Sons of the Dark

Turney High

It was Friday. Talan waited around the dark corner. Kyle came passing by a group of Goths blocking the way. " 'Sup?" Kyle asked, curiously. "I'm having visions…again." Talan's face obvious with worry. "What did you see now?" Kyle asked, making sure no one was eavesdropping. "I saw a… a daughter. In danger. I couldn't make out the face." "I…I have to go." Kyle dashed through the kids running toward the table where Samuel and Obie were eating. "Guys! I talked to Talan." Kyle rubbed his head. "So? What's up?" Samuel took a bite out of his sandwich. "He said a goddess was in danger. So, I think he means that one of the Daughters is in danger." "So? We barely even know them." Obie said, not caring. "Forget it. You guys are no use anyway." Kyle started to leave the table. "Wait! We didn't say we won't help." Berto said, grabbing Kyle's arm. "Oh, I know why you want to help. You want to see Catty, don't you?" Samuel's eyebrows shot up. "C'mon guys. I'm not playin' around!" Kyle aimed a punch at Samuel. "Okay, okay. Sorry." Samuel backed off. The school bell rang. Kids were putting out their cigarettes and were rushing through the doors. Kyle swung his backpack over his shoulder and pushed through the crowd. "Kyle's serious." Obie stood up and followed. "Yeah…" Berto sighed. Samuel was still finishing his sandwich before he left. Talan was still watching them and remained standing until Samuel left. He flashed a wicked grin then turned to vapor and left. Talan was also a Renegade from Nefandus who was given a gift by the Gods. Talan was obligated to watch over the Four of Legend until they fulfill their destiny. To overthrow the Atrox and all the sources of evil. Kyle tensed every minute of the day. Talan's words were playing repeatedly in his mind. He had to warn the Daughters. The last class ended. Kyle shoved his notebook into his bag and carelessly ran. "Hey!" Tabitha said, shocked. "Watch it!" "Sorry." Kyle quickly stood up and started running again. Kyle finally caught his breath and walked toward Berto. "Can you give me a ride to La Brea High?" "Sure, Kyle. Can I come with?" Berto asked, curiously. "Sure, whatever." Kyle answered back.

La Brea High

"Thanks for the lift." Kyle patted Berto on the shoulder. "Yeah…" Berto looked around the hallways. Kyle searched inside the classrooms, hoping to find one of the Daughters. "Umm, excuse me, have you seen Catty or any of her friends?" Kyle asked a student with 2 nose rings. "Yeah…I think they're outside the music room waiting for Serena." The kid answered taking off one nose ring. "Thanks." Berto saluted and looked away. "Boy, that kid's weird." Berto whispered to Kyle. Kyle shot a look at Berto to shut up and started to head straight to the music room. I can't believe I'm seeing Catty again. Kyle's heart thrummed with excitement as he saw Catty talking to Vanessa. "Isn't…Isn't that Kyle?" Vanessa poked Catty. "Oh my god! What is he doing here?" Catty whispered to Vanessa as her mind started to panic. "Can I talk to you?" Kyle gulped, looking straight at Catty. "O…okay." Catty's face filled with concern. Kyle moved Catty near a locker and started speaking. "Do you know Talan?" Kyle inquired, closing his eyes. "I think so. Is he that servant we saw in Nefandus?" Catty doubted her answer. "Yes, he's a Renegade. The Gods gave him a gift to see the future. And now, one of the Daughters will be in danger." Kyle said, in despair. "What! Oh my god… Which one of us?" Catty twirled a lock of hair, hoping Kyle would answer back. "That's the point. I…Talan never saw the face, but he was sure it was a Daughter. That's why I came. Tell the others. Be careful." Kyle held Catty's hand and squeezed it tight. "I never knew that you would come all the way just to tell us that…" Catty paused, waiting for Kyle's reaction. "I…I don't know what to say. Just…just be careful." Kyle answered in regret, not telling Catty that he still has feelings for her. Why can't I just say it? Damn! Kyle took a while to clear his mind and assure that Berto was still waiting. "I don't know what to say myself…thank you so much Kyle." Kyle let go of Catty's hand and headed toward the door. "Wait! Would you all like to come to Quake tomorrow night and maybe…party?" Berto asked and raised his shoulders. "Berto!" Kyle slapped Berto on the back. "Ow!" Berto nudged Kyle on the elbow. "So? Will you come?" Berto continued to ask. The Daughters talked about it for a while, only the constant sound of their whispers were heard. "Sure." Vanessa finally agreed. "Okay, then. I'll make a reservation for you." Berto took a memo pad and wrote it down. "Well, bye." Kyle slowly went away. Kyle and Berto went to the parking space where Berto parked his motorcycle. Everyone around could hear the motor engine rumbling and slowly fading away.

Their Apartment

"Are you crazy? Why would you invite them?" Kyle's eyes enraged. "You want them safe, right? So, I invited them so that we could keep an eye on them." Berto replied, one eyebrow raising up. Kyle realized and calmed down. "Thanks man." Kyle reached out to give Berto a hug. "Okay, please don't hug me." Kyle stopped reaching out and looked at Berto up and down.

Saturday Night, At Quake

"What's your last name?" Berto asked the gray-bearded man. "Smith. I'm a relative of, you know…Will Smith." "Nice try, you don't seem to have a reservation here. Sorry. Next!" Berto answered with a stare. "Oh, it's you guys. I have a reservation here for you. Please go right in." Berto smiled at Vanessa, Catty, Serena, Jimena and Tianna. "Thanks!" Vanessa answered happily. Catty was still feeling down and she ignored the compliment given to her. Kyle watched as the Daughters came in. His heart thumped and thumped, just watching Catty. "Hey, what's with the long face?" Kyle sat next to Catty and put his hand on her shoulder. "I…I'm still thinking about what you said…one of the Daughters…in danger." Catty sighed. "Well, don't worry tonight. Just…just enjoy this night and party away." Kyle tried to sound enthusiastic, but still couldn't get rid of the worry in his voice. "C'mon, may I have the first dance?" Kyle tried to get Catty into the mood. Catty finally found the beat and started swinging her hips and danced across the floor. Bold stares watched Catty but she didn't seem to care. Dancing seemed to calm her down and forget her problems. "Did you tell the others yet?" Kyle asked, never forgetting to be alert. "No." Catty answered, relaxed. "Okay…" Kyle was thinking too much about Catty that he forgot what Talan said. As they danced the night away, a sudden chill took over Kyle. He knew there was a Follower around. Kyle stopped dancing and pushed trough the throng of dancers, signaling Obie and Samuel to come. "Sup?" Obie asked, drenched in sweat. "I sensed a Follower moving across the floor." Kyle replied, his eyes searching the area. "We'd better tell the Daughters to leave." Samuel interrupted. "Yeah…we should." Kyle answered glumly. Obie dashed through the room, getting ready to perform. "I think you should be the one to tell them. You're the only one they know." Samuel went back inside the crowd of kids. "Catty!" Kyle shouted. "Catty, you and the others need to leave. There are Followers." Kyle closed his eyes and cleared his mind. "But…what about you?" Catty's eyes filled with concern. "Don't worry about me." Kyle saw the worry on Catty's face and started to comfort her. "Kyle, be careful…" Catty said as she and the others climbed in Vanessa's car. "Bye Kyle." Vanessa waved. She turned on her car and drove away.

The Streets

Kyle decided to follow them until he knows that they are completely safe. He turned to shadow and quickly caught up with them. He hid behind the nearest tree which was two blocks away from Pinky's. The Daughters stopped at Pinky's to get a bite. Kyle didn't notice that a Follower was lurking around. As the shadowy vapor neared the Daughters, Kyle didn't seem to notice it. The Follower tried to grab Catty, but instead grabbed Vanessa and pulled her into Nefandus. NO! Kyle tensed. He ran and tried to grab the portal. Too late. "What are you doing here?" Catty asked, shocked. "Well, I tried to follow you to…to make sure that you're all safe." Kyle scratched his head. "I'm going to Nefandus." Kyle's eyes flared. "I'm coming with you Kyle." Catty stood up. "We all are." Jimena confidently took a big breath.


"That's the plan? We just wait until the Followers leave?" Jimena scratched her head hard. "We don't have much of a choice." Tianna sighed. Obie and Berto came in through a portal which completely disappeared after Obie mumbled a few incantations. "You're here?" Kyle rubbed his eyes. "Yeah. We figured, Hey, why not help, right?" Berto put his arm around Kyle's shoulder. "Thanks guys. We're just gonna wait here until the Followers leave." Kyle grinned. "That's your big rescue plan?" Berto scratched his face and flashed a sheepish grin. "Shh!" Serena put her finger on Berto's lip. "They're about to leave." Serena whispered to alert everyone. "Let's tell Master we have his daughter." A follower nudged the other, a huge smile on their faces. "That's not her!" A man wearing a mark of the Inner Circle appeared. "You fools!" The man's eyes flamed. "You told us to grab this girl…" A Follower tried to interrupt. "Don't even dare to argue with me! You will be banished from here! Never dare to darken my door again." The man turned his back and started walking. "Before we leave, what should we do to the girl?" The Follower wearing a dark blue shirt asked. "Leave her hanging there. Now leave!" The man yelled and recited an incantation to banish the Followers. "This is our chance…after they leave, we go in and release Vanessa." Catty said, grabbing Kyle's hand. Kyle looked at Catty. Catty quickly released his hand and turned her back. Kyle's face turned bright red. "Well, I guess now's a good time." Kyle leaped forward, stepping on the mossy brick road. Catty jumped next and as she landed, her feet slipped on the mossy bricks. Before she could fall, Kyle caught her. Kyle could still smell the perfume she had. Catty's fragrance filled the air. "Oh! Thanks for catching me…" Catty smiled and turned away. Kyle gently put her down and bit his lip. Serena signaled the others to follow. "It's about time. I saw you lurking behind those crates." Vanessa scowled, trying to unlock the chains. "Right…" Catty got a hairpin and craftily started unlocking the chains. As soon as Vanessa was free, they passed through a portal leading them to L.A.

The L.A. Streets

A Follower sneaked out and started following them. I'm not going anywhere, master. I'm getting that girl. No matter what. The Follower dashed into a dark alley, watching their every step. "Wanna go back to our apartment?" Berto suggested. "You know…until it's safe." Obie continued. "Maybe that's a good suggestion…" Vanessa looked at her wrist, remembering the scratches from the chains. "Then, it's settled." Samuel grinned, rubbing his hands.

The Apartment

"Here ya go. Pizzas for everyone." Kyle balanced the three pizza boxes and smirked. "Thanks." Tianna replied, taking a slice. Then, a flash of light blinded them. "What was that?" Catty said, rubbing her eyes. "I…I don't know." Kyle stood up and took a look around. The Follower emerged, his eyes full of rage. "I have come here for you!" The Follower pointed straight toward Catty. "Why me?" Catty grasped Kyle's hand in shock. "My master wants you, and I am NOT making a mistake!" The Follower grabbed Catty's arm and dragged her near the portal. Kyle leaped over the Follower and grabbed his feet. The Follower let go of Catty and struck a punch at Kyle. "Kyle, please save yourself!" Catty screamed. "I'm here for you, not him!" The Follower aimed another punch at Kyle. "Catty, go!" Kyle rolled on the floor and dodged his punch. "He doesn't have powers anymore." Jimena clued in. "How come?" Tianna asked, trying to help. "He doesn't have the Follower's mark. Maybe it was scraped off." Serena tried to tell Kyle. Kyle stood up. "Obie, try to close the portal!" Kyle threw a punch at the Follower. The Follower slammed to the door. "It's no use! The portal's energy is too strong." Obie closed his book of incantations. "Fine. Girls, don't bother helping. All I need is your full support." Kyle hammered his fist into the Follower's chest. The Follower spat out blood. He rolled onto the floor. He gathered every ounce of his strength to stand up. Instead, he fell down. "I'll be back." He scowled, using every little bit of the strength he has left. The Follower crawled into the portal back to Nefandus. Vanessa, Serena, Jimena and Tianna ran across the room to give Catty a comforting hug. Catty stared at Kyle for a moment. Kyle blushed and turned his head. "Catty, I'm so glad you're safe…" Kyle started to speak. "Thanks to you." Catty smiled and put her finger on Kyle's lip. Kyle's heart started thumping louder and louder every second. As they were about to kiss, Catty backed out. "I…I think I have to go…" Catty said, biting her lip. "Yeah, be…be careful." Kyle backed away leading Catty and the other Daughters to the door. As the others left, Catty stopped to look at Kyle. Kyle put on a sweet smile. "Bye." Kyle said, waving his hand. "Well, bye." Catty looked around the apartment and smiled a goodbye to Obie, Samuel and Berto. "You know what, Kyle? I still like you." She whispered into his ear. Kyle took a moment to clear his mind. "I…I still like you too, Catty." Kyle's cheek flushed a bright red. She gave Kyle a quick kiss and tears filled her eyes. "See you next time…" "Yeah…" Kyle shyly said.