SailorStar9: Okay, this one is a Gundam Seed Destiny crossover. Anyone who doesn't like the Cagalli/Athrun pairing in the series, you've come to the right place. Because in this, I'm breaking them up and putting Athrun with Merci, aka reincarnated Sailor Mercury.

Basic Summary: Cagalli and Athrun are lovers in the series right? Well, not in this fic! Athrun had loved someone from before and he never forgot her. To what extent would Cagalli go to keep Athrun by her side? And who says technology and magic can't go hand in hand together?

Disclaimers: I own nothing, except Merci's sorceresses.

Timeline: Way past Crystal Tokyo.

Gundam See/Destiny: Around Phase 5 in the Destiny arc.


A squad of GINN High Maneuver Type II units and several mobile pods had attached flare motors to the ruins of Junius Seven. When the motors activated, Junius Seven began moving out of its orbit and towards Earth.

A pilot named Sato finally declared that he must have revenge against those who spread deception across the world and had forgotten the past.

At a ZAFT observation station, the officers went into discussion of what they should do and how they should warn Earth.

Back on Earth, somewhere in southern Russia, a lone feminine figure was watching the heavens from the windows of an ancient Roman window.

As the human representation of Chione; the Goddess of Snow on Earth, she was under the instruction of her father, Zeus, to keep peace between the Orb and ZAFT.

After the war, the leaders of both organizations had approached her to request that she become the 'Peacemaker', to act as a bridge between the Naturals and the Coordinators; to which she had accepted the proposal.

A knock on her door snapped Merci Yamato out of her thoughts. (A/N: Yes! She is, or rather was, Kira's sister!)

"Enter." Merci replied, standing up form her sitting position.

"Goddess, I'm afraid I bring bad news." a voice reported from the door.

Chione gave the messenger a nod to continue.

"It may seem that Junius Seven has been moved out of its orbit." the messenger reported.

"Nani?" Chione questioned, shocked.

"By who?" she asked.

"By a squad of GINN High Maneuver Type II units and several mobile pods." the messenger answered.

"Understood." Chione replied, waving the messenger away.

The female sorceress bowed and retreated, shutting the door.

Sighing, Chione went back by the window and knelt down, her hands clasped in prayer.

Her Cosmo rose as she sent her image to the surface of the falling Junius Seven. (A/N: Anyone who knows Saint Seiya will know what I'm talking about. If you don't, then live with the grief that you never knew one of the greatest anime ever created.)

Meanwhile on Junius Seven, the fight between the GINN units and the mobile suits from the Minerva and Girty Lue was about to break out when a bright light halted the battle.

When the light died down, Sato and his troops gasped at what the light revealed.

Omaginasai. a soft voice pleaded, her soft eyes scrutinizing the battlefield.

"The Goddess…" Sato whispered in awe.

The combatants units immediately lowered their weapons at the presence of the 'Peacekeeper'.

Sato-san, please stop whatever you're intending to do. she added.

"IIE! I must avenge those who have forgotten about the past!" Sato shouted in protest.

To do so will start another war and I do not wish to see any more deaths and casualties, Sato-san. Not while the world is recovering from the scars from the previous war. Chione said, her long hair fluttering to an invisible wind.

Something in that sentence clicked in Sato's mind.

I do not wish to see any more deaths and casualties… he thought.

Masaka… he wondered. Merci-san?

Realizing who was speaking to him, Sato shut his eyes in resign.

"I understand, Goddess." he replied.

Chione gave him an assuring smile and her aura disappeared from the battlefield, along with her image.

After giving orders to his troops to prevent Junius Seven from breaking up and falling, Sato then proceeded to work together with Earth and the PLANTs to destroy the remnants of Junius Seven.

Back in the Snow Temple, once she knew she had her message across, Chione lowered her Cosmo and stood up from the praying position.

Right now, she could only wait while the fate of Earth rested on the mobile suits above.

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