Pretty silver, sparkling gold


Pretty silver, sparkling gold

Look, the stars are in the sky

Raving mad and freezing cold.

How long is it until I die?

The sun is risen, glowing bright

Haloing the hallowed-hill;

It doesn't know its blazing light

Contains the stuff to cruelly kill.

Curtains closed, huddled inside

Crouched in corner, raving mad

Daddy, how long must we hide

Til your face is no longer sad?

Freezing cold and raving mad

No tea for you, for you have lied

Is Daddy mad, was Princess bad?

Blood coats the floor where I have cried.

No tea for Dolly, dying quick

Dress her up, dress her down—dress her all around the town

Blood is flowing, warm and slick

And Dolly's dead with china frown

Smell the air, a breeze is blowing

Dress up Dolly if you will

Pretty silver blood is flowing

Fast as stars and make the kill.

Pretty silver, sparkling gold

Daddy has made Princess cry

Barter, barter, token sold!

Boy will love me til I die.

Ring on finger, pretty, sweet;

Promises to never leave.
Bring me someone nice to eat

Breeze blows dead, unmoving sleeve.

Cigarette is deathly-smelling

Princess loves it, inhales slowly

Boy can't know—that would be telling!

Keep him beaten down and lowly

Boy loves Princess more than life

Princess loves him, but is quiet

If he knew, he'd steal the knife

And leave her sobbing, pale twilit,

just like Daddy did! Bad man!

Boy loves Princess more than ever.

Princess loves him, Precious; She can

Tie him to her, leave him never.

Princess drained in raving crowd

Crazy, mad, wants Daddy bad.

Princess is weak and light as cloud--

Tell me, why is Boy so sad?

Daddy's home but Boy is gone

Tea is spilt and Dolly's dead

On lake outside swims lovely swan

But water's dark and bloody red.

Empty, dark and raving mad

Stars have set but sun is down

All are gone, Princess is sad

and Dolly's dead with china frown