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What It Meant

To Maureen and Joanne's commitment ceremony, Mark brought a date - a tiny aspiring actress named Angela who had thick brown hair and eyes to match. She was absolutely one of the nicest people any of them had ever met, and one of the few who still had a smile that reached her eyes. The two of them looked at one another like Collins and Angel used to, this glazed expression of adoration painted on their faces, and seeing this meant a different thing to each of Mark's best friends.

To Maureen, it meant two different things. Internal, kind-hearted, loving Maureen loved it, knowing Mark was taking the steps to be happy. Defensive, crazy, sarcastic outspoken Maureen liked that it meant that Mark would be prone to blushing in the presence of his new girlfriend, which made it even more fun to tell embarrassing stories.

To Joanne, it meant that Mark was moving on past the loss of Angel and learning to love on his own, without Maureen.

To Collins, it meant he was able to see one of his best friends experience something that was very similar to the relationship that he had with Angel. It also meant Mark was finally getting some, and everyone knows that's always good.

To Mimi, it meant the sad sparkle that always haunted Mark's clear eyes would fade away. It also meant the obvious presence of someone new to talk and chat with, gossip with when the boys got into an hour long conversation about God knows what, instead of sitting on the couch alone, trying to keep up on a conversation she knew nothing about.

But as Roger watched his best friend links his fingers with his chocolate haired, porcelain-skinned date, silver star clip reflecting the lights above her and fragmenting a rainbow of colors against the ceiling, the whole thing making her smile seem that much more brilliant - Roger realized she meant Mark was preparing for the future and anticipating the inevitable.

And for the tiniest fragment of a second, Roger hated her for that.