wall by the corridor was blood in a spray pattern. The detective walked over to this, examining it closely. His partner came to stand next to him.

"What ah ya thinkin'?" he asked, his New York accent coming through strong.

"Blunt force trauma, most likely," the detective replied, motioning to the sprayed blood on the wall. "A hammer, maybe?"

"Whea do ya get that from?" his partner asked, observing the blood as well.

"They'd have hit the victim on the head," he replied, lifting his hand to demonstrate. He brought it down, mimicking the action. "When they brought their hand back up," he again demonstrated, lifting his hand quickly, "the blood from the weapon would leave flecks wherever it landed." He moved his hand along the blood on the wall, showing the way it seemed to taper off.

"They could just as easily have blown the guy's head off," his partner commented.

The detective shrugged, stepping back from the wall. "We'll know when we find the body," he said. He turned toward the front door as the forensics team arrived. "I need a sample of the blood from the carpet and off of this wall."

"Yes, sir," the forensic pathologist said, brushing her red hair back from her eyes. She and her team moved into the house, taking up different posts to collect evidence.

The detective moved down the corridor, peering at the ambiguous paintings on the wall, wondering how anyone could find them even remotely pleasing. He opened a door to what appeared to be a guest bedroom. The windows here were also blown in, but the rest of the room appeared to be undisturbed. He moved farther down the corridor, leaving his partner to go through the guest room. The next door was the W/C, so he bypassed it, finding the master bedroom at the end of the corridor.

This room was strangely barren, aside from the bed, nightstands and dresser. Next to the dresser, he found an odd white stick. He flicked his wrist, and the stick elongated, revealing red stripes every so often along it's length. His partner appeared in the door.

"Looks like the victim was blind," the detective said, folding the walking stick back up.

"Yeah," his partner agreed, holding up what appeared to be a harness. "I found this in the guest room."

"Seeing Eye Dog?"

"Probably." His partner shrugged.

"Where's the dog, then?" the detective asked.

"Who knows?" his partner replied. "Dead, maybe? Or maybe the perps took the dog with them."

The detective nodded. "Could be." His eyes scanned the room, taking in the blown in windows here too. Whoever had broken in here had used powerful magic to break through equally powerful wards. He sighed heavily; this was going to be an interesting case. The perpetrators and the victim were wizards. Just bloody fantastic.