Xx Chapter 3 xX

Xx Catty's House xX

Catty had just came home when Kendra greeted her with a cup of ginger tea.

"Drink this Catty, its good for you."

"Mom, please…can I NOT drink that?" Catty rolled her eyes and hung her jacket on the decorated rack beside the fireplace.

"Fine." Kendra sipped the tea and placed it on the counter.

"I'll just have hot cocoa or something…"

Catty reheated milk and got the powdered cocoa. She spooned the cocoa and poured the milk in a mug. Catty sat on a counter stool and watched the cocoa swirling in her cup.

"Is something wrong, dear?" Kendra disturbed Catty's thoughts.

"Oh, nothing." Catty stared at Kendra.

"Okay, and before I forget, I think a boy named Chris dropped off a letter for you."

"Really?" Catty was surprised.

Why would Chris drop off a letter if he could just speak to her? Something was up. Kendra pointed at the table near the front door.

"Thanks." Catty grabbed her cocoa and took the letter. Catty went straight to her room. She placed her mug on the table as she started to open the envelope. She unfolded the letter and read aloud to herself.

"Hey, Catty. Bet you're wondering why I wrote you a letter. It's because I've been entrusted with another task. I hope to see you sometime. I'll miss you Catty. I hope that you will be forever happy. Love, Chris."

Catty kissed the letter and stuffed it under her glittered desk. She smiled and plopped on her bed with a soft thud. Catty fell asleep. It was almost midnight when Catty was disturbed by loud knocks.

"Who could that be?" Catty yawned and started unlocking the front door.

She peeked out and saw Kyle. Catty was surprised. She leapt into Kyle's arms. Kyle enveloped her in a dark mist.

"Kyle, what's happening?" Catty let go of Kyle.

Kyle was transforming into a shadow. He grabbed Catty and whispered into her ear.

"I'm taking you to Nefandus."

Catty struggled but the shadow held her tight. Then they were gone.

Xx In The Loft xX

Kyle comfortably sat in his beanbag chair when Obie came out of nowhere, heading toward Kyle.

"Obie, what's the matter?"

"I went to Nefandus to check on something and…and I saw Catty." Obie wiped sweat from his forehead.

"Are you sure she wasn't there on her own?" Kyle started to panic.

"I went to investigate and I think she's been held captive."

Kyle stood up and placed his sketchpad on the desk. "I'm going in."

Obie protested. "I'll go with you."

"I need to do this on my own, Obie." Kyle started to leave.

"At least let me take you there." Obie tried to smile but there was worry in his voice.

"Thanks Obie."

Xx Nefandus xX

Kyle started to look for Catty. Gargoyles sat on top of posts watching Kyle's every move. Kyle started to walk across the street when he saw something move at the corner of his eye. He turned and saw a dark alley. Kyle walked backwards, determined to find Catty. He was right. Followers surrounded Catty. Kyle ran and hid behind big, empty barrels.

"We're gonna take you to your daddy." A follower wearing all black with matching makeup hissed and walked toward Catty. Catty stared at her, eyes wary. Kyle heard voices behind him. He quickly turned his head and was shocked to see Obie, Samuel and Berto.

"They insisted." Obie pointed at Samuel and Berto.

"Whatever. Let's just figure out a way to rescue Catty." Kyle rolled his eyes and realized the relief in his voice when he saw the Sons.

After a few moments of thinking…

"That's what we're gonna do?"

Kyle nodded. "We have no choice."

The Sons ran toward the Followers. The Followers were surprised for a moment, then they grinned. The 3 were supposed to be the distraction and Kyle was supposed to save Catty. Kyle rammed through 2 Followers blocking Catty. Kyle grabbed Catty's hand and started running. He signaled Obie, Samuel and Berto to run. Kyle saw the portal starting to close.

"Hurry up!" Kyle ran, never letting go of Catty's hand. Followers were chasing them and Regulators started to form. They had just made it when a Follower tackled Kyle's foot. Kyle tried to turn into shadow but he can't focus. Obie hurriedly cast a spell to wrench Kyle's foot free. Kyle felt his foot and jumped into the portal first. Catty, Obie, Samuel and Berto followed.

Xx L.A. xX

It was already morning, about 6 A.M., when they arrived. Kyle felt a surge of relief go through him.

"Wanna hang out at the loft for a few hours?"

In response, Catty put her arm around Kyle and started walking.

"Kyle, we're gonna get breakfast." Obie winked at Kyle.

"Sure, don't forget to get us something." Kyle held Catty's hand and started walking.

Xx The Loft xX

Catty felt a tear on her cheek. She brushed it away.

"Catty, is something wrong?"

"It's nothing, it's just that I…I…-- Catty's eyes were now brimming with tears.

"I put all of you in so much danger." Catty bowed her head down, as if hiding her eyes from Kyle.

"No Catty. I love you…that's why we came." Kyle put his arms around Catty's waist.

"I don't ever wanna lose you…" Catty whispered and put her arms around Kyle's neck.

Obie came in, without looking. He looked at them, wide-eyed.

"I'm sorry…REALLY REALLY SORRY.." Obie tried to turn the doorknob.

"No Obie. You didn't disturb anything." Kyle let go of Catty as she did the same.

Catty tried to smile at Obie. "What's for breakfast?"

As if in response, Samuel kicked the door open and yelled, "Pancakes for breakfast!"

Berto followed with coffee in his hands. After a few moments, Catty finished her meal. She started heading towards the door.

"Wait!" Kyle grabbed her arm, then kissed her.

Their kiss seemed to last forever. Kyle let go of Catty. Catty smiled, stroking her hair with her hand. "Bye Kyle, bye guys."

Kyle smiled. "See you sometime. Take care, alright…"

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