Title: An Uchiha

Summary: SasuSaku It was all her fault, but he didn't regret anything. Besides, what an Uchuha wants, Uchiha gets. And he want her. Dark fic.

Author: Slytherin Prince




Part I

Uchiha Sasuke grinned sadisticlly. Yes, he was sadistic. But he was incredibely powerful. He can buy anything he want.

Whatever he wants, he gets.

Sasuke continued to stroke her rose colored cheeks and continued to stare at her. She was really beautiful. Even after what had happened, she still looked angelic.

Still breathtaking.

It was all her fault it happened, but he didn't regret anything. Yes, he thought darkly.

He didn't.

For his hapinness, he was forced to change back to his old self: The revengeful and angsty Uchiha Sasuke. But he didn't mind, because she was his happiness.

The last one remaining.


Sasuke finally did it. After 3 years, he had finally killed his big brother. And he was now on his way back to Konoha and he would start a new happy family.

Somehow, he felt overjoyed for no apprent reason. Maybe now that Itachi was gone, he could finally live a happy life.

He could finally return Sakura's feelings. And they would live happy life together.

He chuckled at his own thought. Hesounded like some love-sick idiot. After several hours, he finally reached the Konoha gates.

Sasuke smirked when he saw a bouncing Naruto crossing the busy street. Probably buying some food, he thought.

Oh how he missed them. But most of all, he missed her the most. He couldn't wait to hug her.

His Sakura.

Finally, after several years of longing, she would be his.




"You.. You! Teme!" Naruto pointed an accusing finger at him. He stuttered before squeling like a girl. "Welcome back!"

Naruto caught him in a headlock. "Sakura-chan missed you, you know!" He teased and grinned cheekily.

Sasuke almost smiled at what Naruto had said. Some people doesn't really change.

"Dobe. I can't breathe." He complained blankly. That idiot can kill him instantly without any efforts.

Naruto blinked several times and sheepishly let Sasuke go. He scratched the back of his head as if thinking something he forgot.

At this moment, Sasuke choose to observe Naruto. He still have that annoying and smimmering blond hair. Naruto had grown tall but he still wear that orange suit of him. Sasuke began to wonder where the hell that idiot buy so many of that. Not that he would buy. As if.

Of course, he couldn't degrade himself to buy one.

Sasuke shrugged. Now all he needs to do was to wait. At last, after few minutes, a happy and increadibly happy Sakura came by his side.

To say at least, he was surprised. At her appearance, most of all. She, like Naruto, had grown a lot. She have the curves at all the right places. She looked surprised when her eyes landed on him and she gave Naruto a uneasy smile.

Naruto encouraged her to welcome Sasuke.


Sakura made a gesture as if she wants to hug him. She sighed and just gave him a weak smile.

Sasuke smirked at her and before Sakura could think a thought she found herself in an intimate hug, in the arms of Uchiha Sasuke himself.

Sakura smiled gently, as she returned the hug affectianately.

"Hey, hey!" Naruto reacted, not liking to be ignored. "Don't crush my girlfriend, you bastard.!" Naruto joked, but Sasuke could detect the threat under his tone.

Keep your place, Sasuke.

She's mine now.

Sakura chuckled goodnaturedly as Sasuke froze in surprise. Fortunately, Sakura didn't notice anything at all as she distangled herself from the hug.

"Welcome back, Sasuke-kun! Now, you can finally have a family. Don't worry, I'll..." She paused uneasily for a while but continued nonetheless. "We'll help you find a decent and loving wife!" Sakura said cheekily and then skips her way merrily to Naruto's side. Naruto automatically placed his arm protectively to Sakura's little waist.

Sasuke's heart sank when Sakura didn't even noticed him like before. As if they are sweet and cuddly all the ime.

He felt betrayed.

Were they having fun when he was suffering from the training? The two of them didn't care of him. Maybe the second he left Konoha, the two of them celebrated.

Uchiha Sasuke was blinded with rage and jealousy.

Sakura and Naruto were smiling happily at him now, which made him want to puke. "How long are you two together?" He asked emotionlessly, his wall were rising up once again. But the two of them didn't notice.

No, they don't notice at all. Sasuke narrowed his eyes slightly at Naruto.

Naruto betrayed him.

This was the reason why he didn't want to love anyone. That was why he did not like to show Sasuke.

Only Uchiha.

Always Uchiha.

But somehow, Sakura's lovely voice and beautiful smile for him --only for him-- melted his walls.

Then, he realized, he was Sasuke again. Not Uchiha.

But now, Sakura betrayed him. Her, along with her blasted boyfriend.

To think that he actually believed in their lies was beyond in him. But now he knew. He was a fool. But Uchiha Sasuke cannot be fooled twice.

With a grim frown on his beautiful face, he plotted for a plan.

After all, what an Uchiha wants, Uchiha gets.